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Get Up and Move Your Heart

When it’s raining out five days in a row, what can you do but weather it? You go to work the same. You come home from work the same. You know that the rain will last as long as it lasts, and the sun will come out again.
Yet, when it comes to dealing with life, you are not always so sensible. When your heart is saddened, even when you don’t know why, with or without good reason, you groan at your sadness. You may analyze it. You storm down its battalions, sure that sadness will hang on forever, and you will never be happy again.
Will you not treat rainy days of your emotions as you do the weather? You know that weather changes. You don’t fault the weather’s temperature and say that the temperature will never go away. Yet, to all intents and purposes, you may feel that your life is over, and that happiness will never be yours again. This is how it feels to you.
It’s a wonder that you form such conclusions. It’s a wonder that you discourage yourself so relentlessly. You stoke the fires of depression and take depression as your lot for all time.
Change your orientation, beloveds. Start loving yourself again. Give yourself a pep talk. Start having fun again. Outstare gloom. Never were you meant to be a cheerleader of gloom. It is not for you to make a tragedian of yourself. Start to see yourself in more favored situations. See the comic aspects that surround you. I said comic, not cosmic.


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GFP Newsletter - 9/29/2014


A great insight has happened to you, a great realization. Let it sink deep, let it become a constant awareness.

No face is yours. All faces are false. Once you had the face of a lion, once you had the face of a donkey, once you had the face of a tree and once the face of a rock. Now you have the face of a man - or a woman, ugly, beautiful, white, black.

But you don't have any face. Your reality is faceless. And that facelessness is what Zen people call the original face. It is not a face at all.

When you were not born, what face had you then? When you die, what face will you carry with yourself? This face that you see in the mirror will be dropped here; it will disappear into the earth - dust unto dust. You will go faceless just as you came faceless.

Right now you don't have any face, the face is just a belief - you have believed in the mirror too much. And when you have come to realize this facelessness, you have seen the face of God.


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Photo Of The Day: The Carina Nebula


This is one of the most beautiful sights out galaxy has to offer. Observable in the southern sky, the Great Carina Nebula, or NGC 3372, is nearly 300 light years wide, making it one of the galaxy’s largest star-forming clouds. The Carina Nebula can be seen by the unaided eye when seen on very dark, clear nights in the southern sky. It’s wider than the full moon and is home to young, very large stars. One of these stars is Eta Carinae, a star with 100 times the mass of our Sun. Eta Carinae is the brightest star near the middle of this image. The star may be very near supernova, which would be quite the sight to see!

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Really, What Are These Strange Rocks On Mars?


Spotting weird stuff on Mars has become a spectator sport. I’ve always thought that explaining these things away as hoaxes or the work of aliens to be fairly lazy. So what are these rock really? Time will tell to know for sure. The round rock featured in the image above is about two centimeters across and looks kind of like a blueberry. What causes its roundness is still not clear, though it probably has to do with volcanic activity and may have been eroded by once-flowing water. The secondary image, that kind of resembles a starfish, is seen on mount sharp and is something of a mystery. Maybe through these images, we will truly know whether or not the red planet once harbored life.

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5 Keys to Creating Your Own Luck and Good Fortune

HJ: Luck does not happen by chance, it is created through a combination of intention and mindset.  The article below will help you develop both and learn to navigate the river of life in a way that puts you in the flow of luck, success and consistent good fortune.

- Truth

Make Your Own Luck

Five principles for making the most of life’s twists and turns.

By Rebecca Webber | Psychology Today


Mary McGuire-Wien and her husband, Charles Wildbank, had been searching for a new home on Long Island for more than a year, but every place they’d seen was either unsuitable or unaffordable. After one long Sunday of unsuccessful house-hunting with their agent, the couple was anxious to get back home, but got stuck at a traffic light right next to an old barn that was under reno...


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Daily Message ~ Monday September 29, 2014

We have introduced the idea of your focus being your blessing. This is why your time, your fully present attention, is so very important to all of your loved ones. Your focus is considered your blessing, your endorsement, your agreement, your desire to continue. This explains why children will misbehave to receive your focus, even if it seems to be “negative” attention. They understand that where you place your focus is your way of saying you are choosing to keep the object of your attention. Receiving your attention shows you still love them and wish to continue your relationship with […]


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Disney Corporation: Making Evil Look Good?

David Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

Disney is seen around the world as a source of wholesome entertainment for children, but is there a darker side to its productions hidden in plain sight? This article investigates occult references in Disney productions, how society’s values and perception of good and evil are under threat, and the effect this could have on the future of spirituality.

Question for you: What has black wings, black horns and is associated with darkness? If the first thing that comes to mind is a demon you’re not alone – they’ve been represented like that for centuries. But if you are one of the 35 million or so people who have recently seen Disney’s latest movie Maleficent, you might be feeling a bit confused, or your answer might even be quite different.

Maleficent’s Disney Origins

In the credits of Maleficent is the following text:

“Maleficent” is inspired b...


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Is That A Turtle In Your Pants Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? Man Caught With 51 Turtles In His Pants.

Animal smuggling isn’t a new phenomenon, unfortunately. But pants smuggling is something a tad more unusual.


Kai Xu, a Canadian citizen, was caught at the Detroit border attempting to enter Canada with 51 live, and endangered, turtles taped to his legs. Fortunately for the turtles, there was a pretty huge giveaway: his bulging sweatpants. Also, the US Fish and Wildlife Service had been watching him and felt he was acting suspiciously. As The Guardian reports:

On 5 August, two fish and wildlife agents say they watched Xu disappear behind two semi-trailers in a Detroit parking lot for about 10 minutes before reappearing with, “irregularly shaped bulges under Xu’s sweatpants on both legs”.

Xu was later stopped by Canadian border patrol after he drove through the Detroit to Windsor, O...


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The GMO Labeling Conundrum

Ulson Gunnar, New Eastern Outlook
Waking Times

It would seem that large agricultural corporations touting genetically modified organisms (GMOs) they claim possess enhanced benefits for farmers and consumers would be proud to differentiate their products on the shelves from organic and traditionally produced food. However that is not the case. Not only is big-ag attempting to hide the true nature of their products, but the many big-business food processors that incorporate GMO ingredients into their final products are likewise attempting to mislead consumers.

The obvious fear is that consumers will avoid GMO products in favor of those not labeled as modified. While other arguments have been made in attempts to justify not properly labeling food as ...


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Fluoridated Water Can Calcify Arteries, Study Finds

Fluoride Poison
Sayer Ji, Green Med Info
Waking Times

Fluoride is put in your drinking water ‘for your teeth’ without your consent, but did you know that it could also be calcifying your arteries?

A few years ago, we reported on a study evaluating a new diagnostic technology that inadvertently revealed a link between fluoride exposure and coronary artery disease. Our report stirred up quite a lot of controversy and criticism, even leading one of the most respected figures in alternative medicine (deservedly so) ...


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The 3 Realms of DMT

3 realms

Josh Mur – Live Free, Live Natural | From blasting off through a dark tunnel to intimate encounters with the divine, Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) has been notorious for sending its users into otherworldly places and experiences.

Let’s start with a basic question. What is DMT?

DMT is a naturally produced chemical compound found in an array of mammals and plant life. In humans, it is believed that the Pineal Gland in the brain produces this chemical during REM sleep and death.

While the reason for production of DMT in the brain is a mystery, the effects it has on human consciousness is much more of an enigma. What one has to understand is the intensity and dreamlike nature of the DMT experience convolutes how well it is processed by the user. Therefore, it is hard to give a definitive answer as to whether or not the ...


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Heavenly Theatre: Day 27, Manik 1

RELEASEMENT MEDITATION Going with the flow is all-important. Watch your words, monitor your thoughts and intentionally choose your actions. Be creative. See your life as an empty canvas with the ability to choose your subject, colors and mediums. Think out of the box. Each fear or belief code that you release allows more flow into your life. Seek ways to remove layers of fear and negativity. We are here to assist you with these very things. The energy I work with is to help release the things that are a burden to you. Together, we will simply set them out to sea. In your inner mind, visualize yourself at the seashore. You are comfy, the sun is warm and the light salty breeze is balmy. Listen as the waves gently lap on the shore. You can hear the gulls in the distance. What issues are weighing on your mind today? Bring them up, one by one and lay them onto the barge, docked at the water’s edge. Watch as the barge leaves the dock and slowly heads out to sea. As it floats away, watch it slowly dissipate, atom by atom, until nothing remains. Know that these thoughtforms have now transmuted into pure light, returning once again to the sea of possibilities. Now enter the water and bathe your skin and hair, a baptism of sorts, as you soak in the healing essence of the water and rinse away any residue of unhealthy negative thoughtforms. You are now whole again, ready to fill the void with new and wondrous beliefs!


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Sep 29 – Oct 11, 2014: Manik as overseer of this trecena

This Trecena (thirteen day cycle) is overseen by the Day Keeper, Manik, who is symbolically represented by the deer. In glyphs, Manik is often represented by the following mudra. Both deer and this mudra are symbolic of the power of going within, being still in nature and reflecting on what is important in one’s life. This is also a good time to nurture yourself.


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Rise and Serve, Rise and Shine

You are a natural in fulfilling My dreams. You are star of fulfilling My dreams. No one has to know that you are a star and that you fulfill My Will. You have to know. Let others think whatever they think.
When I say that you have an assignment to do on My behalf – and everyone does -- I am speaking of the work and play you do for Me which is inevitably for the good of the world and humankind. Whatever service I ask of you is on My behalf. It is Our One Unified Will that you lift the world high.
Only as you rise can you do this.
It is your destiny to rise and to serve. You can't have one without the other. Rise and serve. Rise and shine.
The rising I speak of may not be the rising that the world may think of. I am not speaking of world acclaim or riches. Please understand that I am in favor of your success in the world, yet this is not what I speak of now.
All you ever have to have, you already have, and this is Our inviolable connection you already have. Whether acknowledged or not, We are more than connected. We are entwined. We are so entwined that there is no We, only I, only Oneness Supreme.
And so I serve, and so you also serve. You serve in My Name. You speak for Me. You do for Me. And, as you do, you speak for all. You herald Me to the world. You open doors for Me and more and more.



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