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Una forma muy antigua de liberarnos de las garras del ego, consiste en mantenernos autovigilantes,y descubrir como actuamos. En los últimos tiempos nos han brindado información de como eliminar nuestro lado oscuro, mediante la técnica de la Muerte. Consiste en pedir a nuestra bendita Madre Kundalini (es nuestra madre espiritual particular, espíritu santo, el tercer aspecto de la Trinidad ,etc.) que saque de los 49 niveles de la mente los yoes psicológicos, la cantidad que deseamos. Se pide así: 'Madre saca 500 trillones de defectos y desintegralos'. Se procede así de forma constante. Día tras día. Noche tras noche. Obviamente, el ego va muriendo. Y nuestra conciencia aumenta. Hoy con la llegada de las energías del amor el proceso se acelera mas, porque el ego existente se disuelve con las poderosas energías photonicas. Así se cumple lo dicho, Ayudate que yo te ayudare. Con este método podemos alcanzar nuestro 51% de conciencia libre particular. Un obstáculo para no trabajar, es creer que uno ya no tiene ego. Nosotros tenemos tantos defectos como granitos de arena tiene el mar. Cuando el ego muere, entonces viene la iluminación. Y puedes iluminar el camino para que pasen otros. PAZ PARA TODOS.

Experience from this Journey

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When we first left home Source, the Absolute Father, descending from the highest to the lowest vibrational point which is our duality world. Our spiritual being left in every dimensional plane percentages of himself until we encarnate as 3d human body. We are allowed to start with only 3% of essence, or basic material to crystallize human soul. There are big differents humane beings who come fully awakened and far greater level of counciesnes, those enlightened have guided us in the secret path. Well returning to our topic, according to our descend into lower dimensions we stayed subject to more law , which we will have to superate or overcome to start our trip back mention only a few natural laws: gravity, birth, death, karma, darma, return , reincarnation, free will, law of attraction, law of the opposites ,etc. The experience begins as a 3% unexpert , we create ego, we become lazy, angry, we develop hatred in our hearts, we fall sleep with the illusion of this world, we end up been prisoner of Maya which means illusion. The real straggle begins at the moment when we want see the light, because culture, customs, religious groups, beliefs keep us from looking for new knowledge in the most of the cases. The point today is how to ascendí? We in secrets schools have been told how to do it. Beside all the help is coming from heaven we can help ourselves eliminating the Ego. This require you keep observing what is happening in your interior wold. Self observation of all actions, feelings and thinking. Once you discover a bad feeling like anger, or envy, feeling wounded in your self or your pride, the turning point is to ask for to the Third aspect of trinity which is our Divine mother or Mothergod, her work sig. in us is to eliminte any evil, Psicological I, defects, sins, whatever you call them. Once we discover them we aso to our Divine being to disolve it. Just like this: Mother disolve this I. Or, Mother kill it, and She will.

2012. Linear time has changed.

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I used to meditate, on daily basis, but, since I start reading information about The Galactic Federation of Light I experience different communications with Beings of Light.
One day, Lord Sanat Kumara The Elder of Days came over to announcese several personal things to me. But one in particular, struck me, He ask me to announce to readers, that year 2012 had started on Octuber 16th 2011. According to divine calculus 2011 ended on Octuber 15th.
He also explained:"From now on We must count 30 days for each month" and every year should have 360 days total. We must be aware, that days of the week, as they are right now; they were named wrong . The right order should be as follow: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Saturday is the only day that remains unchanged.
In the beginning everyone knew that Monday is related to the Moon, Wednesday to Mercury, Friday to Venus, Sunday to our Sun, Tuesday to Mars, Thursday to Jupiter, and Saturday to Saturn.
This is the cosmic order in which our days of the week are directly related to every planet in the Ors Solar Sistem.

~Message from earth in the future~

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I'd like to share some information with all lighworkers, who as I are looking for knowledge. One night, during meditation, I was taken to what is call The Akashi Records. Sacred Beings guard the cosmic library. We travel in time in a date not determined. They described those who will live on our earth, as people with no ego, people without the psychological I. They described them having a high level of spirituality. That will be The Earth's Golden Age. The Acuario age. Long time after cleaning our planet, which will transform our Mother Gaia. Our Solar Sistem, acording to Them, will be place, near Andromeda, much closer to Alcione, our Father Sun. Besides, Juptiter, that already became another sun, will have grown greatly. Our Sun will have grown colossally and turned a little bit old with great possibility of becoming in another Central Sun. Our population won't be too big, because, not everybody will be evacuated. The space travels, will be a reallity. We will have the help from our Big Brothers coming from the Stars. They will bring new technology. Our planet will be a member of the Confederation Galactic of Civilized Worlds. By the time our world will have ascended to 5d. The ozone layer will be replaced, for high clouds, like water vapor. This will also make room for more dry lands.

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