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Greetings to all.


I am so uplifted that the 'topic' of duality is more and more being discussed on various forums.


As Joel Goldsmith writes: "To know that one has been functioning in the dream (duality) is the beginning of the awakening."


As a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive/Psychic Reader, I work to free the client from fear and worrying about the past present or future.


Releasing the denseness of 'duality' is challenging in this 3D dynamic and it is part of the work we do in the Psychic Readings and spiritual healings we offer.


Blessings to all.

                                    C.N. KOR RODGERS

                          Usui Reiki Master/Psychic Counselor

My 26 Years of Usui Reiki

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My 26 Years of Usui Reiki


K-O-R Technique of Usui Reiki

Channel: The Council Twelve


Many schools of Reiki and thoughts about Reiki have come into being since I began my life with Usui Reiki.

Permit me to share my experience.

My Reiki life began in 1986 in New York City with my initiating master Michael J. Hartley.

I had never heard of Reiki back then, but the very word ‘Reiki’ caught my attention and I went to a gathering to find out more about this hands-on healing process.

I was impressed but had no financial capability to take the first level and even though Michael offered to make payment arrangements, I was walking out of the meeting and I was stopped in my tracks and found myself walking back and said let me work this out and I want to learn this healing art.

The process was set in motion and I now am 26 years into this powerful healing method.

Reiki has brought incredible paths that opened up to me beyond the actual practice of ‘hands on’ work.

As a practitioner or initiating master one is bringing in the Universal Life Force Energy or Reiki and that energy brings about balance in the recipient as well as the channel. Reiki brings about spiritual growth and presents new paths and persons in our life that expand us.

Consciousness is where I believe healing takes place and Reiki truly uplifts ‘consciousness’ to the spiritual planes and then assists to unfold and present experiences/teachers/paths that continues this spiritual process.

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