10 things you wish you could say to people…

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  1. Stop speaking please, just for a minute… Close your eyes, bring your awareness inside your body. Relax your mind …..and just breathe. Now……….. is what you were saying so important?
  2. Get out of your mind. Listen to calming music,  practice yoga, Meditate!  Please……. Meditate!
  3. Your body needs you! You’re ignoring your body and spending too much time in your mind.
  4. Your body is a temple. A divine creation and perfect in every way. Its a miracle! Why do you continue to abuse it? If you were given something utterly priceless would you treat it the way you treat your body?
  5. Your body is a metaphor for the planet, the entire universe actually. One day you will see the universe within yourself and know that you are connected to all things, to all life, and that all life has consciousness that is connected to a supra matrix of supreme intelligence that is the Source of all creation.
  6. All your thoughts,  words and actions affect everything – not just you but this planet and the entire universe. All life.
  7. The planet is a living and breathing entity. Just like you. And just like you, it is precious.
  8. Stop worrying. Go inside your body and you will stop worrying. When you live continually in your mind you will never know peace, you will always be anxious about something. Doesn’t it feel better to be out of your mind?
  9. Focus your attention on the good stuff. Stop watching TV and look around you. There’s a whole world out there, waiting for you. Rather spend time in nature. Nature is a healing balm for the soul.
  10. Love yourself.  For goodness sake….love yourself. You are worth it.

There is sometimes nothing better you can do for someone except give them your absolute LOVE because there is nothing else you can do. In fact, this is the BEST you can do for anyone! Don’t try to change them. Unless they are ready to hear, they will not listen and unless they are ready to change their perspective, they will not see.

Everyone is on a journey of transformation, whether they are aware of it or not, and all roads lead to the Light eventually! It is inevitable. Remember everyone you encounter along your journey is worthy of your love and respect, no matter what they present to you, to themselves and to the world.

Everyone is a precious Soul desperately in need of Love!

We love you BE-YOU-tiful BEings of the Light  Have a magnificent day BE-LOVE-ds!


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