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UNMASKING: Initiation into Multi-Dimensionality ~ Children of the Sun

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Peace & Blessings
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Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation
Initiation into Multi-Dimensionality    

    Advancing into Multi-Dimensionality

    The Masquerade Ends
    Transcending Free Will

    Bending the Reality of 3D

    Rewriting our Scripts

    Notes on our new Bodily Operating System   
    Meet our April Amazon Expedition Team

The Planetary Grid Transmissions ~ New Moon, April 21
as synchronized with The Amazon Transmissions!

April Full Moon Transmisson {Siriun Council: Moving from Linear Time to Cosmic Time} ~ Judy Satori

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Peace & Blessings
Esta Lior


mp3 audio: The Full Moon Transmission for April 2012:

mp3 audio: Stay Healthy Through Earth's Ascension:

 Earth Ascension:  Moving from Linear Time to Cosmic Time

Linear Time was a phrase coined by Sir Isaac Newton three hundred years ago to explain time as we presently know and experience it on Earth.  The Elohim tell us that with Earth’s shift to the fifth dimension this expression and experience of time will alter to become what is known as Cosmic Time.  This transmission explains this process of change and delivers a powerful energy transmission to begin to attune you into Cosmic Time.  This energy work affects the pineal and the pituitary glands slowing down the human aging process that is currently in sync with the past, present and future of Linear Time


This month the Siriun Council begin to share with us information about the Earth's shift from Linear Time to Cosmic Time.  


You probably feel as I do that time seems to go by much faster, as if it is somehow speeding up.   The Siriun Council explain that with the shift of the Earth from the third to the fifth dimension, which will be like the Earth existing within a faster pulsating envelope of light we will experience time differently.  Instead of time expressing the past, present and future Linear Time that we know, time will express as 'now' time, which Cosmic Time has nine time zones.  In a way, nothing will change from moment to moment in our reality in the 'now', but time will express differently and this will alter our experience of time.


x12 I Am University

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Peace & Blessing
Esta Lior



I have created a list from the *new* I Am University I hope you find it of interest & useful for your spiritual growth & development.

Many Blessings
Esta Lior


    1. 50-Point Cosmic Cleansing Meditation ~ Dr Stone of I Am University
    2. Illustration Models {A few of 100}
    3. Free Audio Material for Earthly Service
    4. Prayer Request
    5. Eastern & Western Pioneers {Saints (Love-Embodied Wisdom)}
    6. One (1) Two (2) & Three (3) of 365-Spiritual Growth Tips & Mini-Coaching Session

        A Word of Caution to beginners on the Spiritual Path
        Three prerequisites to succeed in meditation
        Life is a battlefield and how to win this battle

    7. I Am Lord Krishna YouTube Video
    8. Light Masters Atse Gallery
    9. Adieu
    10. The Great Invocation {Long Version}
    11. Wesak inc. The Ultimate Golden Chamber of Melchizedek Ascension Activation Meditation
    12. 1212

Kuthumi-Agrippa New Energy Portal Grids ~ Michelle Manders

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Palace of Peace

    Free channelings

Kuthumi-Agrippa has transmitted new information regarding the elevation of the Crystal Energy Grids, which are an integral part of the work required no to be conducted in order to activate the ancient dormant Sacred Site Portals of Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom, simultaneously activating our Blueprint of Divine Desinty.  These grids hold the Ascension Blueprint embodying the new codes activating, which are to be emitted through our DNA. The transformation initiated is also referred to as Epigenetic Control, involving the very real process of being able to consciously elevate the code of consciousness emitted through your genes, resulting in powerful Genetic Release.

Kuthumi-Agrippa New Energy Portal Grids- 14 Mar 2012 - TRANSCRIPT
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Kuthumi-Agrippa New Energy Portal Grids- 14 Mar 2012 - MP3
click here:

Love & Light


Esta Lior

4/4 Gateway Portal Channelling ~ Waves of Bliss ~ Nasrin Safai

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Gateway Portal Channeling

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Peace & Blessings


Esta Lior




Time Stamp:

0-4:45 Jim: "Speaks for the Trees"

5:22 Grounding Invocation

10:20 Setting Intention at the Core of Mother Earth

11:34 Divine Mother Bathing in Copper-Gold Light

12:22 Quan-Yin Cocooning in 5 Layers of Compassion

13:33 Great-Silent Watcher pouring Turquoise Blue Light of Protection, Fearlessness & Divine Power into Chakras & to 8th Chakra & Earth Chakra

144,000 Silent-Watchers pouring Turquoise Blue Light

10,000,000,000 Angelic-Watchers pouring Turquoise Blue Light

15:17 Ascending through the Thrones to the Throne of the Divine Mother at the 122d of reality

Inviting Cosmic Mother of the Universe & Cosmic Goddesses: inc. Mother Mary, Goddess Pele, Goddess Isis

17:17 Setting Intention to Divine Mother & Making Offering to Sacred Fire


17:37 Nasrin Begins

Significance of '4' as the number for the Great-Silent Watcher

23 Our awareness-of ourselves as spear-heads & our responsibilities as way-showers

The importance & significance of 'holding-space' for the souls who are awakening..

Functioning as Receivers-&-Transmitters of The Power of the Divine Feminine..

33:17 Nasrin "Speaks for the Trees" : Awakening Trees & Communicating with Trees

36 Praying for Our Loved Ones & Collectively

40:52: Divine Mother Speaks

Ceremony with Goddess of Victory: Continuing to Anchor the energies of Victory through the Thrones

50 Anointing: Rubbing the energies of Victory upon the Body

52: Setting Wishes to Manifest


To Live in Love & Live in Gratitude

To Enjoy this Life



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