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Living in a Spiritual Bubble

Many of us that opt to follow the Spiritual path find ourselves in conflict; balancing the inner life with the outer life. Some encompass themselves within a bubble and surround themselves with solely the spiritual – I find that dangerous in many ways. We have incarnated in human form to learn and should accept the human limitations and not see them as frailties but as tools of how to grow.

I am skeptical of those who are not willing to look outside the bubble, closing off the ‘real’ world and the everyday existence; occasionally it is necessary but on a permanent basis is unrealistic and I believe it hinders growth. Why? Those of us who choose the spiritual path and awoken are here not only for our own soul evolution but also to assist in the ‘real’ world those who are still ‘asleep’. To alienate oneself from the outside world defeats the purpose of soul growth, it is survival in the real world that allows us to grow. How can others be helped when you consider their environment alien? Of course there are elements we all despise but we accept and live with but hope for change. That is humanity- learning to live with different opinions, beliefs, visions and values. No one is better than any other and what is valuable to one has a different value to another.

Spiritual retreats and meditation allows time to focus and regain the energies depleted in everyday life in the city. (I don’t meditate well, but understand the relevance) Grounding and being able to balance ones life is the key to growing spiritually.

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