On Abundance, Service, and Bliss Coming Together

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As we go through a paradigm shift, I and others envision a New Earth, as to what higher dimensional living might be like. In fact, we carry the seeds of this vision in each of our hearts, as our gift to bring forward and co-create Heaven on Earth. I see Heaven as a state-of-being embodied by the experience of living our bliss.

I am seeing a world in which there is sharing of resources. There is a sharing of our work with others. As there is an increased and expanded consciousness, it is safe to share with all. Lack and scarcity consciousness have evaporated and been replaced by abundance and sharing consciousness. Just as animals and plants receive what they need; we too receive what we need to live and thrive. The feeling on the New Earth in my vision is playful, and people have become more like children in their lightness of being. Yet everyone is connected to the universal mind and is wise with being able to download pure information that benefit themselves with everyone, including all life and the planet. Intuitive knowing dances and is expressed with logical knowing. All remember their soul's knowing and purpose and treat one another as equals, as age and status of anything no longer matter. We are souls in bodies having a human experience. Words from the heart are expressed, and telepathy is becoming more normal so that speech is not even needed sometimes. Meanwhile, synchronicities abound in people's lives. There is a flow through the experience of time and less rigidity about it. 

Everyone is serving one another, and serving one another from what they love to experience and whom they love to be. Everyone is serving one another by being themselves and following their bliss. In the current phase of the paradigm shift, I see myself and other lightworkers wanting to serve and live their divine purpose, yet I think we have been taking it too seriously. Higher dimensional living is in flow, it is in following our greatest excitement, and it is living in bliss. It creates harmony within and with one another, through experiences and through creating and cocreating. The kind of creating is often simple and expressed through play like children. From this play comes bliss, and from this exploration with the self and with one another, comes our greatest expressions of creativity. That which is created in bliss is the highest frequency and the highest offering to another, a gift indeed. Imagine a dinner made and shared with love and joy, and how good that feels. This is the New Earth paradigm of service. 

I like this quote and wish to add to it: 

A Vision for Service

"We see a world where everyone is in service to everyone else; where we have rediscovered the connection between us; and where we have realized, to the depth and core of our beings, that when we serve others we are really serving ourself."~ Intenders of the Highest Good

Ayni: Sacred Reciprocity

What if there is the idea of sacred reciprocity, called Ayni in the Andes of Peru, were widespread? Ayni is translated as reciprocity and means the interchange of lovingkindness, knowledge, and the fruits of one's labor between individuals, between humans and the environment, and between humans and nature spirits. Ayni sustains and supports all of life.  Ayni also implies respect for life. This is shown through acts of reciprocity. When we return the good that comes to us and show respect without judging the giver or what is received, it becomes benevolence in its highest form.  ~from the Andean Codex on the meaning of Ayni

What if.....

What if we could do what we love all the time? What if we were always taken care of as we take care of one another? What if now, as we do our divine missions on earth, we found that we can do what we love with who we want to or ourselves, and it serves another? What if we lighten up on the idea of our divine purpose and bring more love and joy and following our bliss into what we do? 

New Timeline!

I see, feel and experience it all coming together! As of the Winter Solstice on December 21st,  a new timeline of abundance and following your bliss is possible. It is an abundance of love and of joy. The abundance timeline offers up solutions for our material needs. It is abundance in the right circumstances that lead us to destiny and magnetize the greatest experiences. It is for the highest good, of ourselves as others. It is so we may be our fullest and highest potential selves. It is so we may serve and we may receive, and that flow, ease and effortlessness in this arise more and more. It feels like now moments are potent and timeless. There is a flow in that time doesn't seem as fixed but more mutable. With the abundance timeline, we imagine abundance for all beings, not just ourselves. 

You who are working hard in service are honored with deep gratitude. In pointing out these things, the idea is to let you know you are supported and you do not have to do this alone. You can give up struggling. More ease in fulfillment of your divine purpose is possible and invited by the universe. Fifth dimensional living includes fun, play, and joy in all that we do. It can mean we follow instincts about what we want to do instead of what we are supposed to do on our to-do lists. We may not know where it is going, yet doing what makes our heart sing raises our frequency and the frequency of the planet.  I have a knowing that doing what we love most will benefit others as well.

Fifth dimensional living may include hard work too, but there is ease to it with support from the universe. The higher frequency that we continually experience coming in brings the possibility to step onto the abundance timeline, which intersects with bliss and service to others, including the Self. We embody self love so that we feel free enough to follow our highest joys! We support one another in doing so, as well. Our inner children are invited to come out and play and rock this paradigm with giggly laughter! Laughter is so healing of our emotions, and such a high frequency. Thank you for being yourself, and please accept the invitation offered here. See you on the playground. ~Shivrael / Luminance River

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