Evolutionary Astrology of the Cancer New Moon


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Cancer New Moon is the second cancer New Moon in a row.  We had a Cancer New Moon on June 20th at 1 degree of Cancer along with an Eclipse and the Summer Solstice…and this current New Moon on July 20th….is at 28 degrees of Cancer.  Making this a powerful message from the Universe about Nurturing, Caring, Home, Family, Protection, Emotions, and Mother Earth.  During the Spring Equinox (the Astrological New Year and the backdrop for entire year)…when the Virus was well on it’s way…we had a strong  message from the Universe (because of the Nodes etc) that the Cancer energy was what the Universe wanted us to embody.  Getting back to spending time with our Family’s, the Earth, our homes etc.   We ended up spending a lot of time at home with our Families and found out that it wasn’t so bad.  The Universe new it was time in our Evolution (personally and of the collective/humanity) to balance out spending too much time at work and away from family and nature and move out of  the energy of work, work, work, and not spending time with family…to enjoying and making time for Family and Nature.  This second Cancer New Moon is like a pop quiz!   The Universe is nudging us to see if we started to make that change and focus more on being with Family/ Home and not so detached and focused on working all the time.   It is extremely important right now that you pass this quiz from the Universe!  We don’t want the Universe to be unhappy with us J     

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