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Respect & Honor

Let your being rotate out from your center in every broadening circles. In this process, your cyclical pattern will overlap others in their own growing experiences. You may choose to exist with the mingled energies for a while or move beyond them. Touch gently, leaving only love behind because it is only with respect and honor you can continue your path. ~ Creator

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You Deserve It

Dear one, be proud of what you have accomplished so far.  You are living through one of the most trying times in human history!  You can see through fear and anger to what lies beyond this moment.  You continue to shine even though you may be tired, and you have not given up.  The Universe watches joyfully, celebrates as you overcome each obstacle and is supporting you when you need it most.  Take some time and recognize that within yourself…you deserve it. ~ Creator

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Saying Your Goodbyes

Dearest child, each of you are saying your goodbyes.  As you continue to grow and change, it is a necessary step.  It does not mean an end to physical life.  Instead, you may be letting go of old beliefs, ideals and, for some, a way of moving through your world that no longer serves. 

As bittersweet as it may be, a peaceful and respectful resolution is needed before new growth and change begins.  Embrace it and know The Universe is supporting you throughout. ~ Creator

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A Few Seconds…

How much time do you spend in/on each emotion per day?  How often do you take time to listen and let others know they have been heard?  Today, The Universe is asking you to be consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings, both negative and positive.  How you move through your day sends out ripples that eventually come back to you.  Be aware and remember, a few seconds could change your world! ~ Creator

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It is okay to be yourself, to change and grow but, during this tumultuous time, it may be challenging to figure out exactly what that looks and feels like to you.  If you are in doubt; stop, breathe and ask The Universe to show you.  You are never left without a direction in which to move or an answer.  Are you willing to listen? ~ Creator

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Your Worth

Dearest child, take a moment today and look at how you feel about yourself.  Do you like what you see?  Are your thoughts affected by what others see and feel about you?  The Universe is reminding you that you are the only one that determines your worth!  Releasing the need to please others is the first step in loving yourself. ~ Creator

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Embrace Your Purpose

Your emotional ground may shake, your world may be in the process of turning upside down but, do not let that rattle your faith or knock down your hope.  You are a child of The Universe, gifted with the power to heal yourself and spread love to everyone around you.  Embrace your purpose and continue moving forward in the best way you know how.  You are loved, supported, cherished, admired and respected every step of the way. ~ Creator


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