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How to Tap Into and Grow Your Personal Power

HJ: To feel and be empowered is a key quality necessary to step into your full potential and reach the highest levels of self-actualization.  This is a power that comes from being unabashedly you — a power rooted in deep self-love and acceptance.  It is one of the most beautiful states of being a person can achieve and it bestows a charisma and natural attractiveness in the best possible way.  People want to be in your presence and shower you with love.

It is rare in our society and therefore exceptional.  When you fully tap into your personal power, the world bows at your feet and anything truly becomes possible for you.

The article below is designed to get you in touch with this momentous force within you, if that is something you seek.

- Truth

The Powerful Self

Would you rather feel powerful or be powerful?

By Steven Stosny, Ph.D. | Psychology Today


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Weaving Happiness into Your Vibration

Basketweaving 101 ~ Weaving Happiness into Your Vibration

by Jennifer Deisher


Happiness is a factor of life and one well worth striving for. It’s a necessary component for us to completely embark on a spiritual path. Our heart, soul, and spirit don’t live in the energy of “not good enough”, or where there isn’t enough time, or in our negative energy. Let’s face it, some of us have had our fair share of addiction, trauma, and tragedy. Those who have experienced some of the more “hard core” issues, or are currently working through them, may find that sometimes we have to work a little harder to find our Joy.

Many of us have experienced the fallout of what we sometimes call “the matrix”. I prefer to think of it as limited patterns of controlling behavior which constricts our true power as creators because we think we have a limited amount of choices. What we forget sometimes is that we actually have to learn or re-learn how to be Happy...


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Creating our Universe


by: Nicholas John Stoodley| New I Ching

Our world is so insignificantly small it hardly registers in the universe; in fact it’s almost completely impossible to comprehend just how irrelevant Earth appears when viewed in comparison to the enormousness of just our galaxy alone. The Milky Way is 100,000 light years across and since, as you surely know, light travels at 186,000 miles a second, you can then calculate its utter immensity. Yet this galaxy is only but one among billions of others – hundreds of billions of others – strewn out among the universe like rough and scattered diamonds that glitter in a background of unending darkness...


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If Life Were an Orange …

Lean back. Forget about what’s on your mind. Let your mind be free and your heart full. Life is not an ogre that you must run away from. Life stirs your heart. Let life stir your heart clockwise, not counterclockwise.
Life may keep you on your toes, yet life succors you. You may often feel that life is after you, and you wish life would mind its own business and be on the sidelines. The truth is that you are on the sidelines. You just haven’t learned this. Although you do set up your life and point it in certain directions, life isn’t for you to boss around. Life is not meant to be a call to arms. Life accommodates you as much as it can. Even when you feel steamrolled or railroaded, life isn’t steamrolling you or railroading you. It’s just that life has a different agenda from yours. In a manner of speaking, you are not meant to take life personally.
If you did not take life so personally, you would not be so fraught about life. There doesn’t seem to be any end to what you take on to worry about in life.


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There’s A Revolution Growing Across The World, And It Might Be Growing At Your Home Too

The Homegrown Revolution has been called a new revolution in urban sustainability, and we feel compelled to agree! Cities are becoming more and more filled with urban blight; the green spaces are fewer and further between, and all the food needs to be trucked in from elsewhere. Which is where urban homesteads are coming into the picture.

The Dervaes family has transformed their home in Pasadena into an urban homestead model. They’re able to harvest three tons of food off their 1/10th acre garden, all while taking advantage of back-to-basics practices, getting off the grid with solar energy and biodiesel.

This is the way of the future, and it’s a revolution I’m happy to be a part of.


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GFP Newsletter - 10/25/2014

Suffering is there but just around you; it is not in the center, it is on the periphery. It is impossible for suffering to be in the center; it is not in the nature of things. It is always on the periphery and you are the center. So when you allow it to happen, when you don't escape, you don't run, you are not in a panic, suddenly you become aware that suffering is there on the periphery, as if happening to someone else, not to you, and you are looking at it. A subtle joy spreads all over your being because you have realized one of the basic truths of life: that you are bliss and not suffering.


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400 Companies That DO NOT Use Any GMO Ingredients

We get so caught up in avoiding the things that are bad for us or that we don’t want for ethical reasons that sometimes we forget to praise the good things out there. Below is a list of 400 food companies that have declined using GMO ingredients in their products. They should be rewarded with our business for opting not to use frankenfoods.


479 Degrees

A. Vogel

Adams Vegetable Oils


Agricor Inc.




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Terence McKenna: “Television Is A Drug”

And not the kind of drug you’d probably truly enjoy. I’ve always enjoyed listening to Terence McKenna talk about social issues and our culture as a whole. In this video, McKenna talks about television, and how your TV communicates mass-violence and brainwashing materials 24/7.

The average American now watches TV about as much as they work; 40 hours a week. That’s 8 hours of television, 5 days a week. Isn’t that just insane? Going out into the world and seeing nature, new people, and new places is better than any television show you’ll ever watch...


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Long duration X1.0 solar flare erupted from Region 2192

The largest sunspot region of Solar Cycle 24 - Region 2192 ('beta-gamma-delta') unleashed its fourth X-class solar flare since it rotated onto the Earth side of the Sun on October 25, 2014. The event lasted more than 1 hour. It started at 16:55, peaked at 17:08 as X1.0 and ended at 18:11 UTC.

Although this region is continuously producing strong and major flares it still didn't deliver a significant Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). Analysis of the latest event is still in progress but it too appears without a significant CME.

Radio Blackout threshold reached R3 (Strong) level that can cause wide area blackout of HF radio communication, loss of radio contact for about an hour on sunlit side of Earth and low-frequency navigation signals degraded for about an hour. The main communications impacts from this event are over the Pacific Ocean...


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In Your Favor

As you probably know, yesterday we had several young people wounded in a senseless act of violence less than 30 miles from where I live. I asked Creator for some words of solace and this is what I received. I have been asked to dedicate this Writing in memory of those who lost their lives and to those that will be forever marked by the experience.

When you become overwhelmed by the negative actions, thoughts and words of your Earth plane existence, please remember this; for every one of those negative things, The Universe sends out an infinite number of positive ones. It may not seem like it, but the balance has always been heavily weighed in your favor. The only thing that is asked of you in return for this wonderful gift is to send, think, feel and be love. ~ Creator


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Will It Rot? That’s The question. A Tomato Vs. A Twinkie

This video highlights just how gross some processed foods can be. AgileHProducts, a YouTube user with many different time lapse videos, decided to see if a twinkie would rot in the same way as a tomato. The results probably won’t shock you.

After 25 days, the tomato is withered and rotten, while the twinkie is still looking rather spry. The longevity of the twinkie can probably be attributed to the lack of dairy products in it. In addition, professor Roger Bennati of George Stevens Academy decided to put a twinkie in a glass box back in 1976.


And there it is, still today, still as much of a twinkie as it’s ever been. What a gross food...


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Bridging the physical realm and the Divine

There are various realms we exist in simultaneously, whether we are aware of it or not. The most obvious is the physical, also known as the material realm or 3D. This is where there's the illusion of solid objects and space between them.

Then there's the Divine Realms, where the rules of the physical realm no longer apply. There is only Oneness, Divine Love, and Endless Joy beyond imagination. This is the home of your Higher Self, Tao, Source, however you choose to label God, though it's important to say that the Divine Realm exists beyond any mental concepts. The Divine is bigger than any ideas in your mind, though that's not saying the Divine is out of reach. In fact, it's even closer to You than your own mind.

Humans have this amazing ability to be bridges between the Divine and the physical. Miracle of miracles! If people really understood what this means, they'd be slack-jawed and dumbfounded for at least a week straight. The profundity of this is incredible, it brings magic back into your life, that child-like wonder most people have lost, and so much more. This is what human bodies are built for, living separate from the Divine is a deeply unnatural state of being. That's why there's so much suffering in the world, and reconnecting with the Divine is what brings physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health back into your life. It's how you're made to Live.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 25, 2014

Many of you have been trying to apply old belief systems to your personal relationships. Let us explain. Many of your parents were raised under the threat of an angry, vengeful God. Their theology was fear based, controlling, judgmental and punishing. Your parents, as the leaders of the household, led the same way. Many of you, because you have been raised that way, have been conditioned to apply those same conditions upon your partners and children.

Dear Ones, as your relationship with God changes, your relationships will shift as well. As you start to see Source as unconditionally loving, you will start to treat others that way. As you start to see yourself as being completely accepted, you will start to accept others. As you know yourself to be on the planet to have many different experiences without fear of judgment, you will stop judging or trying to control others.

Do you see? It all starts within. The profound shifting of your belief systems is what is driving the shift on your planet. It will permeate every facet of your lives, in the most marvellous ways. Allow your love to flow, to accept, to encourage, to expand and grow. Embrace that you are all part of the divine! To do so will support the peace, connection and deep satisfaction you have always yearned for in your relationships. ~Archangel Gabriel


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After Watching This, You’ll Probably Never Want Fast Food Fries Again

Our food system has become a monstrous nightmare, and who would know better than Michael Pollan? Pollan is an author, activist, journalist, and professor of journalism at the University of California Berkeley Graduate Schol of Journalism. In this video, he analyzes how food coming off of farms is transformed into meals.

He does an awesome job of breaking down the disconnect between cooking and us. The result of fast food restaurants, for example, is that they determine what food is actually grown. But cooking for yourself is one of the simplest steps to improving your health, building community and fixing our broken food system...



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