GFP Newsletter - 12/1/2020

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There is not much to enlightenment. It is a simple recognition that I have been unnecessarily chasing my own tail. The day you get it, you stop chasing your tail, you just simply sit in the sun and take a sunbath.


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Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 1, 2020

It is very common for enlightening human beings to experience what you call brain fog in these accelerated energies. As you receive downloads and upgrades your energy shifts until it is fully integrated. This can result in feeling spacey, forgetful, or even experiencing symptoms similar to dyslexia. This is due to the fact that higher vibrational energies are non-linear. It takes some time until you figure out how to navigate from that new energetic space. You are also expanding and creating new neural pathways within the brain – you might think of it as more of your brain coming on board. This is also due to the healing and releasing you have been actively participating in.

So how do you tell if a symptom is an ascension symptom or a sign of something more serious? Ascension symptoms will generally come and then ease as the energy becomes integrated. If you pay attention, you can often correlate your symptoms to coincide with specific energetic or astrological events. Any longer lasting symptoms or anything that has you concerned or unsure should be checked out by your healthcare professional, to put your mind at rest and to demonstrate good self care.

GFP Newsletter - 11/30/2020

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Our whole energy remains blocked either in the past or in the future. When you withdraw all your energy from past and future a tremendous explosion happens. That explosion is creativity. And this is only the beginning -- every day, every moment, things are becoming more intense, more passionate.


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Perfect Creation

You have been loved from the beginning.  The Universe’s love for you deepened at your decision to join your Earth-plane and again at your birth. Now, in this very moment, The Universe loves you more than it ever has. You are a most perfect Creation of All That Is and you are beautiful. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Monday November 30, 2020

A different kind of daily message today…

I was talking to a dear friend last week and she mentioned how difficult it is to be on this side of the veil where you can’t see everything that is going on. As soon as she said that, Gabriel dropped this image into my awareness. It was a reminder of the wooden box they would place over your hands in my high school typing class if you wouldn’t stop looking at the keys.

At first it was really awkward not being able to see anything. You had to work by feel, and by remembering the layout of the keyboard. It was slow and clumsy and awkward at first, but bit by bit you became more comfortable trusting in your ability to know where the keys were and how there were even little bumps on certain keys you could feel to help you orient yourself.

And before you knew it you became better and better at navigating by feel until it became automatic and you didn’t need to think about it at all. In fact, not relying on your eyes enhanced your ability to feel and know, which ultimately made you a far more better typist than when you were relying on your eyes alone.

I think this sums up this phase of our enlightenment journey. When we don’t have the use of one sense, all others become enhanced. Any diminished sense always serves the purpose of strengthening the others.

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The Great Reject - of the Great Reset

by Julian Rose

We Are the Power

The World that Klaus Schwab, executive director of the World Economic Forum, wants us to rubber stamp is a 100% dystopian nightmare. In fact, if one was to write a film script about the worst of all outcomes for the human race and planet, Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’ dream would perfectly fill the bill.

Everything that moves and breathes is to be sanitised, anaesthetized and digitalised proclaims the WEF White Paper of October 2020. This is the way to turn the world ‘Green’ according to Schwab and his team of technocratic trolls. Well, most of us will turn green just by reading this WEF master-plan for humanity “Resetting the Future of Work Agenda in a post Covid World” so there’s really no need to bother with its implementation, is there?

GFP Newsletter - 11/29/2020

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I am not interested in the future at all. This moment is too much, too overwhelming. I am rejoicing in it. And this is my way of life: to live moment to moment. I am not a prophet, I have not come here to determine the whole course of humanity in the future -- that kind of bullshit does not appeal to me at all. Who am I to decide the whole course of humanity in the future? I am living my moment joyously; that's enough. And the people who will be coming will find their own ways to live. To suffer or to rejoice -- it all depends on their intelligence.

I cannot determine anything, but my way of working is such that it is impossible to create a philosophy, a dogma, a creed, a church, absolutely impossible.


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Time To Get Ready…

With the changes you have been asking for fully underway, it is time to get ready for a great deal more information to come in.  Use the next few weeks to ground yourself properly and release anything you may feel is holding you back.  You have been preparing for a moment like this your entire life.  Walk forward with your head high and your heart full.  The Universe will lovingly take care of the rest. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Sunday November 29, 2020

There are vast energetic changes occurring to both your bodies (physical and light bodies) and the planet from now until the end of the year. You are receiving downloads of energy which are often delivered/received in a spiralling motion. The momentum of the collective awakening energy is also moving forward rapidly now which can be experienced as fast forward energy movement combined with waves of ups and downs. All of this together can result in many different symptoms!

You may feel buoyed by the energies. You may feel anxiety if you are experiencing accelerated flow. You may feel excitement, even if you don’t know where you are heading because you can sense there are breakthroughs for you waiting on the horizon. You may feel dizziness, nausea, disorientation, or feeling like the ground is moving underneath you (much like motion sickness due to the spirals and swells of energy), headaches, dehydration, fatigue, exhaustion, brain fog, erratic sleep patterns, and craving certain foods.

You may feel overwhelmed by the combination of it all! If you are especially sensitive, you may feel one thing with an undercurrent of another, or experience your own responses to the energies combined with feeling the energy of the collective.

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There will be moments, great brilliant flashes of insight that will allow you to see beyond the reality you are existing in now. As you continue to grow and learn, they will become more frequent, your vibration stronger and more vital. Allowing these moments to envelope your being is just another step of your ascension process. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Saturday November 28, 2020

Listen to your heart. It has become a cliche to most of you that you really don’t hear – just a common phrase that has little meaning. But we are here today to ask you to dust off that old expression and to really, truly begin to listen to your hearts.

Your heart helps you become congruent. It gives you clear feedback on what your deepest, truest desires are. As those desires are absolutely essential to living your highest life expression, allowing your heart to lead the way is the way to navigate your life.

Your heart cannot lie to you. It only emanates truth, your truth, and leads the way to the experiences your soul desires to have.

The old ways of navigating solely through the mind and control are gone. Moving forward into this brand new age, let your heart lead the way. Embrace your intuition, your emotions, your knowing, your BEing. Flow, create, connect, and love, which are all specialties of the heart.

You can find your clarity by asking your heart. You can be of service by living by the heart. You can align with your greatest desires by following your heart. Do you see? The heart is the true navigator to all the things you seek. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

GFP Newsletter - 11/27/2020

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I am not trying to create a religion, I cannot do it, because the very idea of creating a religion is ugly. But I am releasing a sense of humor in you, a deep laughter in you. To me laughter is more sacred than prayer, dancing more spiritual than chanting mantras, loving existence far more cosmic than going to a church or to a temple. Becoming utterly nobody, a pure nothingness, is far more significant than becoming a saint. Innocence, a sense of humor, a joyous participation in life... you cannot create a dead institution around such tremendously alive experiences. A dead institution needs something dead to be made out of. It is made out of the corpses of your saints. My whole approach is nonserious -- sincere, but non-serious.



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