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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology-Cathy Lindsey
This Leo Full Moon – Super Snow Moon …is a very active Full Moon. This is also a Super Moon meaning that the Moon is very close to the Earth and therefore increasing and intensifying the energies that we normally feel from a regular Full Moon. As we all know…the energies right now are very urgent, intense, chaotic, a bit volatile, and disruptive. And they have been intensifying over the last several months…activating changes/transformations in both ourselves, the collective, and governments throughout the World. During these turbulent times… people are a little on edge, anxieties are flaring, and most of us feel like we are totally exhausted….even when we have had plenty of sleep. Our bodies are trying to incorporate all these unusual energies… times bringing in the feeling of being over whelmed. Notice how these energies are playing out in “real life”…your own life…the political “life” and the World “life”.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey
This is a very active New Moon in Aquarius as the planet Uranus (which rules Aquarius) squares (friction and stress energy) this New Moon. Adding to the already chaotic, urgent, transformative and at times volatile energies. These last couple of weeks have had very powerful events happening…including 2 powerful Eclipse’s and the major Saturn/Pluto conjunction by degree and minute. It has been a challenging time! These energies are still affecting us and will be for a while…..but it is a bit of a relief to have some of the less urgent energy of Aquarius giving us an opportunity to kind of regroup our thoughts and energies at the moment. Of course it is hard to see/feel this energy with the way the World appears at this time. The energy is still a bit heavy, chaotic etc. but keep focusing on the higher energies…the opportunities that will open up by the things being put in our faces and stay out of the fear.

We Are In The Mush Stage

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Whew, we have lived through this huge shift of the eclipses and the January 12th astrological alignment. Everything is made new. Yet, it does not feel that way. Yesterday I was playing with my four year old grandson who is so in tune with the energies. We were reading three letter words from little books I made decades ago when I taught my three how to read. I had one little book with the word, metamorphosis on it. I had made it as an anomaly. Inside was a picture of a caterpillar and a butterfly. He loved that word, metamorphosis, loved clapping out the five syllables. He wanted to be wrapped in a blanket like a cocoon. He did not come out as a butterfly.....he said he was the mush before the butterfly emerged. We played that over and over. Then it was flying mush....he could fly but was not a butterfly. Yes! He allowed a new direction, a new form to emerge. I found this fascinating.

The caterpillar is like us, all those legs attached to the earth as it stuffs itself full of food. We  have had so many attachments to this realm as it requires a million things to attend to in order to simply live. We have stuffed ourselves with every manner of experience over our lifetimes on this planet. We were so eager to be a part of this experience, to feel ourselves separate from Source. We have donned every costume...evil one, lightworker, slave, deformed, hideous and beautiful. We have played all the roles and now, like the caterpillar, we have spun our cocoon and find ourselves resting inside. Our legs that have been our means of attachment have disappeared, our desire for more of anything has left us, we are full, satiated with this 3D experience. We have pulled our energetic cloak about us and hear the admonishment to allow this deep repose.


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