2012-01-15 Earth Shift, Global Events & Ascension Update by Caroline Cory

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Join Caroline Cory as she provides unique insights on the significance and importance of the current global events.

In this webcast, Caroline Cory shares insight on the year 2012 and some tools to continue expanding our consciousness and creative ability into the future. This talk is followed by a global experiential meditation "Aligning your brain channels with the New Paradigm".

This webcast is the continuation of the series on 'Earth Shift, Global Events & Ascension' started in January 2011.  You can go back and listen to the previous webcasts to understand the bigger picture of the Divine plan that is currently at work.

Caroline's extraordinary master vision of the great transformational times that we are experiencing today helps each one to attune to the higher frequencies that are now available on Earth and to navigate safely through this period of changes and turbulences.

Caroline Cory is a Teacher of Consciousness Studies, Spirituality and Energy Medicine. She is an International Speaker, Author and the Founder of the OMnium Method of Learning and Healing.

Caroline conducts monthly Healing Circles, Healing Sessions and Webcasts on the Internet. To participate, consult our calendar by visiting: www.omniumuniverse.com.

Also check the blog 'DARE TO BE YOU!' at www.omnium-daretobeyou.blogspot.com