6 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

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What happens when you create sacred space, is that you make room for non-ordinary reality to start to happen. You open a window to magic. It is a communing of self, and self with energies that want to lift one's vibrational frequency to a higher level. How do you do this? Sitting and closing your eyes is a simple way. The temple is within, so nothing special needs to happen. It does help to be alone or with another person who is also doing the same thing with you. It helps to not be distracted by ordinary reality so you can really go inside yourself. 

What are some ways to raise your frequency? 

1. Set some intentions for your experience which you can say out loud or silently from your heart. 

2. Use sound- either by listening to some sacred music or tones, chanting, or toning sounds. Toning is wonderful to do with other people. Add a drum played by you or another person, or add an audio track of shamanic drumming that is repetitive. Shamanism uses drumbeats as a way to go into an altered state of consciousness which is the non-ordinary reality of sacred space.

3. Use invocations that are prayers, which raise your frequency. YOu can feel it in your body as this happens which is like being more connected. I AM Presence invocations are perfect, and go with what resonates with your own belief systems and feels good to you. 

4. Call for and and imagine sacred spaces. A simple way is to build an imaginary pyramid which creates a vortex of energy around you. Dimensional corridors can be called in, which is explained by Arcturian connected author David K. Miller. You can see them as hubs or stargates between dimensions. It is a space that raises your frequency so you can commune with higher dimensional beings more easily, and also receive divine inspiration. Parallel reality shifts are a really excellent tool. It isn't that you are changing location but changing to a different frequency reality such as the one with the most unconditional love possible, or the one with complete knowing. Imagination helps you do this and it is really simple as you imagine it and then feel it, as in the new parallel reality. 

5. Ask for the highest guidance once you are in these sacred spaces, for whatever you wish to know about. Be receptive as your multidimensional senses want to communicate in various ways. 

6. Journeys and meditations with yourself, or with others, are great ways to raise your frequency once you are in the zone of a non-ordinary state of being. Shamans do this. Keep in mind that staying in your heart, with heart awareness and a feeling of unconditional love will bring you to a more true reality that is aligned with higher dimensional energy. This is very important in your journeys and meditations. Love is the difference between the 5th and higher dimensions and the astral planes. Know that your higher self is always there and can be called on. All of this to to access parts of yourself you normally are not aware. You can ask for upgrades, DNA activation, or color frequencies as well as guidance from your higher self. Be sure to play and find your own way. Bring childlike fun and curiousity as being spiritual doesn't always have to be serious and hard work. It should really be a good time, and having a feeling of support, we can more easily face our shadows and heal our hurt places. In these spaces of magic which we can create for ourselves, we can also heal and transform ourselves and this is of value.

Wishing you many wonderful experiences in your inner temple of the Self,



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