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Seven Awesome Things About Aspergers: The Power Of Re-Framing.

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So you have a child with Aspergers. 

If you are looking for sympathy, you're in the wrong place.  If you're looking for empathy, a way of releasing you and your loved ones from old outworm patterns of victim energy so you can enter the all powerful vibrational field of empowerment through unconditional love; then you are in perfect alignment.

Diversity is everything.  It brings beauty, it builds love, it facilitates change; it’s a crucial part of evolution.

Believing that divergence is a problem, is the real problem.  Buying into the idea that there are ‘norms’ is destructive and unhelpful. 
Choosing to re-frame differences is empowering, it breeds acceptance, it cultivates tolerance and literally creates new worlds and enhanced, enlightened experience.

Changing perspective, changes lives.

Here are 7 awesome things about Aspergers.

1. Aspergers kids can be obsessional about a particular subject, apparently  ‘unable’ to focus on prescribed or expected material.

Yay!  What a skill; the ability to focus deeply on something; the ability to concentrate fully without distraction; the gift of tenacity.  I bet some of you ‘normal’ people would like a bit of that!

How about we allow our Aspergers preferred focus.  Some of the great contributors to our World have had this obsessive quality.

2. A lack of common sense. Yes, that is officially a symptom of Aspergers.
Frankly, who needs more ‘common’ sense, it’s just that; COMMON!

We need more uncommon sense, more out of the box thinking.  There is genius lurking in the shadow side of disability.  When you are frustrated with your little one who has Aspergers stop, take a breath and look for the hidden Einstein.  I promise you’ll find it.

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