10 Tips to Reduce Festive Frazzle & bring Serenity to the Season

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T’is the season to be jolly…but what if you’re feeling anything but?

The season of goodwill is generally characterised by merriment and cheer, seen as a time to celebrate with those we hold dear. But for many people Christmas can be a tremendously challenging and stressful time, compounded by the social expectations to be ‘happy’ and live up to the idealised image of the ‘perfect family’ presented to us in films and on TV.

Whilst I am truly blessed to spend Christmas with a loving caring family with whom I share many a fond festive memory, I realise it’s not like that for everyone. I spare a thought for those coping with adversity, bravely battling behind the facade of an outward smile, silently crying on the inside. I’ve been there, and know all too well how the festive season tends to exasperate and highlight our challenges, driving many people over the edge. It’s common knowledge that suicide rates peak at Christmas and New Year as stress levels, emotions and mounting debt reach boiling point. The consumerist pressure to purchase hits us like a ton of bricks, and often leaves a crippling effect upon our bank balance and anxiety levels.

A Letter from Santa

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A Letter from Santa



Oh gather ye round all my children

For I have a tale to tell of the dawning of man

She and He came to Earth a long time ago

To celebrate this life that had been given and that was blessed


Oh what wonders befell them as they ventured forth on the Earth

To discover their being in all that mattered

It was never meant to be difficult this journey through time

Only a gentle romp through the woodlands and across the plains


Do not despair, my fragile friends, for you have only gone astray temporarily

He who knows all and sees all is here to guide you back

To that gentle place inside where the poetry of your Soul resides

Becoming Santa -- A Lightworker's Story

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Becoming Santa

This is a documentary of Jack Sanderson who decides to become Santa for a season. Instead of being lonely for Christmas, he decides to reach out to people by being Santa. He grows out his beard, bleaches his hair, buys a custom-made Santa suit, goes to Santa school and then volunteers across the US, all the while documenting his experience. This is a story about heart and spirit. He tells the history of Santa and gives other Santas an outlet to tell their stories. He shows that there is a common spirit of love that draws people to this calling.

From my perspective, I can see the work of the light beings and angels in this calling. Its a wonderful way to express one's heart. This documentary has caused me to wonder what other archetypes do we have or can we create that would draw such a spirit which could last longer than a season. I love the spirit that was captured in this documentary so I thought I would share it.

In peace and love,



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