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GFP Newsletter - 2/27/2017

A fanatic Mohammedan is connected by his fanaticism to other Mohammedans. A fanatic Christian is connected by his fanaticism to other fanatic Christians, it is the fanatic element that connects them. Here, nobody is a fanatic.

How can you be a fanatic with a man like me, who takes nothing seriously?

I have never in my whole life taken anything seriously because I don't see the point, why one should take things seriously. Life is really such a joke, so hilarious.


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Trump Budget To Add ‘Historic’ $54 Billion To Military Spending

Trump wants to add 10 percent to the "defense" budget.

By: Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge

As observed earlier in the day, as part of the leaked preliminary Trump budget, the president was set to unveil major spending increases for U.S. defense offset by cuts to federal agencies, and other non-defense sectors. And on Monday morning, the first details emerged, including that the boost to defense spending is expected to be about 10 percent, or some $54 billion, and will be revenue neutral, offset by cuts in non-defense areas, and will not “add a dime to the deficit.” As Trump said, he is seeking a “historic increase” in military spending.

“This budget will be a public safety and national security budget,” Trump told state governors at the White House. “It will include an historic increase in defense spending to rebuild the depleted military of the United States of America at a time we most need it,” he said.


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Bioactive Glass - The Future of Dental Fillings

by Joe Battaglia, PreventDisease.com

Mercury amalgam fillings are now a well known toxicity to the body of both dental patients and dentists themselves. Specific resin composites used now by many dentists are safer, however insufficient research has been able to validate long-term health implications. Engineers have made some promising findings about the ability of 'bioactive' glass which may be not only the safest of the three, but perhaps even provide some of the minerals needed to replace those lost to tooth decay.

It will be noted that most of the 170,000 dentists in this US who work with amalgams do not think exposure to dental mercury causes any harm what-so-ever. And why should they since they were taught in dental school that amalgams don't release mercury.

The film You Put What In My Mouth? explores why dentists are unaware of manufacturer warnings and the elevated exposures during these routine dental procedures.


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The Light of God

God said:

Do you think that commitment requires a lot of determination and discipline, as if commitment comes spectacularly from dint of will? This is not how I see it. Commitment comes not from any kind of determination except for the happenstance of the depth of your desire. Commitment is something that comes your way, and you don't have a say about it. It walks in bidden or unbidden. It’s there, or it’s not.

A great artist by dint of his love for expression has to paint or sculpt. Art is so needful of expression that the artist has no choice. The same for a musician. He must play his flute. A composer must compose. He chooses, yet he has no choice.

A great artist still has to clean his paintbrushes. He cleans his brushes by dint of necessity. Cleaning his brushes is an outer necessity. His art is an inner necessity. The artist of magnitude paints because he cannot help himself. May everyone have such a deep desire within that he or she cannot withstand.

A baby wants to nurse, and a mother wants to nurse her baby. It is no sacrifice to take care of her baby. It is what the mother desires to do.

Of course, many people on Earth live by the sweat of their brow. They have a schedule, and they follow it. They go to work at 8 a.m. and get off work at 5 p.m.


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This Innocent Prisoner Went From Felon To Lawyer Because Someone Believed In Him

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist

This man went from proving his innocence while in prison to helping others prove theirs as an attorney.

When Jarrett Adams was just 17 years old, he was arrested and subsequently wrongfully convicted of sexual assault after being charged alongside two other boys of engaging in a group assault during a trip to the University of Wisconsin. While one of the boys was acquitted, Adams and the other boy were each found guilty and Adams was sentenced to 28 years in prison.

While it’s sad that Adams and the other boy were wrongfully convicted, it’s even worse when looking at why such a wrongful conviction occurred in the first place. The boy who was acquitted was able to hire a private lawyer, who located an alibi witness and presented conflicting evidence, but the other two couldn’t afford a lawyer and settled for court-appointed attorneys.

Adams’ lawyer did not attempt to contact the alibi witness, nor did they offer any sort of defense for the accusation. Other than the testimony from the victim, there was absolutely no evidence linking Adams to the crime, yet he was convicted and sentenced to a lengthy prison term.


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Inspiring Police Program To Help Addicts Changes The Face Of The "War On Drugs"

by Whitney Webb, True Activist

A Massachusetts police department success in treating addicts instead of simply incarcerating them has led similar programs to be adopted in 28 different states.

Drug addiction in America is an ever-growing epidemic and a “war” that we are losing. Throwing addicts in jail has proven ineffective given the nature of drug addiction and so hundreds of police departments around the US have started using drug treatment as an alternative to imprisonment. For instance, the Gloucester County Police Department in Massachusetts has created a revolutionary new policing strategy called the Angel program, aimed at getting addicts the help they need, instead of putting them in handcuffs. This program has had so much success that it has turned heads and convinced other law enforcement departments to follow their lead.


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Shocking Fast Food Statistics & How You Can Begin To Eat Better

by Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

We all know that people are eating a lot of fast food, and in many cases a lot more than they should! In fact, some experts recommend no fast food at all, as it virtually isn’t going to do your body any favours – even if you are choosing the so-called “healthy” options on the menu. It appears that the health conscious community is growing, so surely this number has gone down, right?

Well, actually not! I’m from a very small town in Northern British Columbia, and when I heard that a Burger King was opening I was in complete shock. I just didn’t realize that these restaurant franchises were still on the upward climb and that people were choosing to eat this food enough to make it worthwhile for companies to continue opening new locations.

I guess because of the way I have been eating over the past several years I’ve been living in a bit of a bubble and have been unaware of what everyone else is up to!

I decided to look into this a bit more and find out just how much fast food is still being consumed on a regular basis, worldwide.


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GFP Newsletter - 2/26/2017

Nobody is lower and nobody is higher. There many be lower steps and there may be higher steps but they are all connected in one symphony.

Love knows no judgment, that's why love can do miracles.


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There’s A Hidden Network Of Psychedelic Temples Under The Alps

by Jennifer Sodini, Collective Evolution

Damanhur is a commune, ecovillage, and spiritual community that was founded in 1975 by a man named Falco Tarassaco. It is situated in the Piedmont region of northern Italy about 30 miles north of the city of Turin, in the foothills of the Alps.

It is best known for its otherworldly underground tunnels that feature a cathedral dedicated to awakening the divine spark present in every human being, known as the Temples of Humankind. Called the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” what makes these temples so extraordinary is that they were dug (almost) entirely by hand into the heart of the mountain in which they reside.

From the official website for Damanhur:


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A Soul in Costume

God said:

There is such a thing as Destiny.

You are destined. You grow to your Destiny. Ultimately, you are destined for Greatness. You are destined for Greatness right now.

You may be destined to be an artist, or you may not be destined to be an artist.

You may be destined to be a schoolteacher, or you may not be destined to be a teacher. You may be destined to learn.

You may be destined to do what you are doing right now -- a bookkeeper, a truck driver, a politician, a writer, even a Godwriter. Remember? There are no accidents.

Your Destiny also can change of its own accord, or it may not.

It seems uncanny, yet where you are right now, comfortable or not, is where you are destined to be, short term or long term.

Your ultimate Destiny is your awareness of Our Oneness, often named Enlightenment.

The fact that Destiny exists does not make you helpless. In Life, you are swimming to shore. Everyone has his own way of reaching shore, some direct, some all around the block or all over the world. You are the one swimming.

You are destined to travel, for instance, or you are destined to stay home. No one is a pilot by mistake. Or soldier, sailor, tinker, tailor etc. No one is where he or she is by mistake. Of course, you may see error, yet what you see as error is leading you or pushing you on to your furthermost Destiny.


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Hungarian Brewery Gives Free Beer To Those Who Adopt Rescue Dogs From Local Shelter

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

This brewery is offering a free, personalized crate of beer to anyone who welcomes a formerly abused dog into their home.

Business owner Tamas Szilagyi doesn’t just run the Mad Scientist Brewery in Budapest, Hungary, she advocates for the adoption of rescue animals. It’s because she’s a self-proclaimed animal lover that the entrepreneur created a campaign which offers a free, personalized crate of beer to anyone who adopts a dog from the nearby shelter.

Global News reports that all of the dogs came from the Noe Animal Sanctuary, which has rescued abandoned and tortured dogs from abusive homes since 1992. Approximately 1,000 animals – from dogs to deer, to cattle and foxes – are cared for by the sanctuary.

Szilagyi explained the reason the brewery is offering a free crate of beer to those who adopt by saying,


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Daily Message ~ Sunday February 26, 2017

Enlightened decision making asks, "Where does my soul call me to go? How can I be my highest expression of self? What would bring me joy? What feels right? What allows me to shine in my truth and divinity to be of greatest service to myself, my planet, and all humanity? What supports me in knowing and expressing the love that I am?" ~Archangel Gabriel




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