5 Steps to Practice Gratitude in Action

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Gratitude is "in" these days. And for good reason. It's a joyful, high frequency emotion that can attract more wonderful things to be grateful about. 

We're told to use gratitude journals or daily rituals to increase our levels of gratitude. And these can certainly help. But they also relegate gratitude to a specific corner of our life that has little to do with the rest of us. And that, by its very nature, limits its impact on us.

In order to really reap the benefits of gratitude, we can increase our awareness and use of it in real time. This means putting our attention on the things that we're grateful for, as they occur. Here are some tools to play with over the course of your day.

  1. Is something wonderful happening? Did you receive a compliment at work or a hug from a friend? Savor it. Really open up and welcome in the feeling of what is happening in your present moment. Welcoming your experience, big or small, is gratitude in action.
  2. Is there a voice in the back of your head saying "yeah, but..."? As in, she's just giving me that compliment to be polite? Listen to it, then say "thank you for your opinion, but I'm choosing to enjoy this feeling right now." Then go right back to #1 and enjoy! What do you have to lose?
  3. Did you just receive money? Maybe it was a paycheck, a gift certificate, or even change from a cashier. Welcome it with genuine appreciation! This is a powerful one. The more you can love and appreciate money - being grateful for it - the more you can attract into your life. 
  4. Has something upset you? Maybe it was an argument with a friend or an awkward encounter on the street. Find a reason to be grateful for it. You might be grateful that these things don't happen very often. Or maybe it opened your eyes to a feeling inside of you that needs attention. Drawing in gratitude when you're down can help shift you to greener pastures.
  5. I saved the best for last. You know those moments when you're totally present in the moment? Wide awake and aware of something real, whether it's a bug crawling across the window or a child's smile or an intense emotion inside of you. Notice and be grateful for it. These are the moments you want to magnify, because these are the powerful times in which you can appreciate the mysterious gift of being alive.

How has gratitude shaped your relationship with the world? What are your favorite gratitude practices?


Miriam Katz is an intuitive, certified coach and master energy healer who works extensively with the Archangels. To learn more about Miriam's work, sign up for her newsletter here and join her Facebook community here.