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This Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon is high voltage, exciting, electric…. while bringing us profound transformations and changes that happen with the swiftness of a lightning bolt.  Awakening us to what in our own world and the world itself …..needs to be released….so that we and our planet can evolve. The energies of the Full Moons and the New Moons over the last few months and for several months (most of 2020) coming up are so powerful that you will feel the energies for several days before and several days after the actual peak of the moons.  This is very important to understand as we head into a very energetic, powerful and transformative 2020! 

We will start with the fact that yesterday we had a rare alignment of Mercury retrograde transiting (Eclipsing)  the Sun!  Mercury is our voice…how we speak and how we think.  The Sun is our life force.  The last time this happened was in 2016…the next time it happens will be November 13th 2032.  It always happens when Mercury is retrograde and in the Taurus/Scorpio signs. It took about 7 hours for Mercury to transit over the Sun (you may have seen photo’s of it on the news or at Astronomy clubs that have special telescopes that can look at the Sun).   During that time new thoughts, ideas, intentions etc. were planted in our minds.  This really intensifies the internalization of thoughts that you are naturally processing during this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio time. 


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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited about the twists and turns that you all have in front of you. We are talking about the major changes that are coming to all of your systems. And we are very interested in witnessing exactly how you move from the political, economic, educational, and other systems that you have in place now. You are moving towards a time of greater enlightenment, and that means more freedom. It means less oppression and less adversarial relationships with one another. Soon it will be one, unified human collective, instead of right versus left, rich versus poor, and one race versus another race.

There will be less identification with who you have been as your minds and hearts are expanded by your experiences. Most of the limiting beliefs that are held on Earth right now are held because of a limited scope of experience. But just as you have those planned chakra upgrades, you also have other experiences that are going to shift everything about how you view yourselves and your relationship to the rest of humanity, the Earth, and the galaxy. These experiences will come to you in a variety of ways. It will really depend on the individual and what you are ready for, but we are ready to call the next decade of the 20’s as  the decade of awakening.


Full Moon Workshop Announcement for 11.11.2019

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Beloved Readers,

Daniela and I are pleased to announce another Full Moon Workshop on 11.11.2019 in which we will be clearing huge amounts of dense energy for the Planet and its Collective Consciousness. A personal clearing will also take place to assist you in reaching ultimate heights in your awakening at this time.

With the 11.11. Gateway we are expecting another great expansion to take place, and in order to make way for these new Light Codes of Perfection to be integrated, it is imperative that we clear out as much of the old as possible.

As the Masters have said, “There are many layers to clearing away the effluent produced by the human psyche. Many layers, such as those of an onion, that lead to deeper and deeper discoveries of hidden fear. There are only two main emotions – that of Love and Fear – and all that is not love is borne out of some degree of fear based energy.”

In this Workshop we assist you in a wonderful clearing through the assistance of Lord Melchizidek, Metatron and Michael and with the assistance of the Ascended Masters of the Blue and Emerald Green Flames. This is to be a healing experience on all levels.

We  invite you to attend by visiting this link:

If you would like to attend the Workshop but are unable to contribute to it financially, please do feel free to drop me an email to

Please take note of the new times as there seems to have been another shift in the time zones across the world.


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We are very happy to be here, connecting with you, as always, and we are particularly thrilled to have this opportunity to share with you our perspective on what you are living right now there on Earth, in regards to the recent upgrades that have occurred in your chakras. Upgrades are a very natural part of your evolution of consciousness, and your evolution of consciousness occurs because you exist. It occurs because you experience your reality, yourself, and others. 

It is a time to look within for what these chakra upgrades were meant to bring to you and what you can now bring to humanity as a result. This is you becoming more of you, and that’s exciting to us. That’s exciting to everyone who is observing and participating in the evolution of the consciousness of humankind.


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And we also want you to know that you can create something brand new, something never before seen on Earth with these energies that are upon you. In fact, you are being invited to do so during these last two months of your calendar year, during this time leading up to your Solstice event. You are the ones who have the capacity to take what is upon you and create with it, and this is a call to all of you to do so.


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