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Tikun Hakklali Shakti is spiritual healing force that is softer and more effective than reiki. Think of it as Universal Essence, more refined and softer of an energy. This should be seen as a complimentary therapy to an already energy work regiment. It can also be used to effectively treat single ailment problems effectively. It will allow the energy to be honed into the right spot or intent to work on a soul purpose Often described as a golden light shakti will continue to work even after the treatment is done. Ensuring the deepest most complete healing possible. Using in conjunction with other energy therapy form will add a depth to the main healing form you will not believe, strengthen the energy for results that are almost too good to believe. Shakti is also very effective for sexual dysfunctions. The softer more refined energy has had promising results on the first and second chakra and helps restore a healthy sexual energy flow.

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2013 Holiday Survival Guide

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Okay I don’t want to give into the hoilday hype, but let’s face it. This time of year it’s being shoved down our throats weather we want it or not. To be honest in some ways I have become anti-Christmas. Oh I still love the thought of gathering around a fireplace or tree,  singing carols, reminiscing over the year gone by. I really love the ritual of Christmas, just not our world has turned it into.  I live in Las Cruces NM, and I noticed the last two years that as soon as Back-to-School was over a lot of stores would slowly let Christmas creep out of the back stock room. Like Christmas crap is a fungus that infects department and speciality stores a life sucking force that zaps the life out of the clerks. Honestly it’s heartbreaking to think about those of you who work in any sector of retail right now. Many prayers this time of year for you guys.

This that grey part of the year in retail. For those who have never worked retail, let me explain. This is the time of year you learn what type of person you manager really is. If Christmas Carols are going,  you have a Grade A dick on your hands. My condolences,  I pray for people in your situation this time of year. If it’s still normal year round fair, then congrats, the latter are very jealous.  They have a boss who wants to wait till real Christmas time for all that Jazz. Let’s face it Christmas is a pretty long season, no matter how short this one will be,  thank Bob. So has it begun? Brace yourself the Christmas Nausium is Coming!!!

A 1 yr Journey with Reiki

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1 yr subscription to Reiki: From now till Dec 30th I am offering a year of daily reiki healings for only $20. You will receive a daily 15 minute reiki healing. It's a great way to start or end your day. Reiki can help with physical and spiritual issues. The reiki type used is Usui Reiki, a trusted energy healing style for 100 years. I will email you detailed instructions on how to receive your healing, email support for 1 year, and a $5 off coupon towards your next purchase.


Start your year off right by adding reiki to your daily meditation ritual. Sign up ends Dec 30th, so you must act fast. It's a rewarding investment into your health and happiness that you will enjoy all year long. Weekly attunements to help set the intent for growth and healing for the week. Come discover what adding a daily healing can do you you.

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