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GFP Newsletter - 9/25/2016

Gautam the Buddha used to say, "My path in the beginning is tremendous pain; in the end, tremendous blissfulness. But patience is needed."

I told you, in this surgery you are the patient and you are the surgeon both. Remember the English word "patient" comes from "patience." It is significant. Why is the sick person called a "patient?" He has to be patient, he has to wait. But when you are the patient yourself and also the surgeon, the difficulty is multiplied. But still it is nothing compared to the bliss.

All that you can do is to pass through this suffering, to pass through this dark night of the soul.

Reach to the dawn of your being.

Blossom. Let your blissfulness explode.


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The Fluidity of the Soul

God said:

Throughout the ages, I have heard you ask Me to give you boons. I hear you. Today I heard you say:

"Beloved God, I want to ask of You to please banish stress, worry, fear from my life and heart. God, as I say this, I realize it would be better for me to ask You:

"Beloved God, please banish stress, worry, fear from everyone's life once and for all."

What do you think I'm working on, dear One?

I might word your question differently. I might say very simply:

God, please bring peace to this Earth. Beloved God, teach us to know love and trust and let go of uncertainty which is another name for lack of trust.

Now I say to you:

Beloveds, My whole attention is already on this – we can call it a project. It is a Peace Project. It is a Love Project.

I, too, wonder why all Our desires have not yet materialized. Then I remind Myself that there is a great rush of love and a great demand for peace.

I could also phrase this differently. Do not be offended at what I say:

Be not swallowers of negativity. Be not sheep who follow other sheep as though you were blind. Use your own heart as a bell that tolls Truth. Your heart is to ring true. When your heart rings fear, you can know you are misleading yourself.

You might say, if your house is burning down, that fear is good because it tells you to get out of the house right now. This is so, no argument there.


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This 8-Year-Old Raised Money To Buy Hot Lunches For Thousands Of Classmates

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist

For the majority of students, helping out a classmate for lunch entails sharing a snack, trading food, or, at most, buying them lunch occasionally with leftover credit on their lunch account. For Cayden Taipalus, a third grader living in Michigan, these approaches weren’t going to work when he suddenly became concerned about several students unable to afford hot lunches.

Cayden was at school one day when he witnessed his friend give up his hot lunch from the cafeteria because his lunch account balance was overdue and unpaid. Instead, the school gave him a cold cheese sandwich, which is better than nothing, but Cayden was upset for his friend nonetheless.

He went home that day and brainstormed with his mom about how to help other students at his school that faced similar situations everyday. They came up with a plan to first pay off all of the overdue balances by returning empty bottles and cans and soliciting donations from friends, family and neighbors. On Monday, Cayden presented the school with $64 to pay off 150 lunches.

“I am so very proud of my son. He is only 8 years old and to grasp the concept around this is just amazing in my eyes. He has a heart of gold,” his mom said.


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The Power of Presence, How “Living In The Now” Can Change Your Life

by Allie Stark, Collective Evolution

Presence is the powerful practice of being in the moment.

It is created through an acute awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and in our modern day society, being present doesn’t always come easily. The overstimulation and distraction that come from technology, social media, work, family life, social engagements, and the never-ending “to-do” lists regularly take us out of the now and into a memory from the past or a fear about the future.

Cultivating the power of presence comes from creating the space to observe one’s mind and one’s self. This skill of observation allows us to look at our own lives and the lives of others without attaching judgment or analysis. Using this awareness, we become mindfully attuned to all that is around us through our five senses (smell, touch, taste, sight, and sound) as well as our physical sensations — you know, those signs from our bodies that we often tend to ignore.


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It Is All About The Choice

A gentle reminder; when humans commit acts of violence or degradation of another, it is the individual that chooses to do these things.  It can be very easy to blame it on a religion, ethnicity or ideology, but it is the individual that chose that particular path.  Others may join in, giving strength to the darkness already within them, however, it is still a choice.  You too are given a choice.  You can give into and let the lower energies and vibrations of fear dictate what you do or you can be the light.  It has always been and will always be about free will. ~ Creator



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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 25, 2016

Many of you feel regret for what you consider to be your mistakes. But the fact that you regret them indicates those actions were not in line with who you really are. You have uncovered a deeper layer of truth from the experience, a deeper level of your inner knowingness, which has brought you closer to the experience of your own divinity. You can then integrate that into your latest expression of beingness, and that, Dear Ones, is the purpose of experience. All movement is ultimately forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel



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GFP Newsletter - 9/24/2016

Consciousness is self-surgery.

And don't ask me how can we raise ...? Nobody can do it for somebody else; you can only do it for yourself.

This is the fundamental of spiritual surgery: you can only be successful on yourself.

Howsoever painful it is ... but there is no other way. Yes, it pays tremendously if you can pass through the test.

If you can pass through the pain, if you can pass through all the misery, the suffering that you have repressed will rise again. It is like entering a house which nobody has entered for years. You will raise so much dust - and that dust is not simple dust, it covers your wounds. It has helped you to forget yourself. It has made you unconscious of yourself. It is not like taking off your clothes, it is more like peeling off your skin.

But once you succeed, then all the pain seems to be just nothing, because the bliss that descends on you is incomparable; the pain that you suffered looks so tiny and so meaningless. But that is in the end.


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The God O' Oneness

God said:

I hear you, beloveds, as you sing from the mountaintops. You sing:

"Beloved God, I just want to say: God, My God, My God of Love. God, God, God. There are times I feel a rush through My bloodstream, and this rush, this energy I feel, is Your Love pulsing through me. I can't quite put my finger on You, yet You are resoundingly God dancing and singing so silently and happily in my heart.

"At these times, I am a blob of Silent Joy, All-Powerful Joy, Joy like Glory in Excelsis Deo. At these times, I feel -- yet not comprehend -- that I am You and You are I, and there is no wilderness between. There is nothing but You, God. There is nothing and no One but You, and You are all there is. Is this Truth coming from my mouth in song, God?"

Beloved, yes, I God do tell you, Yes, this is Truth coming from your mouth. Do you hear your Self -- what you sing? Yes, you sing nothing but Truth, the Truth without words, the Truth of Existence. There is nothing but the Oneness of Us where We exist solely as the Oneness of Love.

All the details fade. At heart, We are One. In Heaven or on Earth, We are One until there is nothing but Oneness, and it is Our Oneness, and there are no two ways about it. There is no possibility of separation. There is no such concept as Two-ness. There is no such thought. There is no such possibility.

The concept of anything but Oneness is too far-fetched. This is a total reversal of the whole incongruity of everything existing except Oneness.


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The Muscle of the Soul: How To Unlock It And Use It to Decrease Stress

by Kalee Brown, Collective Evolution

We have published many articles on the concept that we, as human beings, house a soul in our physical bodies and that our eyes are the gateway to this essence. We’ve talked a lot about the relationship between the mind, body, and soul and the importance of keeping it balanced and in harmony. However, have you ever contemplated what the physical muscle of the soul could be? Well, therapist and filmmaker Danielle Prohom Olson has; in fact, she claims that by relaxing  your psoas, or what she terms “the muscle of the soul,” you can reconnect with the powerful energy of the Earth.


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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 24, 2016

Somewhere along the line, busyness has become glorified for many human beings. They deem themselves as being good or successful the more action they can squeeze into the day. While we applaud action toward creation, many people are finding themselves exhausted and less than satisfied with their lives regardless of the amount of effort they have put into it. How can this be?

Busyness does not necessarily mean positive forward movement. While it may meet the approval of societal expectations, the real proof of its success is the health, happiness, and satisfaction of the person living the incarnation. And you may have noticed that busyness does not necessarily equal happiness.

Your mind, the operating system of the ego, thrives on distraction. By constantly keep you on the move it avoids your growth and expansion, and fills your day with so many tasks any opportunity for quiet reflection or connection is avoided. Because it is through your heart, the operating system of your soul, which navigates through flow, connection, feeling, growth, and expansion to find your way to the most satisfying matches for you and your life expression, avoiding those opportunities through busyness virtually guarantees a life that has diminished satisfaction and presence.


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GFP Newsletter - 9/23/2016

Consciousness is painful, because you will have to drop so much which you have carried your whole life thinking it very valuable.

You will have to uncover your wounds which you have covered and completely forgotten.

You will have to revive all worries and anguishes that somehow you have repressed.

You will have to face again your original face which you have lost far back. You have become somebody else. You have been somebody else so long, that now to face your original face is going to shatter you completely.

To be conscious not a game.

To be conscious is to go through a deep surgery.

And the problem is, you are the surgeon, and you are the patient.


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Big Pharma Spent Nearly $1 Billion Lobbying Government to Push Opiates — and It Worked

by Alice Salles, The Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA— Op-ed) The pharmaceutical industry is often the target of relentless criticism. But while the concerns brought up by said Big Pharma critics are often legitimate and unsettling, they are also the product of heavy government intervention.

Because misdiagnosing the disease — in this case, Big Pharma’s influence and its consequence — has been the standard approach among reformists, proposed medical solutions continue to kill patients. In other words, as reformists propose still more regulation and government involvement, Americans who fall victim to the cozy relationship between Big Pharma and government continue to suffer.


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Mainstream Media Silent After Another Major Oil Pipeline Spill While North Dakota Protests Continue (How Ironic)

by Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

Native American tribes across the country continue to march in their respective cities to show their dedicated support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Media outlets have covered the ongoing protest exhaustively, which makes it interesting that, when a prominent pipeline in the Southeast broke, major media outlets didn’t cover the news nearly as thoroughly or frequently.

While some outlets did report on the spill on their websites, the focus remained on the forthcoming gas shortages and the resultant spike in gas prices residents could expect. It’s another testament to the fact that mainstream media would rather focus on how news will affect consumers than how it will affect the environment.

The Colonial Pipeline has main lines running through roughly 10 states. Having broken in Shelby County, Alabama, the rupture caused a leakage of 250,000 gallons beginning on September 9th, forcing workers to close the pipeline.


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A Tulip Bulb

God said:

You are always on time. Do you hear what I am saying? I am saying that, despite what the world says, you are never late.

Now, don't think I am saying that you are to delay other people by showing up at a later time for your convenience and to another's inconvenience. I do not encourage you to lack consideration for others, not at all. It is not My intention to give you an excuse for being late in the world.

On the other hand, looking from another angle of life, everything in life follows its own schedule. A tulip bulb from the Earth comes up at the right time. From this view, We can say that when you miss a train, the later train you take is just the right one for you. In this sense, you are on time.

You are born when you are born, and this is perfect. And, also, beloveds, when the body dies when it does, this is also perfect. And if your body had died at a different time, that, too, would be the exact right time.

How can this be otherwise when time is a manufactured illusory element on Earth? Time is believed in, and time is an extreme force in the world, yet it is pure fiction. In this way, whenever an event occurs, late, early, We can say that it is the right time. In truth, if time is non-existent, how can time be wrong?

If you are very logical, then you might say that time can't be right either. However, also logically, if time is not wrong, then it must be right! At the time something occurs is at the time it occurs. Who can say this is wrong? In another sense, there is no right, and there is no wrong.



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