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Quantum Physics Confirms Ancient Science Was On To Something

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Quantum Physics Confirms Ancient Science Was On To Something



by Galactic Love Reporter Ryan




The ancients have deciphered consciousness in ways modern science is just now coming to terms with. They have discovered everything is a fluid energy and the so called solidity of the world we see around us is only an illusion. Everything, including our consciousness, is a constantly flowing energy that has uniqueness based on the variance of vibrations. However, it all originates from the SAME infinite source.

Go look at your hand, a stick of gum, or a cardboard box underneath a microscope. You’ll find if you zoom in far enough they are all just a bunch of atoms. Atoms are composed of different types of particles that can be even further dissected. At the heart of it all is a tiny filament that, depending on how it vibrates, makes up the different things we see.

Make Your Dreams A Priority

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When is the last time you asked yourself what your priorities are? What are they? What have you done to see them happen? Priorities are an important function in life that dictates the direction  it takes. Which way are you being guided? Some may say, I don’t need any priorities, I live in the moment. I would challenge that by pointing out even living in the moment is a priority!  So whatever your priorities may be, be aware of them and ask yourself if this is the best you can do; ask yourself what is important to you.  Ensure you are in control of the ship in order to make sure you arrive at the destination of your choosing. Think BIG. Allow yourself

to be the best, you deserve it. Invest in your future with rich intentions and reap your rewards. By taking your dreams off the back-burner and making them your priorities, you live the life YOU want to live. So be it.


With My LOVE,

String Theory: What The Ancients Already Knew

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“Some people say: You know professor, when I see a chair I know what a chair is, I can feel a chair/touch a chair, but you physicists when you talk about string what the hell is that? Well yes we are all agreed what a chair is…..its made of wood or metal and has atoms inside. However,  what makes up the atoms? Well if you look inside the atoms, there are electrons whizzing around the nucleus. Well, what are they made out of?  You can smash them apart, inside the nucleus there are protons and neutrons. Well we’ve smashed them, what’s inside protons and neutrons? Well we think there are something called quarks. Well does it stop there, does it stop at the quarks? We now believe if you had a microscope it could look at the quarks themselves, we would realize that they are nothing but little loops.  Little tiny vibrating loops vibrating at a certain mode…….in other words, we are talking about an elemental, uber-form of matter.  One object, such that if it simply vibrates in a different way, it can create all the things we see around us. Therefore, instead of having this whole zoo of subatomic particles we just have the string.”

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Wake Up To Your Divinity

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We are much more than this body and mind; we are in essence a soul. This soul, god spark, consciousness, or whatever you would like to call this life force that animates these bones and flesh is who we TRULY are. This 3D world around us is only a projection, and is in fact simply trapped energy. This is all verifiable through modern quantum physics.


Love: Does Anything Else Matter?

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What does it mean to say you love , does it mean nothing else matters? What I have found is it does. Love is an important part of life, something everyone she be apart of. With love in your life, happiness is easy to come by, smiling is like breathing, and joy seems to follow you wherever you go. This is possible for everyone to experience, not just a select few. What in your life makes you happy? What do you love? Everyone could use more love, and there are many different ways to love. Striving to be and have love will bring you just that. To truly be in love you must first start with yourself. Once you can love yourself, everything else falls into place. This is where going inside and having your own personal relationship with yourself is important. Once this relationship with yourself blossoms, you will see everything around you lighting up like the perfect day. You will have a new found perspective of the world, and you will see this develop in your relationships with others. Once love is firmly rooted within you, you no longer get caught up in the "daily drama" or negativity, and how can you? When love is present within, negativity relinquishes its power over you and becomes a thing of the past.  Your love shines out because it it sincere within. Once this takes place, nothing else but love matters. Take this to your heart, and you will change your life.


With MY Love,


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