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Golden Solar Logos Divine Energy Transmission

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Shared from Facebook with accompanied text and permission from Au Ri-An Hu Atla-Ra with Many Thanks and Blessings

October 4 
new download in today while meditating into our Great Central sun, I passed through the Great Central Sun and ended up in Venus with Sananda and received the energy of the Golden Solar Logos, so I am eager to share this lovely Divine energy so find a comfortable place to relax and accept this blessed transmission which has been imprinted upon this image, allow anywhere between 5-15 minutes for the transmission to take place, Adonai.........

Joyful Noise

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I heard the most beautiful words just now from my husband ... He was chanting, "Love is the way" in a cartoon voice...no words...

Creative Writing: Part I -The Reign of Power

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The following is an early version of my first co-creative writing venture:

Once upon a time and for many lifetimes thereafter, it was in my best interest to suppress my gifts.

For in the past, showing even the first inkling of lightbearing abilities immediately invoked persecution, ridicule, and torture. Fear, along with his cousins Hate and Depravity were the dark minions of an evil reign. Power was King. Talents and knowledge that once lived in each heart of our beloved Kingdom of Light, were stigmatized and maligned as dangerous, impure, and evil.

Organized Religion was created to be used as a tool of Power. It was used to manipulate and control the masses. A hierarchy was created made up of those closest to power. These termed elders became puppets of Power. They buried ancient knowledge and changed history. The Church began to serve as a throne for Power and Fear became the preacher. The strength of Power would not be denied and his thirst for the blood of his once equal brethren only grew.

To survive, many people relinquished their gifts to Power and accepted the meager roles Power offered. Some fully embraced Fear and Depravity and helped to "convert" and "conquer" others so they too would become subjects of Power. This was done so they might earn the favor of Power...

The Kingdom of Power grew exponentially. Fear proved to be a mighty ally, however Power is never satiated. Those not persuaded by Fear, met with Depravity.

Death ceased its role as a harbinger of Peace and Transition and became a harbinger of Hellfire and Eternal Damnation. The mere rumor of dissent could have dire consequences.

Accused were brutally and publicly executed. Some were burned alive, some crucified, the lucky beheaded. Corpses of the enemies of Power were desecrated and mutilated. Some were skinned alive, others tarred and feathered.

42 is Now, X is Here

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On the night of December 31, 1999, I met a beautiful frosty blue man. He came from NowHere.

He told me, "The only thing significant I really need to know, is that X=42 and that the rest of the night would turn out to be nothing more than a bunch of bad jokes and puns." and walked back to the NowHere from which he came.

He was right about that night. He was right about this life.

So I say, 42 is Now, X is Here. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

42. In Shambhala did King Suchandra transmit the teaching of the Wheel of Time, Kalachakra, as it is called. Invoking the Nine Great Lords of galactic destiny, Shambhala prospered in abundance and wisdom. When came the seventh ruler after King Suchandra, Queen Visvamati, the people of Shambhala ascended as one into the paradise of the fifth dimension, where their wisdom continues to water the rivers that flow beneath the gardens of the righteous.

-The Telektonon of Pacal Votan
The Talking Stone of Prophecy Which Unites the People of the Dawn with the People of the Book

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