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The Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive (DPIA)

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Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive

Defense Contractors, The Pentagon and Congress | Daniel Sheehan (VETTED Podcast)

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A deep-rooted symbiotic relationship has developed between the Pentagon and military contractors. This connection is evident today, especially concerning the UFO/UAP issue. Allegations suggest that defense contractors, reputed to possess exotic technologies of non-human origin, are using their influence to maintain the secrecy around UFOs/UAP. These companies lobby aggressively on Capitol Hill, channeling substantial campaign donations to key lawmakers.

For instance, Mike Rogers, who chairs the House Armed Services Committee, primarily receives his campaign funding from Lockheed Martin.

This financial connection prompts a critical question: Why would Lockheed Martin, and possibly other defense firms, invest heavily in certain members of Congress? The apparent motive is to secure and enhance their private profits, at the expense of transparency and accountability in matters such as UFO/UAP investigations.


Nordics Training International Military Pilots to fly Flying Saucers

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On April 15, 2024, JP traveled to an underground spaceport somewhere in Alabama that appeared very similar or the same as one he visited in May 2023. He again saw fleets of saucer shaped spacecraft being piloted by human-looking ‘Nordic’ extraterrestrials that were identical to ones he witnessed and photographed in 2018 while living in Orlando, Florida.

JP says that he and another witness were accompanied by 30 military pilots from many nations. When they arrived at the underground location all the pilots left and walked over to specific spacecraft and Nordics they were associated with to continue their training. The human pilots were being trained to use the advanced mind-technology interfaces that are part of the Nordic spacecraft. Finally, JP was told that the Nordic spacecraft flown by military pilots from different nations would soon start showing themselves in a worldwide disclosure initiative.


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