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Divine Council for Planetary Service, Lighting up the Grid, and Swimming with the Cosmic Whales

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A Divine Council is a meeting that is in sacred space with the Councils of Light and our personal guides present. We also include the elementals, Mother Earth, and crystal and animal consciousnesses who sometimes wish to speak through us, commune with us, or communicate. If you are not familiar, it is a group meditative experience which allows those in presence and unity who attend the call to receive energetically or via vision or multidimensional sensing guidance from source in relation to the topic at hand. It is for the purpose of planetary service and assisting our own ascension process with the practice of unity and whatever guidance and activations come through. I don't often share about Divine Council but I felt the multidimensional messages and the idea of lightworker service in this fashion might be of interest to some of you.

Experiencing the Eclipse and Beyond

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photo by Angie Love

The Eclipse day, for me was magnificent. I started the day meeting with a friend on Skype who lives in Scotland. Ann is a “crystal awakener” and has worked with all the waterways and mountains of Scotland to bring them to 5D. This was a huge job and too awhile. She worked with my crystals that I was bringing to the mountain for a ceremony later that day. Some big orbs including a golden one showed up on camera as I met with her, and she caught a photo of me and the orbs.

Global Heart Synchronization and Activating Light Bodies

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