“A Cosmic Gathering” – Message From A Universal Elder of this NOW

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~~Greetings Dearest Spirit Family,

I first shared this message in October of 2013. I AM being led to share it once again here today.

Those it speaks to will know they have heard the voice and received a message they have been seeking. It will stir memories and reawaken what desires to see and know once more; as is the way with all messages for those it is intended.

Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


Message from A

Universal Elder of this NOW

Emissary from the Field of Consciousness of the

Infinite Potentiality


A Cosmic Gathering

Once before in the story/history of this Universe was there a gathering such as the one you are in attendance of now.

So exquisite in its beauty, so awe-inspiring in its power, and so magnificent was its creation that untold multitudes did gather from every point and parcel, and every spectrum and sector of this Universal region; no region was not represented in attendance.

It is even told that Universal systems far beyond this one did send forth emissaries into attendance, just so as to be able to participate in the energies, so they too could tell unto infinity of the sites and wonders beheld; thereby thus planting the seeds of knowledge and intention into their own Universal eco-systems the energies of such glorious and wondrous things.

I too was in attendance at that gathering. I too, beheld the majesty of ceremonies preformed in that point of space and time; and I can attest in truth to what was created in those moments.

I remember and share here now the stories of the energies sent forth in every direction from that moment of existence. I share with you how the seeds of Intention were set loose, eons ago, upon the Cosmic Winds from those Sacred Ceremonies. And those seeds scattered by the Sacred Winds of the Divine Cosmic Breath did land upon fertile soils in the time known as the Seeding. It is those very seeds, set forth then that are coming into a state of fruition, creating where we gather NOW.

Lying patiently beneath the surface of an infinite number of worlds until prompted by the call of the Original Intention, they did react to the mind of the Divine One. Seemingly by magick did they respond to the energy planted within, and thus did the process of germination take place where upon instantaneously the initial sprouting did occur.

Standing young and tender, the newly birthed forms of life knew full well not all would survive into fruition. Yet, undaunted by the knowledge only a very few among their generation would endure to carry on into the next arduous stages of Creations plans, they simply reveled in the glory of knowing they played out the necessary part which they had been sent forth to do. You see, they knew and understood the full ONEness of which they were, and always shall be a part of. For without doubt, they know, in another place, in another moment in Infinity they will be, and are… again.

To some, those who returned early to the Consciousness of the Infinite Potentiality were the fortunate ones; for they had elected to forgo the most difficult and laborious portion of the journey that has bought us here to this Gathering NOW.

In this NOW… As before… I stand before as (an) Elder of this Universal Consciousness.

I stand here at the prompting of the Mind of the Divine ONE; Sent forth from the Field of Consciousness of (the) Infinite Potentiality to attend, once again, this Sacred Gathering; so as to share and confirm with all here, that YOU, each and every one of you, both Individually and Collectively are these seeds scattered so many eons ago by the Sacred Winds of the Divine Cosmic Breath.

You stand here NOW, a Spark of Divine ONEness, whose fortune it is, and has been, to be one from your generation of that Sacred Seeding spoken of unto Infinity, to play a part in the Fruition of that Initial Intention.

Having survived the early return to the Field of Consciousness of the Infinite Potentiality, YOU… Individually and Collectively, as the ones chosen to continue the strenuous journey through the difficult stages of continued growth, and come fully into (Individualized) Fruition to participate in the completion of this round of the Universes’ Expansion and Divine Ascension.

For you see, it was for such that each of you separated from the Consciousness of the Infinite Potentiality in the very beginning.

You have trekked through the times of Budding and Formation, holding strong to the pillars of energy that would sustain you on this Sacred Journey.

You have survived the most difficult times of darkness and destruction, not ever losing sight of the Light before you; even though far in the distance it may have been.

NOW, moving into the full Light of the Sacred ONE, you can quench your thirst with the Sacred and Holy Waters. You can stand in the Mists and be rejuvenated in the Rains of Eternity falling gently upon your upturned face, and Wholly Rejoice in the coming times and energies of the Flowering of your Complete and Remembered Divine Self.

As Elder, I remind you, it is Divinely written that you should Glory in the experience of this point of Infinity; yet do not allow the density and vibration of false ego to enter into your experience.

Surely is this point in Universal Infinity special, and surely are those blessed enough to be participating (such as are you and I) special also. Yet, no more special than all who have participated and added their parts and energies along the way, yet who stand not here in this NOW Reality.

Truly are we simply emissaries of the Divine ONE whose part and agreed responsibility it is to be here NOW so as to be able to return to the Field of Consciousness of the Infinite Potentiality with this experience fully in Conscious form to share with ALL.

As Elder and One who was present at the moment of Conception of this Universal Reality, and one whose Responsibility, in some form and manner it has always been, and always shall be, to Silently Watch over this Universe and assist in maintaining form as is called for by each round of Consciousness and Realm of Existence as it manifests in this Collectively agreed upon form and shape of Realities, I share with you of this Gathering, knowledge of “What Is To Come & What Shall Be.”

I would have you know that just as those who gathered at the Sacred Ceremonies which gave birth to where we stand in this NOW, and sent forth upon the Sacred Winds of the Divine Cosmic Breath the Seeds of Intention of the Round of Consciousness we are coming into Fruition in, so too, do WE, the mature Life of those seeds released so long ago, stand her NOW ready to set lose and send forth the Seeds of Divine Intention upon the Sacred Winds of the Divine Cosmic Breath once again.

WE, are to NOW release the Seeds of Intention to be carried, ever Expansively beyond this NOW; where they too shall land upon New, and as of yet, Unknown and Unseen Fertile Soils of an Infinite number of New Dimensions, Realms, and Worlds and find those forms of Sacred Cosmic Terra Mater that call to them, Individually and Collectively, as they participate in the “Seeding Times” of the next round of Intentional Expansion of the Fields of Consciousness of the Infinite Potentiality.

As (an) Elder of this Universal Consciousness, I bid all who hear and feel this Call to be a part of their Individual and Collective Conscious Responsibility to respond NOW. To respond to this call in participation in this Sacred Gathering, so as to assist in the Creation and Birthing of the next round of Universal Expansion and Ascension, as this Universe of this NOW, moves into her rightful place as a Conscious and Intentional Participant and placeholder in the realms of Multi-dimensional Creation of the Dimensions, Realms, Realities and New Worlds that are to Come.

Do not forget…

Truly are you NOW Conscious & Intentional,

Multi-dimensional Co-Creators of Reality.


As Elder of this Universal Consciousness, I speak to you Always from this NOW.


Universal Elder of this NOW,

Emissary from the Field of Consciousness of the

Infinite Potentiality



© 2013 Essence Ka tha’ras

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