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GFP Newsletter - 7/25/2017

I am here. You are here. You have been here millions of times before. It is an eternal recurrence; in different bodies, different shapes - but the continuity is the same. And we call that continuity the soul. Not this body, forms change; the formless, it remains. And this is the way for it to be eternal; otherwise it cannot be eternal.

Death is a way to rejuvenate oneself again. You exhale; this is the way to inhale again. You die; this is the way to be reborn. Each moment you die; the body is doing the same.


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What about Genies and Fairy Godmothers?

God said:

Can you imagine a world without flowers? Or without birds? Without deer? Without dreams?

Can you imagine a world without people? Or without families? Without children? Without mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters?

Can you imagine a world without you? How could the world exist without you in it?

It is difficult to contemplate existence altogether without you, for you right now are the very hub of existence, so it seems.

On the other hand, you might say you would love a world without dust and without flies or without anything you would have to dust or swat. When it comes down to it, you might not love it. You have not yet realized the upset in the balance of nature that could arise even without even one thing that you might say you’d like to stamp out.

Anyway, I ask you: What have I left out of this Created Universe? After long thought, what might you say?

“What about genies? What about fairy godmothers?” you might ask.

I would say these are covered. Genies and fairy godmothers result from your own thought or, if you prefer, your own vibration. Do you get that?

Use your own God-given intelligence. This is often called Common Sense. When you are featuring havoc in your thoughts, what are you likely to come across? When you are thinking of peace, what will most likely follow you in your footsteps?


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5 Foods with the Same Beneficial Cannabinoids as Found in Cannabis - Waking Times

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

You can still benefit from the same cannabinoids that give the cannabis plant its medicinal properties, without consuming cannabis. There are several foods rich in cannabinoids that benefit the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for helping the body maintain internal balance, also called homeostasis.

Foods that support the function of the endocannabinoid system are pivotal to overall health and well-being. Here are five foods that contain healing cannabinoids and offer therapeutic benefits similar to cannabis.

1. Black Pepper – Piper nigrum


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Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 25, 2017

One of the most powerful, self-loving things you can do is to still yourself and take a moment to ask yourself, “What do you need today?” and then act on what you feel the answer is. Your tender inner being is aching for your love and attention if you are feeling out of sorts, and you may be amazed at how quickly you can bring yourself back to a state of greater comfort and peace by taking the time to do this one simple exercise for yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel



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GFP Newsletter - 7/24/2017

The eternal has its own way of being eternal. The way of the eternal is to be born again and again and to die. Through death it refreshes itself, rejuvenates itself. To us it appears that the real flower has died - it never dies. It simply changes bodies, so it is ever fresh. It leaves the old body, it enters a new body. It flowers somewhere else; it goes on flowering. But we cannot see the continuity because the continuity is invisible. We see only one flower, another flower; we never see the continuity. It is the same flower which flowered yesterday. It is the same sun, but in a different garb.

You need very penetrating eyes to see the invisible continuity. The invisible continuity is God. If you can see, this is the same flower in a different body. That's what Hindus call the theory of reincarnation. Christianity, Judaism, Mohammedanism, they all miss the beauty of it, so all the three religions by and by became materialistic. They had to, because the invisible had been missed.


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Through Whose Eyes Are You Looking Now?

God said:

Through Whose Eyes are you looking now?

You wonder how it happens that this question through Whose eyes you look can enter the equation?

You woke up one morning and you became aware that the eyes you were looking through were not yours. You saw out of them, yet they were not yours.

Well, you used to always be questioning, trying to figure out, trying to get somewhere. It was as if you had been walking toward Heaven, and now you have passed go. Is this possible? Now that you are here, somehow you have left yourself, as you knew yourself, behind. The you that you always thought you were has flown the coop.

Now that you have risen to Me, Who can you be but My Almighty Self? Is this the meaning of Oneness -- no longer can you find yourself anywhere? You seem to be missing. At first you may well experience that you have lost something precious, for where have your idiosyncrasies gone?

You may mourn that your little self is gone. Like childhood, like toy land, “Once you pass its borders, they can ne’er be found again.”

What’s left of you asks: “Who is this One Self that I feel dispassionate and objective and impartial about now?”

You may feel as though you have become a Stranger. It is as if you had traded yourself in and got faraway-ness instead of hip-roaring happiness. You sense a state of non-existence. In Oneness, where can appearance be if it is at all?


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Fill the Swamp: Trump to Put Military Industrial Complex Lobbyist in Charge of the Army

by James Holbrooks, The Anti-Media

Last Wednesday, it was reported that Donald Trump was moving to nominate Raytheon lobbyist Mark Esper for secretary of the Army. Raytheon is one of the “big five” defense contractors, and the president’s decision comes at a time when concerns are being raised over the idea of defense industry executives being placed in senior positions at the Pentagon.

Esper, who holds a master’s degree from Harvard and a doctorate from George Washington University, has been Raytheon’s vice president of government relations since 2010. Before that, he held a slew of positions in both the public and private sectors. His resume is extensive, but The Hill managed to succinctly package the high points:

“Esper graduated from West Point in 1986 and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel before retiring. His Army career includes a combat tour in Iraq during the Gulf War.


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We’re Another Step Closer to Growing Replacement Body Organs

by Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

According to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, every ten minutes, someone is added to the national transplant waiting list. OPTN also reports that 22 people die each day waiting for a transplant.

With the supply of organs available for transplantation already far smaller than the demand, the need for technologies to step in is imperative.

Scientists have now made a major step forward in the goal of growing replacement organs, having identified a protein called Meox1 found in stem cells. The protein drives muscle growth.

The team of researchers, from Monash University in Australia, found the link studying zebrafish. Zebrafish are native to Southeast Asia, and are important and widely used vertebrate as a model organism in scientific research.

Like humans, zebrafish have two eyes, a mouth, brain, muscles, blood, bones, teeth, as well as a kidney and heart, among other of the same organs. Zebrafish also contain 70 percent human genes. Such closeness is incredibly hopeful given the results of the study.


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Banks Are Scheming to Dominate a Future Cashless Society

by Shaun Bradley, The Anti-Media

Visa recently announced its new Cashless Challenge program, which offers $10,000 to restaurants willing to transition into accepting only digital payments.  As the largest credit card processor in the U.S., it’s no surprise Visa is spearheading this campaign. Under the guise of increasing transparency and efficiency, they’ve partnered with governments around the world to help convert financial systems into cashless models, but their real incentive is the billions of dollars in extra transaction fees it would generate.

“We are declaring war on cash,” Visa spokesman Andy Gerlt proudly proclaimed after the program was announced.


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Daily Message ~ Monday July 24, 2017

Dear Ones, grounding in each step of the unfoldment with your acceptance and gratitude is what makes the next vital step possible. Do not see having gratitude for the now moment as choosing to stay put, or accepting less than your desire if your creation is not yet complete because the universe will always seek and support your expansion and growth.

Grounding each step into your reality is wisely and methodically allowing each piece to be set in place and a beautiful demonstration of your faith and trust. See each piece as a wonderful sign of creation in progress, for in reality, each stepping stone is just as important as the end result. ~Archangel Gabriel



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GFP Newsletter - 7/23/2017

The ego is a plastic flower - dead. It just looks like a flower, it is not a flower. You cannot really call it a flower. Even linguistically, to call it a flower is wrong, because a flower is something which flowers.

And this plastic thing is just a thing, not a flowering. It is dead. There is no life in it.

You have a flowering center within. That's why Hindus call it a lotus - it is a flowering. They call it the one-thousand-petalled lotus. One thousand' means infinite petals. And it goes on flowering, it never stops, it never dies.

But you are satisfied with a plastic ego. There are some reasons why you are satisfied. With a dead thing, there are many conveniences. One is that a dead thing never dies. It cannot - it was never alive. So you can have plastic flowers, they are good in a way. They are permanent; they are not eternal, but they are permanent. The real flower outside in the garden is eternal, but not permanent.


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When You Are in a Field of Daisies

God said:

You already are above all the world. You don’t have to set yourself above the world. I speak to everyone. Wherever you may be, you are My Child, thus, you are My Child of the Universe. You can even be happy. You can even be happy where you may not have chosen to be. No doubt, Life is a School.

In terms of the world, you are unique. You don’t have to put forth effort. You fulfill without exertion. What is exertion but fighting something? Come from a different position. You can do it.

Is it effort for you to love? Sometimes or even often, it may seem so. Effort to perform is not quite the same as simply Being and from Being, get into action. Rise to action.

If you are an actor, you learn your lines. You get no applause for learning your lines. Get into the spirit of those lines, and enjoy learning them for their sake.

Come from Love, and where is the need for Effort of Will? No need to force yourself. No need for strain. No cause for strain. When your heart sings, there is no effort in singing.

When you are in a field of daisies, what effort is required to lie on your back and look up at the sky? What effort is needed in picking a handful of daisies?

Tell Me, Dear Ones, what effort is needed in Being? Being doesn’t have to be in great contrast to doing. You do not do doing. Doing evokes itself. Do you understand Me?

Being doesn’t require thinking. Being doesn’t require figuring out. Doing naturally issues from Being, the same way that leaves of trees are green.


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New Moon In Leo: Taking Creative Action

by Carmen Di Luccio, Collective Evolution

We are having a New Moon in Leo on July 23rd at 9:46am Universal Time. New Moons are the beginning of a new wave of energy influencing the upcoming month. However, the astrological configurations at this time have a stronger influence over the following two weeks.

Mercury is slowing down before going retrograde on August 12th. The weeks leading up to the retrograde is known as the ‘pre-shadow’ period and you may even start to notice some of the common retrograde difficulties as it gets closer. During this period, some of the new decisions, ideas, initiatives, and actions that take place will go through a ‘sorting out’ process during the retrograde and in the weeks following after it finishes on September 5th.

Some things may need to be tweaked, while other things may not work out due to new insights or changes that could come up. Keep that all in mind if you are initiating anything new between now and August 12th, and pay attention to what Mercury retrograde is trying to showing you after it starts.



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