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GFP Newsletter - 5/29/2015

The real seeker cannot search for God, because to start a search for God means you have already accepted that God is. You have already concluded. How can you start a search from a conclusion?

You are already prejudiced. You are a believer, not a seeker. The seeker cannot search for God, because he does not know.

He can only search into existence, not for god. He can inquire into the reality that surrounds him, not for God. Yes, but when you go deep into reality you find God. God cannot be the beginning of your search; it is the end, the climax, the culmination. God is the discovery. How can you begin with God?


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How Simple Living Is The Key To Self-Actualization

For the past ten years I have been pretty much into personal development. Well, as a teenager I was already a bit interested in not-so-mainstream topics such as the power of the human mind, psychic phenomena and plenty of other metaphysical topics. It comes to no surprise that my peers thought I was a bit weird, you know how it is.

So when I got hooked on to personal development topics later on in life, I was already primed for certain ideas and insights. It came easier for me to hop on from one book or one topic to another without needing a stretch of time to digest certain ideas. I got pretty sucked into it. I read heaps of books, started off my blog Soul Hiker and wrote a few hundred articles to share my insights and experiences with others following the same path.

In those ten years of learning and practice, I did come a long way with a wealth of inner growth but also many pitfalls. What is more relevant is that I have also arrived at a solid practical realization – a kind of a key that unlocks some doors without having to knock them down really. That key is Simple Living or the idea of simplifying life in order to shed away what is unnecessary, inauthentic and a hindrance to your life purpose. The concept might seem obvious but somehow hidden none the less.


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20 Facts About Really Creative People

Creative people have a very interesting way of living. Some creative people can seem as if they aren’t in same world as you. Well, this is probably true. Their minds never slow down, and everything is another work in progress to them. There can be moments when dating a highly creative person where they leave you completely baffled as to what they see or what they can say to you.

I’ve always been a strong believer in people fearing what they don’t understand. These kind of people deserve the chance to show you what they are capable of. Here is a list to give people a better understanding as to what’s going on in a creative persons head.

20 Facts About Creative People

1. Their Minds Are Always Afoot.

A creative mind is curiosity unhinged. Once given the chance to see the difference in something, their minds won’t stop until every possible outcome unveils itself. Curiosity can be very exhausting but can also be the fire starter for an amazing idea.

2. Nothing is impossible.

What ifs and why nots mean nothing to the creative types. They go beyond the face value of things. It may not be a comfortable with everyone, but this way creative people can give a whole new meaning to the word “possible”.


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When Genius Calls: The Six Qualities of an Extraordinary Life

Brandon West, Contributor
Waking Times

It is my intention to achieve and maintain a state of balance, bliss, love, rapture, inspiration, and peace; in essence, to live from a higher state of energy.

I believe that this is the ultimate desire of every human being. Regardless of the specifics of the desires and dreams that an individual may have, who among us does not desire for these qualities to infuse our lives?

Therefore the question isn’t if this is what we want or not, because of course it is. The question is how do we attain these six qualities of an extraordinary life?

Acting On Our Creative Desires


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You are, always have been and always will be, ONE WITH GOD!

Time is running out!  Time is of the illusion, of the dream or nightmare, and dreams themselves last only a moment.  Yes, they frequently appear to occupy long and ongoing periods of time as your expectations, anxieties, fears, and hopes fill your minds with “what if” thoughts that distract you from living in the now moment, the only “real” time that exists.  The now moment is the eternal moment, the moment in which you were created and which never ends, there is, in truth, only now. Any other time, although seemingly very real, is unreal. That is very hard for you to grasp as you struggle with the endless selection of issues and situations the dream state constantly brings to your attention, which was the whole purpose for constructing it.  It is indeed very confusing for you because of the extreme and inordinate limits that you placed on the human vehicles that you built for yourselves so that you could experience as convincingly as possible the state of separation from God, our divine Source; or even apparent complete abandonment by that loving energy field in which all of creation has its eternal existence.


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Subtle Energies: Ancient Knowledge Becomes Modern Science

Subtle EnergyDr. Rita Louise, Guest
Waking Times 

Did Our Ancestors View Our World As A Multidimensional Universe?

We are all familiar with the make-up of our bodies on physical levels. We have a heart and lungs, a liver and pancreas, kidneys, muscles and bones. We also have of glands, including our thyroid and pituitary, which secrete hormones and regulate our bodily functions.

All in all, it is believed by many that we are merely made up a complex series of bio-chemical processes, period. This view of health, healing and medicine has been around for hundreds of years. It is based upon a Newtonian view of the world, which sees all life as a series of intricate mechanisms. According to this viewpoint, doctors are taught to conceptualize the body as simply a glorified machine. In turn, modern medicine endeavors to repair maladies of the body with a monkey wrench, a pair of pliers and some bailing twine.

But are we, as human beings, really just glorified machines?


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Day 9: Human Evolution, Muluc 9

HUMAN EVOLUTION   It is one of the laws of this universe that no thing remains stagnant; all is ever evolving. Humans are one species on earth with the capability to consciously choose the pace they want to evolve. There is no thing on earth that has ever been created or experienced that was not first a thought, then an action. Think of something you wish to experience or gain. Make a clear intention and muster the belief that it is now in the process of coming to you.

Use your physical senses to visualize what it will be like when it arrives at your door. If there are steps you need to take to make this a reality, take the first step. Once completed, take the next step. Watch for signs along the way. Learn to live in the moment, fully present; for it is in the present that you will receive the gifts. Set your intentions for the highest good for you and all involved and ask that they come to you as gracefully as possible. Expect to experience coincidences that will lead you to your destination or possible solutions that you hadn’t dared to even dream of. As you begin to understand the power within, it is likely you will begin to shed layers of behaviors and belief codes that currently rule your life, keeping you from experiencing all that you desire.


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Daily Message ~ Friday May 29, 2015

Dear Ones, you are all in a time of acceleration right now. Some of you are already navigating tangible change in your lives. Others may feel like not much is happening at all, but let us assure you there is much activity that has not yet broken into your conscious awareness. You simply cannot go through the energies you are in right now without massive change and transformation happening.

Trust. If you are in a period of action, trust that everything that is unfolding for you has a great purpose in your life and that the universe is always conspiring to help you. If you are in a waiting period, trust that great progress is being made and will become apparent to you when the timing is perfect, and that the universe is always conspiring to help you.

Do you see? There is never, ever a time when you are not being loved and assisted. Your ability to trust, stay surrendered, and apply what you know, will have everything to do with how comfortably you will navigate the movement such acceleration always brings. ~Archangel Gabriel



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New Report: U.S. And Israel Have Worst Inequality In Developed World

A report recently released from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development shows that the United States and Israel have the worst inequality in the developed world.

Although the divide between rich and poor is at historic levels for the majority of the 34 developed member nations, the US and Israel have distanced themselves from the fold. The OECD discovered that in the US, the richest 10% of the population earn 16.5 times the income of the poorest 10%. In Israel, the richest 10% earn 15 times that of the poorest. In comparison, the average wealth gap in OECD nations is 9.6. The rich earned approximately seven times as much as the poor in the 1980’s.

It was also recorded in 2012 that in 18 OECD countries, the bottom 40% of households owned just 3% of the wealth while the top 10% controlled 50%.

In the US, the wealthiest 5% has nearly 91 times the amount as the average citizen.


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Spiritual Revolution and the Power of Words

Credit: Bravolifecoaching.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I love writing, because I love words. While they’re limited when it comes to communicating spiritual experiences that are beyond our ability to describe, they allow us to express whatever we want about our life, our spiritual evolution and the forces who are trying to keep us in the dark.

Words give us a weapon to use against injustice, and we can also use them to talk about lighter subjects that nourish the soul. With words, we can talk about how amazing and awe-inspiring the natural world is, and we can delightfully express our reverence for this planet.

With the power of words, we can strengthen our spiritual revolution and encourage others to get out there and get active, while remembering to go within for the guidance they require to creatively and spiritually thrive.

We can encourage the sleepy masses to wake up to the injustices being committed every day, and we can inspire each individual to stand up and use their voice. We can make the world aware of the things that are being done to destroy our health and the health of our planet, and we can help people realize how important it is to take a stand.


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Loving & Understanding an Empath

Empath’s are unique personality types, their sensory levels are always on high alert, they are incredibly intuitive and their awareness and sensitivity to the energy levels that vibrate around them are extremely high.

If an empath senses something, they are not often wrong. If they think someone’s lying or that something is just “not right” you can bet your last dollar that they are not wrong.

Therefore, a basic understanding of this mystical and quite magical creature is highly beneficial.

Empaths have quite a few little quirks, traits and characteristics that are worth knowing about, and gaining a better understanding of, so that any relationship that is formed has a strong survival chance and also so that it thrives.

Empaths can be deeply misunderstood. It can take a little time to get to know them before they fully unravel and until their true magnificent spirit receives the opportunity to shine.

Love with an empath will be intense as they are energetically sensitive, therefore they will pick up on everything and anything that is happening around them. Regardless of whether emotions have been outwardly expressed, empaths will experience their partner’s emotions as deeply as they feel their own.


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3 Ancient Spiritual Concepts Science Helps Us Understand – How Spirit & Science Interact

In response to popular demand, it is time to formally make a bridge between the worlds of science and spirit.  How do they interact with one another?  What evidence is there to support spiritual concepts and philosophies?  The truth is, there is so much scientific evidence out there that you could fill an Encyclopedia.  In this article, we will look at three of the most important spiritual topics that science helps us understand.

Before we look at them, it’s important to remember that science is just one way to measure natural phenomenon.  Because it studies the natural world (and not things which are beyond nature), there are some topics which are simply inaccessible using the scientific method.  But even following the rigidity of the scientific method, we can still see an overwhelming amount of evidence that gives credence to spiritual concepts people have been teaching for thousands of years.

Spirit is consciousness.  Science is the measure and study of the natural world.  When you begin to see how consciousness mingles with physical reality (or how spirit interacts with science), a world of total magic opens up.

Let’s take a look.


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Live Off The Grid Anywhere In This Wind And Solar Powered Capsule

The Ecocapsule is a completely off grid self-sustaining home that you can take with you practically anywhere you would like. On the company’s website, a short but sweet phrase is used to describe the pod: “Dwelling with the spirit of freedom.” It has a very compact egg shaped design, measuring just 4.5 meters in length, 2.4 meters in width, and 2.5 meters in height. It weighs around 1500 kg and can be easily transported. The capsule includes a bed, toilet, and shower, along with a kitchenette that can be used to prepare hot meals.

Off The Grid

The most important aspect of the eco capsule is that it requires no external power source, relying solely on its built-in wind turbine and solar panels for all its energy needs. A high capacity battery ensures that you will have enough energy stored away for times of decreased sunlight and minimal wind activity. The capsule also collects and filters rainwater and dew that is later used for drinking and showering. This is what makes it “off-grid,” outside sources of water and electricity are not needed, so as mentioned before, this capsule can be taken to a wide variety of places. Imagine camping with this thing!


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Taking Responsibility For Our Energy

By Christina Lavers
Guest Writer for Wake Up World

For some, what I am about to share might seem radical, ridiculous, or even crazy, and for others will appear self-evident. I feel compelled to actively put it out there because I feel in many respects it is a crucial key to shifting our reality; the more people who take it to heart, the better our collective outlook will be.

At an early stage in my journey I became aware of the fact that each human is in fact a fractal of the whole. Deep within the vastness of our being we each contain every essence, every type of energy from the most sublimely divine to the most wickedly depraved. Initially when this realisation came to me it was quite abstract and there was a distance between me and the idea. However, as I explored the deeper regions of my being I found myself coming face to face with aspects that showed me that this was not just some faraway concept, it was a hardcore reality.



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