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Dreamt of The Moment of The Shift

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Just awoke from a dream feeling very nauseous. We were doing a test run for “the shift”. It seems I was on a spaceship with many others. There were a couple of ways things could work but we were all desirous of the most optimum one manifesting. Reports were coming in from all parts of the earth as we sought the exact moment to “shift”. It was a huge effort involving incredible coordination on multiple levels. There was something about our eyes and frequency. I held my gaze with many, knowingly accessing deep peace inside. All had to be attuned, creating a hum, a vibration that would break through the veils and create the necessary movement. There was tremendous excitement as well as the knowing that we had trained for this moment for eons. No one knew the exact timing as it would happen when everything aligned. We held our stations, an all hands on deck situation, knowing, this was it. Alarm bells went off in one sector, our focus trained there to move it to the necessary frequency. Over and over we attended to the various disruptions or hot spots.

Love Continues to Expand My Understanding

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IMG_6036On Valentine’s Day, I was giddy with love. I wore a flower in my hair, drove to a small gathering singing my heart out, dressed in shades of pink, I toned and danced to waves of love. I spent the evening alone with the fire and my heart, and felt so loved and appreciated for who I am. I knew myself as love and the flame was blazing high.


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