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Elements of The Universe: 360 Degree Virtual Exhibition of Angels paintings in ‎Encaustic Wax

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art - natalie and gil dekel  The first ever 360 degree virtual exhibition of Angels paintings in Encaustic Wax technique created by Natalie Dekel (MPhil), designed and curated by Dr. Gil Dekel, is now online. There are three chambers in this online gallery consisting the three elements of: Earth, Air and Water. See exhibition here.

art - natalie and gil dekel

Being at One: Neale Donald Walsch Interview with Gil Dekel, PhD

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soft flowers Gil: What does God feel like?

Neale: Soft, warm, loving, caring, compassionate, generous, patient, understanding; totally accepting, completely embracing, absolutely non-demanding; non-requiring. An entity who wants nothing but the very best for me and is willing to put all the energy, wisdom and power of divinity behind me when I am desiring to experience an experience of the highest idea I ever had about myself, in relationship to life and in relationship to everyone in life. Read more here...

soft flowers

Introduction to Reiki and Personal Development

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CKRWhat is Reiki

Reiki is a method of drawing healing energy that balances the body and the mind. Rei means Universal, and Ki (also known as Chi) means Energy. Reiki – Universal Energy. This energy is known for thousands of years as an energy that flows through people’s body, connecting the sky, the earth, and the core essence of human existence. It can be channelled by placing the hands of the Reiki practitioner on the recipient, and it can also be used as self-treatment. Read more here...


Do you have a question to the spirit guides?‎

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Channel of Art Join our next FREE live-stream channeling of the wisdom from the spirit guides. You can send us your questions in advance, and we will ask the spirit guides and will reply on the evening (we will not disclose your name).

When: This Friday evening, 21 Nov 2014, at 9pm GMT (London time).

Where: online here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/poetic-mind

Send us any questions here: http://www.poeticmind.co.uk/contact-us/

Channel of Art

On Ancient Egypt

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ancient-egypt-pyramid-reed - by gil dekelThose who stayed in Atlantis would communicate with those ‎who came to Egypt, using sounds transmitted from the pyramids. Today you are using satellites, wi-fi ‎and internet technologies to communicate…‎The purpose of the pyramids and use of sounds... Read more here...

ancient-egypt-pyramid-reed - by gil dekel

Shedding The Remains Of The Past - Guided Meditation - Video and Transcript

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guided meditation You are surrounded with starts everywhere around you... You feel your consciousness expanding everywhere around you; you feel free. There’s no weight, there’s no worry, there are no anxieties, there’s no past, there’s no future. There is just freedom of just being, being who you are in this present moment in life floating in the space of your own being, surrounded by the amazing myriad of stars that reflect your desires and ambitions, wishes or just thoughts, some of them stronger than the others but all of them are far away, like the starts in the universe.

Watch the meditation video (and read transcript) here: http://www.poeticmind.co.uk/online-seminars/shedding-the-remains-of-the-past-free-guided-meditation-transcript-video-natalie-dekel-mphil/

guided meditation

The Pause: how to convince the mind that it is safe to be in peace?

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The Pause- Safety at Peace. (c) Gil DekelThe universe opens up a Pause when we struggle, allowing us to enter the peace that is ‎everywhere and everything. There is an initial sensation of vacuum feeling, so to speak, in ‎which the music of the universe starts to play. But to hear that music and to feel its love, we ‎need to be in the Pause. We need to pause our mind from its non-stop chattering and ‎worrying, and we need to move into simply Being – Be Present, Be Feeling, Be Aware of who ‎we are.‎ Read More...

The Pause- Safety at Peace. (c) Gil Dekel

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