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You Feel!

No one can make you feel any certain way, only you can. In creating the paradigm of “you do not care about me so I am not going care about you”, you locking yourself in a self-imposed prison. Once you release the expectation of others taking care of your emotional self, you will have more room to explore who you really are. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 19, 2020

What we want you to understand is that every time you shift back into love it creates an energy that serves both you and the planet. This means even your out of balance moments serve the whole because they give you the opportunity to find your way back to your true essence, time and again, which drives the shift and is always a cause of expansion and celebration. Do you see? It is not about never being out of balance but rather remembering to love yourself back to the truth of your being that matters. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

GFP Newsletter - 9/18/2020

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I am not arguing, I am simply pointing to the moon. My fingers are not my arguments but only indicators. Don't cling to my fingers, see the moon. And it is time that the moon should be seen.


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Embracing The Good

Truth, honesty and integrity are becoming more important with each passing day.  The Universe knows it is challenging to live in a society that may not always value these things but, it can be done.  Today, take a moment and express gratitude to yourself and those around you who embrace these qualities.  You are gifting your world an example of what it will, in time, fully embrace. ~ Creator

GFP Newsletter - 9/17/2020

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I am here to help you to be yourself, just to be yourself. My sannyasins are not my followers, they are just my friends. I love them, they love me, but there is no hierarchy. I am not holier than you, or higher than you.


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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 17, 2020

Dear Ones, you cannot judge, berate, bully, or force yourselves into a faster enlightenment process. In fact, attempting to do so will only add to your discomfort in these intense energetic times.

Please hear us that your enlightenment process is an unfoldment that can only occur one shift, one integration, one aha moment at a time. It is a process that is designed to move at the exact perfect pace for you and your unique needs. The second you are ready to assimilate or expand more it will happen naturally.

Being hard on yourselves through such an amazing time does not help you or speed up your progress in any way. It only makes you perpetually uncomfortable by being in resistance to yourself. Further, it makes you miss all the magic and wonder that is built into the journey that you can only be seen through your acceptance, presence and gratitude.

GFP Newsletter - 9/16/2020

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Fools have been worshipped, masochists have been thought to be ascetics, sadists have been thought to be great saints. Perversions of all kinds have been given a spiritual connotation. Now, to expose this whole lie of thousands of years is risky.

But I am willing to take the risk because I have nothing to lose -- the goose is out! I have nothing to lose. At the most they can kill me; that is not going to help them. Even my death will be of tremendous help to them. It may shock them out of their nonsense. It may bring them out of their stupor, their sleepiness.


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Filling Your Own Cup

In a world where you have been encouraged to do for others first, it may be challenging to step out of that role and into caring for yourself.  Sometimes, it can be such a foreign concept that you may not know where to start.  The Universe is encouraging you to begin learning how.  During these shifts, self-care is imperative for the health of your whole self.  And, once you have filled your own cup, giving to others becomes easy and graceful. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 16, 2020

We understand that it can seem daunting if you have the same issue you’ve been healing come up over and over again. We would like to give you some new perspective on that process today.

While you certainly can and do heal in layers, there is another aspect that can be happening if a theme keeps popping up for you. It may be that your former wounded self is simply exploring and creating safe attachment within you.

When you have identified an area that needs healing, the aspect of you that has been seeking the love and support it needs from you will come to the forefront and make itself known. If you can sit with it, acknowledge it, listen to what it requires, and give it everything it needs in that moment, it will settle down and begin the process of integrating back into wholeness.

GFP Newsletter - 9/15/2020

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When they become angry at me I know that I have hit the right point. I rejoice in it! They have been pretending love, compassion, sympathy, understanding, and I am exposing them to their very core. Without knowing what they are doing, they are doing what I want them to do.

They are in my hands. Anybody who gets angry at me is caught by me. Now he will be in a whirlwind. I will churn him, I will haunt him. Sooner or later he himself will throw his clothes off and stand naked in the sun. That's what is happening. When they are angry at me they are really showing that they have been exposed.


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Just Beneath The Surface

Can you feel it? More change is bubbling just beneath the surface, getting ready to burst forth onto your Earth plane. It is imperative that you remain in a peaceful and calm space as this newest transition comes to light. Get and stay grounded, continue practicing good self care, stand in your truth and know all will be well. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 15, 2020

Some of you may be feeling very detached and rather emotionally removed. Please don’t let this make you think you have suddenly become a very unkind or uncaring creature! If you know in your heart that you care deeply about others and your planet and are normally very empathic and energetically sensitive, it can be a sign you are being of a certain kind of service.

Let us reassure you detachment often indicates shifting into a different vibration in order to hold the space and act as a stabilizer, and that role is very important during turbulent times.

Love can be expressed in many different ways and holding the space is one of them. A parent lovingly staying calm and ensuring safety while a child throws a tantrum is a wonderful example of that. A certain level of detachment is required in order to fulfill that role to the best of their ability. If they lose their balance the situation only accelerates, is prolonged, and opportunities for growth and change can be missed.

If you know your intention is one to assist the whole, trust that whatever is presenting is doing just that. You have spent far too long cultivating your compassion and love to suddenly not care at this point. Trust in who you really are, Dear Ones, and know that the many ways you serve are making a difference. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Freedom or Fascism?

by Julian Rose

Here we are. No more speculation about 'what awaits around the corner'; the jail keepers are escorting us down the concrete corridor and the cell keys are hanging from his belt. Each one of us, in turn, convicted - without notice and without trial – of being Human and electing to express ourselves accordingly. That is the new definition of 'terrorist'.

The battle lines are drawn; there is no other way to honestly state it, we are in the fight of – and for - our lives. We go forward, with the courage and conviction which comes with refusing to be derailed from the path of truth. Or, capitulate to the central control system and fall into a very dark pit from which there is no charted escape.

We shall know each other by the calibre of our actions. We do not have to wear a badge announcing 'the resistance'. The army that we are becoming is forming organically. No uniform required, no 'uniformity' visible. We know our task and do not need to wait for a command.


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