Is ‘Organic Ready’ Corn a Solution for GMO Cross-Contamination?

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By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

With increasing demand on the global market for foodstuffs free of genetically modified organisms, U.S. farmers face a serious economic dilemma. Even those who grow non-GMO conventional or organic crops are at risk for economic losses due to cross-contamination with genetically modified pollen. Corn shipments rejected by China, which were contaminated with the genetically modified Bt gene, have already cost American farmers over $4 billion since November 2013. Projections indicate that these losses will only gain momentum as more people wake up to the dangers of GMOs around the world. Outright GMO bans have already been implemented by several countries like France, Russia and China.

Creative solutions are needed — and soon. As luck would have it, plant breeder Frank Kutka has been working for nearly 15 years to develop a breed that has the ability to prevent cross-contamination in corn.