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Over the next few weeks and months, there will be a greater emphasis placed on listening to/receiving information from The Universe. This help guide and support you as well as bring about much needed changes in your Earth plane existence.

It may be very tempting to revert back to your ‘old ways’ of thinking/feeling and acting/reacting, however, keeping a cool head and maintaining a peaceful demeanor will serve you best. One day, you will be able to look back on this moment and say, “I lived through one of the most interesting times in the history of our world…and I didn’t lose my way.” ~ Creator

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Powerful You

Sit back and take a moment to think of exactly how powerful you really are. Your infinite light shining brightly, your choice to join your Earth-plane in a greater quest for knowledge and growth, your ability to adapt to the experiences you are having here. You are a perfect and beautiful example of “I CAN”. ~ Creator

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Time To Begin

Some of you may be looking directly into the eyes of darkness and it may be unsettling.  It is especially important to remember that this is not a battle of wills.  You are being shown both sides and gain a conscious understanding of what is happening in your world.  Standing in the unconditional love of The Universe gives you the opportunity to learn how you can move through and change that darkness to light.  This is one of the reasons you manifested on your Earth plane.  Now, it is time to begin the work. ~ Creator

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Begin Healing

You may have noticed that many of your fellow humans have forgotten how to love others, themselves, their bodies, their ideals.  You may have even forgotten how. (Smiling) An immense part of healing begins with loving yourself.  If you are unable to do it, start small; find the Divine Spark placed within upon your creation and love it.  Once you are comfortable with that, move on to bigger things.  It may not happen all at once but, it will happen.  It is time to begin healing, dear one…and it all starts with you. ~ Creator

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More Changes…

Darkness has again shown its face to the world in a most unexpected way.  Now, it is up to you to choose how to react.  You can consciously realize that it wishes to invoke fear, hatred, anxiety and feelings of loss or…you can focus on pure love, pure truth and pure intention knowing The Universe will be there to guide and support you. 

Over the next few days and weeks, more changes will be arriving.  You have been practicing, growing and learning in ways your Earth plane has never seen before.  You are here to advance the reality of a peaceful world so, keep moving forward, dear ones! ~ Creator

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Be Patient

Remember when you were a child, running toward something at full speed because you were so excited to get there only to realize you were by yourself? You felt confused and a little anxious when others did not quite get your joy and were lagging behind. There you were, dancing from foot to foot….your shouts of, “HURRY UP! We’re almost THERE!”, fell on seemingly deaf ears? There will be times in your growth and awakening that are just….like…..that. Do not let it dampen your joy. Be patient and, when the rest around you catch up, you can celebrate together! ~ Creator


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