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Eclipse Energetics: A Profound Time of Healing

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Many of us are aware that a highly conscious harmonic light is merging with the lower dimensional planes. To me, it appears as sacred geometrical light forms that can be felt vibrating through my system. It feels as though a restructuring is taking place personally and collectively. Those who have been deeply purifying their perceptions and wounds are receptive to this light and are influenced by it, even if not fully aware of the origin of the feelings or visions it stirs up. It is this intelligent, merciful light that fully illuminates the field of life through our souls once we have cleaned our emotional defenses and perceptions that would have habitually held this light at bay.

This is not to say those on a purification path are the only ones to have light coming through them. The light enters into the field through the conscious openings within everyone, holding all of humanity within it’s visceral energy and information. It feels like Divine Love without limits.

As this new light permeates daily reality, the dark recesses of suppressed information come into the awareness of the masses, which often results in shock, revolts and fear. As disturbing as the realization of the depth of malevolent forces is, new information works to free the tension of unconscious trauma, which is ready to be held in our burgeoning awareness with compassion, and be resolved. We can now individually and collectively bring the hidden fractures within our humanity to this deeply healing light.

What is it inside of you that is longing to be held and healed? 

The Heart -- By Anne Rice,

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Did you know that the heart contains neurons? We have the capacity to think from our hearts. It’s true, but just as the brain does not encompass all that the mind is capable of, the heart organ does not encompass the intelligence within it. Instead, the heart serves as a gateway into a deeper intelligence that reaches far beyond the capacity of the rational mind. It is the doorway into your limitless nature or heart essence.

The intelligence deep within the heart’s essence is a multi-tasker. It heals and is the source of so-called miracles of change. It can open your receptive ability to hear with clairaudience, see clairvoyantly, feel empathically, and know intuitively. Just when your mind was starting to convince you of the blase’ repetition of the sunset every night, or the boring have-to’s of work, the intelligence of love uplifts and guides, deepens and enriches life.

The intelligence of the heart is unifying. It is a conscious bridge. This is no longer just a known fact in spiritual circles; the magnetic field of our hearts is now able to be measured by scientists. It has been found that the fields of our hearts are linked to each other and the magnetic field of earth. In other words, scientists have found evidence that we directly influence our environment, and people in it, through our hearts.

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