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meditation technique

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once you are in a meditative state of mind imagine your ego and you separating.Then imagine love going into your heart chalkra. FEEL the love flowing into your heart chalkra. Once you are done in that state imagine your ego coming back to you and do what ever other meditations you do.
note: This meditation makes me refreshed and in love (not w/ a particular person of course) i am not promising it will do the same for you but you can try
your loving brother Ethan

let go

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As humans we tend to want control. Or that is what we think we want. What we really want is love, love is not control it is allowing. It favors those with a loveing intent those that do not it flows past/over like water. So i encourage you to LET love into your life do not try to make it come. You are love so do not put on anouther mask, take the one you have off. Masks are used to hide the parts of us not considered socialy acceptable but if we took off our masks all their would be is love. Words are so inadaquate for what i am tring to convey but hopefuly you get my point.
Your loveing brother
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