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Mercury Retrograde & the 8:8 Stargate: Creation may now commence!

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Mercury in retrograde worked it’s magic on us all, pulling us backwards like a wave off of the shore and into the vastness of our selves. Most people find this to be a dis-settling experience, because we are conditioned to avoid confronting our selves, to “suck it up” and ignore our inner pain, instead of being encouraged to seek out the thorn in our foot and remove it.

As we floated through the vastness of ourselves, we were reminded of our depth and the vast richness of our lives. We are a sight to behold on the surface, but underneath the variety and richness of who we are is where all the real treasures lie. And even though we may run into some creatures who live in the depths of us that are ancient, sharp-toothed, and predatorial, we also discover that when we confront these old parts of our selves and our experience that we are delivered from the fear of the unknown deep crevasses on the floors of our oceans. When we claim ownership of such places within ourselves, we find the evidence of who we are: crystal pyramids, our space crafts of travel, valuable golden treasures that make those we read about stored in secret vaults around the world look like piles of coal. Reclaiming these treasures is to accept our Divine inheritance.

Who are you... really? Shootings, Mind-Control, and a Hard Look at Responsibility

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The Iron age we are now coming out of is now being shown for what it has always been. We are enduring great heartache in the wake of wars, the banishment of women, and seemingly random massacres carried out by specifically programmed persons acting under directions placed in a small compartment inside their brains. Imagine, a tiny box with no shiny wrapping, no bows, no lights sitting silently in the corner of someone's mind: unnoticed, unseen, unacknowledged. In fact, if one stumbled upon it walking through the long corridors of a hallway lined by doors, each opening to another hallway lined by more doors, one might simply take it for part of the landscape. If not-- if you are the kind of person who knows that when you stub your toe you should pay more attention, you might try to open it, but it appears to have no seam. No tape. No opening. Maybe it really is just a part of the landscape. There's not even a keyhole.

Say then that the owner of this brain, this massive unexplored hotel sits down to watch the news, and sees a commercial for a new movie premier. The movie is destined to be a blockbuster, and has unusual characters who border on the supernatural in their capacity for goodness or evil, they carry objects that have long since been impressed with meaning deep in the subconscious mind, and they use phrases that seem consciously cliched but all that means is that you've heard it before. Many times. Because it's "true?"

Alleviate Suffering Wherever You Can

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There are as many ways to alleviate suffering as there are people who suffer, but we would like to share a few we live by in our daily lives that have brought joy and healing to ourselves and others. We would love to hear how you alleviate the suffering of others.

If You Do Not See Signs of The Great Shift, You Are Looking In the Wrong Place!

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As I take note of my matrix this morning, there are signs of celebration. After a period of purging for myself and others, I woke up today feeling deeply held in the embrace of angels, and have knowing that soon the boundary will open, and the keys to paradise given. I have been asked to write for my dear brothers and sisters, who seem to be struggling with the same old issues, who look out at the world midway through linear earth year 2012 and say, “Nothing is happening.” This perspective, my friends, means only one thing: you are looking in the wrong place.


The ascension of consciousness is a cosmic event. Since we are currently residents of Earth, it is here we are looking for the manifestation of change, and if you can see this manifestation within yourself, you can see it in the world. If you are reading this, you are already aware that the physical manifestation of “reality” as you experience it is a result of your own personal matrix, created by you. It is through the distortions within the self that our world is manifested. We are each playing out a microcosmic manifestation of this within our own bodies, minds, and souls.


We Are In the Womb of the Mother God

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When we enter the womb of Mother God, we may suddenly become viscerally aware of a sense of isolation, loneliness, and darkness in our lives. This period frequently precedes a rebirth (read: that which precedes an entirely different kind of life) and we may feel that we are floating in the void, dreaming our daily lives without fulfillment of desire. Time seems to flow in all directions. As we expand from an embryo into a fetus we begin to form our eyes and ears, limbs and organs that do not yet function, but will support us in the life that we cannot yet see, hear or interact with. Everything is feeling. Slowly, we think, as we float in the protection of Mothers belly, we become increasingly aware, and we can make out faint sounds that seem far, far away.


As we float with our dream lives, we are in a very real sense out of time and space. We dream that our alarm clocks ring at the same moment each morning, we dream of cutting the crusts off the sandwiches we pack for our children to bring to school, we dream of sitting behind desks in small cubicles, we dream we are victims, we dream we are powerless, we do not yet understand that we are in a dream we cannot wake up from without entering the unknown, the birth canal of the Mother God.


Our own dreams weary us. At the conclusion of each one, we find a new body part: today a finger, tomorrow an ear, next month, our eyes begin to form, and our dreams become subject to projections from beyond the womb of Mothers belly: Eager voices, buzzing happily about our expected arrival, music, feelings. In our dreaming state we provide forms to these new voices: Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Archetypes, Galactics… but they are all family, all midwives, all tending to the needs of our inevitable births. Yes, our family trees stretch through the Cosmos.


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