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Creational Contexting

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My awareness is getting greater at night and other areas of days and weeks. Our awareness... the view points can shift to a simple or complicated flow. And these causes realizations which are either simple or complex.

Adding telepathy, from the abilities we get to convey a message (Create) for a flow of higher constructs, trough concepts emerging from within... Concepts that takes a lot of knowledge to transcribe and put in reading format for others to understand. It can be challenging sometimes (Ego desires) or (Conscious mind interference). Doing these takes time and patience. I'll explain below what it is.

Visuals and thoughts emerge within, and with them we can show you the messages needed for transformation in the world. It makes things a bit complex unless the guidance comes from inter-dimensional beings or your subconscious mind, higher self.

Intentions are what we start with after experiences. They begin from within, the higher dimensional experiences are what where looking for... ones that bring you in contact.

After you have a higher contact experience. If you transcribe your experiences to written words from large concepts (Telepathy) from intentions... You will get experiences that comes from on high flowing within. Usually we have difficulties in bringing them to completion, the writings/messages from creations. I call it creational contexting when you get a link/flow after meditation with intention and telepathy.

From Here: To There

Some may get parts of the messages when reading/conveying but the experiences cannot be sensed to get the full picture of what we create. This creates a state in which we shift to a higher consciousness to explain in written words in full what we want to convey thus putting us in a trance aka bringing the higher self in body.

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