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Every Action,
Every Vibration,
Every Movement,
Every Sensation,
Perfect beyond Measure!
All in Life,
Is a jewel of a treasure.

Rainstorms, lightning & sun,
Dance in harmony as weather.

As sadness, joy & suffering,
Flap their wings together.

While love, pain & ecstasy,
Rise like waves then settle.

The mountain is always unified,
Every altitude & level.

School of Balance

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I am here, but not here.
Exist & dissapear.
Smile and then tear.
Vanish, then am clear.

I am Dead and then alive.
Humble, then full of pride.
Hurt, then full of bliss.
Neglected, and then missed.

I am yesterday then tomorrow.
Joy fused with sorrow.
Afraid and then brave.
A king and a slave.

I am Constantly changing.
A Transforming sensation.
Memory Erasing,
Flowing Embrace.

Here then not here,
Dead & Alive.
Live in eternity, but reside in time.
The impermanent story of humanity divine.
Experience all emotions from depression to sublime.
Day to Sunshine, constant continuation.
One with the earth we are....always in rotation.

- Nature Flow

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