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On Its Way…

As you finish shedding your ‘old layer’ there will a lightening, a lifting and an easing of energy.  You may be letting go of situations, experiences or feelings that have kept you bogged down and feeling a bit stagnant.  Think of it as stretching after a good night’s sleep (Smiling)…it will be about allowing yourself to gently expand into those unfamiliar spaces with joy and anticipation.  Remember, dear one, it is about releasing fear and embracing whatever comes your way with new vigor.  The next phase is on its way and you are worthy and deserving receiving the arriving gifts! ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 18, 2018

The energies you have been moving through, while they may seem daunting at times, are completely transformative and what you have been wanting to experience. All the work you have done has been preparing you for the times you are in right now.

We have spoken of having two distinct phases of your incarnation, the first phase, which is wrapping up for you, and the next phase which focuses on your emerging sovereignty – stepping into your authentic power and assuming the role of pioneer and empowered co-creator.

What you have been experiencing over the past several weeks has been assisting you in the review process of the first phase, so you can truly assess the growth you have attained and the discoveries you have made. The intensity of the energies is so you can leave no stone unturned, so you can heal, release, and complete the themes you had placed at the forefront of that first phase. All of this has given you great clarity on what you would like to leave behind, and what you might like to experience more of as you move forward into the next phase of your incarnation.

What we are trying to get across here is that you are all exactly where you are meant to be. You are being assisted in all of it, right from your cells all the way through to the planets and guides and helpers of the universe. Your timing is impeccable and your ability to handle the energies is becoming more masterful every day.

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All Hearts are Welcome

God said:

Beloved, there is no need for you to keep tabs on everything on Earth. The world turns with or without your urging it on. Earth life is not a horse that you put reins on to ride. Give to Earth. Enjoy Earth. Share Earth’s blessings, yet you aren’t the director of Earth obliged to set everything straight. Easy does it. Make way for all.

Of course, you contribute to the tone of life. You are free to sing your tune. We can say that you ride the chariot of life, yet, as in the Heydays of Rome, you are reminded, regardless of your nobility, that you are not yet the assigned ruler of Earth. Rather, you are a playmate on Earth. You contribute, yet you are not a corporate entity who bosses anyone on Earth. Earth is for you to applaud, yet it isn’t for you to stamp your foot on. Earth is the playing ground for all.

GFP Newsletter - 8/17/2018

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Love is the greatest alchemy there is, the most profound science of transformation. If you love, your whole energy is gathered, becomes one-pointed. Doubt needs energy, shame needs energy, fear needs energy, self-condemnation... they all need energy.

If you do not love, then all these things can go on living in you; you are nursing them. As the great miracle of love happens, all the energies rush towards love, just as all the rivers rush towards the ocean. Doubt remains empty, and without energy it is dead. It was your energy that was keeping it alive.


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Just Say No Thank You

During your great leaps in growth and learning, set backs may occur.  When they do, it is time to take a moment and ask, “Is this self-created?”  When you move forward, some of your old stuff may come back into play, creating little inconsistencies…glitches, if you will. (Smiling) It still wants to ‘play’ and bring, what it perceives as, a bit of balance to your peace.  It is your choice as to whether you allow this to happen or not.  It is possible, and you can live a life without chaos coming to call.  All you have to do is ask. ~ Creator

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17 Aug Daily Message ~ Friday August 17, 2018

Human beings have a tendency to immediately think, “What is wrong with me?” if they have an emotion come up out of the blue, a wound surface, or experience a struggle of any sort. The moment you start to ask such a question, you create division and resistance within yourself. What if instead you asked, “What is coming up that is ready to be healed?” “What is feeling safe enough or brave enough to come up and ask for my love and attention?”

Do you see? Looking at it as an opportunity shifts you beyond the knee jerk reaction of rejection, judgement, and self abuse. It allows you to explore it from a space of calm support and willingness to heal. It is you stepping up as your own loving parent and guide as required from a space of inclusion and acceptance. It is you assuming the role of your own shepherd lovingly gathering up all the pieces of yourself as honoured and important pieces of the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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All Good Is on Its Way

God said:

Beloved, all the good in the world is still out there waiting to reach you. You fear to count on this. You don’t have to count on it, yet you might as well, for all good is on its way to you as We speak. All good is on its way to you this very second. It may seem to you that it has been a long time waiting. This is rather an idle fantasy of yours. The dream is the reality.

It isn’t that you have to believe that all good is on its way to you. You have to know that it is truly creditable for you to receive limitless gifts. Nothing is too good for you. You are quite good enough. There is no plum that cannot fall into your open palm. This doesn’t make you a beggar. This makes you a receiver.

GFP Newsletter - 8/16/2018

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He said to his wife, "You need not be a widow, because I am not dying; I am only moving from body into bodilessness. Now it will be easier for me to be in all of you, wherever you are."



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I am a BEING OF SERVICE unto all of HU + MANITY. My SERVICE is to be a SCRIBE OF THE DIVINE WITHIN ME. To write the Thoughts down and then share the thoughts freely and Unconditionally with all who care to read them.

In my service, LOVE is also given freely and Unconditionally just for the fun of giving and sharing LOVE.


BEING PRESENT AS A LIVING DIVINE, LOVE IS the best gift of all to give and share. I just CELEBRATE NOW by living it.

YEA RA! AMON, lol.

The gift is given to the ALL to share and ALL receive it completely to be shared.

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In Response…

What will be your response today?  Over the next few days, weeks and months, there will be situations presenting themselves that may test your abilities to the fullest.  It may be something small and seemingly insignificant or a huge life change.  The most important thing to remember is to breathe, take a step back and think about your reaction.  Will it be in line and appropriate with the situation at hand or will it be ‘off the hook’?  Will you be honest with yourself and others or will you skirt the issue?  Regardless of what it is, you always have a choice.  The measurement of your true growth is having the response being in line with your abilities.  Think about it… (Smiling) ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 16, 2018

What if you decided to treat yourself with the same love and consideration you would give a beloved child? What if you consciously filled every act of self care, such as brushing your teeth, bathing, or any other form of tending to your with love? What if you made decisions as lovingly as you would for a child when it came to your diet, your health, your wellness? What if you nurtured yourself as automatically as you would that child in all ways.

What would happen is you would begin to thrive under your own care. You would put yourself first, not as a means of separation from others, but because you are equally important as everyone else. Your inner child would feel safety and heal because its needs were being met. From that space you would support yourself with love, compassion, and acceptance, being your own encourager and understanding guardian, and that would create profound change in all areas of your life.

Try it. You might be surprised to realize that it’s been your own love and acceptance you’ve been yearning for for so very long, and how whole and satisfied you feel when you finally include yourself in your own tender care. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Be As You Are

God said:

Beloved, be as you are with Me and with everyone else. I certainly don’t put pressure on you to be more like anyone else. The most you have to be is to be as you are. The most you can be is to be as you are.

My Love for you doesn’t come with a price tag. It’s perfectly fine for you to be you. Of course, I welcome you to the Universe with open arms.

Of course, accompany Me. I hold you close to Me and honor you. No matter what, you are My Beloved.

GFP Newsletter - 8/15/2018

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There is no end to growth; there is no end to the mysteries of existence. Doors after doors go on opening.

This is the infinity of the miracle of the universe. You should not be bothered about rationalizing your experiences, just drink them, and dance and sing and rejoice. And thank existence that it has been your fortune.


In Every Possible Way, Life Is Expressed Completely In NOW

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Phase 3 AWAKENING cont.

Civilization is aligned with nature, and in nature civilization continues. Society fights nature and always crumbles back into the nothingness it came from. Society is the experiment that always fails when the dumb try to control creation for their own benefit while attempting to rule over creation like GOD. That's really funny.

Civilization is much more connected to nature, so life is lived in balance and harmony. All are benefited and blessed with everything nature provides, and nature provides everything creation is for the use and sharing of all the bounty with ALL members of Civilization. Yep civilization is how nature shares life with all people abundantly.

In Society, so very few benefit from the bounty of nature they rip from the EARTH = HEART and use everyone like their own personal slaves. They set themselves up as God, rulers over you, when they are the very same as you for ALL ARE GOD AS LIVING EXPRESSIONS OF CREATION made manifest.

In all the thoughts I am given to share, use them as they may help you connect with your true nature, The REAL ONE YOU ARE, the DIVINE WITHIN YOU, THE LIVING MOMENT OF YOU, NOW ALIVE AND AWAKENED AS YOU.

Got it?

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Yes, You Can!

Dearest one, I know you have been faced with many challenges of late…experiences that may have caused you to second-guess yourself and your choices; moments where you have wanted to walk away and never come back.  If I told you those specific times were when you grew the most, would you believe me? (Smiling) Well, it is true!

For every time you wanted to give up, back away, and just stop, The Universe was there whispering in your ear, “Yes, you can…I love you…yes, you can!” ~ Creator


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