The Alchemy of Ascension

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by April Bender via integrated Overself

I wish to clarify today, the concepts of ascension and ascended mastership. There are many illusions and misconceptions concerning these ideas floating around your world and this bears many subtle shades of influence on the actualization of individual and planetary ascension and therefore, needs to be properly clarified. So let us dive right in.


What is the definition of ascension?

"Rising to an important position or higher level." -

I would add that ascension is incremental. It occurs through multiple levels and multiple domains. It is the progressive movement and refinement of consciousness, of energy. It is the upward arc of Creation/Source moving toward and/or merging back into Itself. All aspects of creation are but extensions of the One.

This "higher" movement, spanning great lengths of time, is cyclical in nature like that of a spiral. Consciousness spirals up or down depending upon its "state." And this is the same whether we are talking about a species, a planet, or a system. Your planet as a living system, now has the opportunity to arc upward after a long and painful descent into the depths of materiality and dualism. But your current culture or age, is not the first to do so. Nor was it the first to descend. This has been happening cyclically since the dawning of Earth's creation. Many of your indigenous and/or ancient cultures knew this and attempted to preserve this history through oral story, imagery, art, and writings. Some even went as far as to create calendars denoting these windows of opportunity and grand scale shifts in consciousness. All around your world lie the remnants of these previous ages, cultures, and societies.

Ascension happens as part of a staged initiatory, or alchemical process of transformation, both on an individual and collective level. It is not something that happens overnight or in an instant, even if one wishes or wills it to be so. Certain conditions of higher consciousness integration (between inner/outer, above/below) need to be met at each alchemical or initiatory stage of ascent. This is why a great many incarnations are often needed for one to advance all the way through these stages.

Ascended Mastership

To become a true ascended master, one must refine one's energy/consciousness to such a degree that Earthly incarnation is no longer relevant to one's spiritual education. Meaning one has graduated or transcended the school known as Earth. Once graduated, one of two things happens; 1) one transfigures and ascends from Earth; or 2) one transfigures to a certain degree (maintaining a more refined but still Earthly vessel) and chooses to stay in order to teach or guide. However in both instances, there is no question in the ascended master's mind of what has transpired, as they are entirely conscious of the transformation when it happens, hence the term "ascended master." In other traditions, outside Theosophy and New Age, this state of being and transformational process go by different names, but exist none-the-less.

Some initiates, light-workers and way-showers were incarnated on Earth at this time specifically to assist in the current planetary ascension cycle, to ensure this upward arc. They may have in fact become ascended masters during their previous assignments on other worlds, however, by incarnating on Earth they have to start over again, within the conditions and current energetics of Earth. This is Divine Law. However, because they are already highly evolved beings or "old souls" as you say, they stand a much greater chance of moving through the various levels of ascent rather quickly and in fact, this is what the higher orders are counting on them to do. This is for two reasons, 1) to help energetically influence the completion of the current planetary ascension cycle, despite forces working towards a contrary, downward arc outcome (consciously and unconsciously); and 2) to fulfill their duty or assignment here as part of an even higher cosmic initiation level.

Planetary/Mass Ascension

The cosmic energies that are now beaming your world and local system offer All an enhanced opportunity or "boost" for ascension, as the process unfolds gradually (though in a much faster timeframe than usual due to this heightened window). In addition, every portal, celestial event or alignment you experience, provides a potent boost to the overall process. However, it is the free-will choice of every individual being, working individually as well as collectively, that determines the outcome. Your journey along the collective upward arc is well on its way, all that is needed is to maintain the course. 

As more individuals awaken and engage with this alchemical process of transformation, the higher the vibration, resonance and overall consciousness of humanity and the planetary experience grows. This in turn catalyzes more individuals to awaken, until such a point as agreed upon aspects of reality and/or mass consciousness shift over into a new level/field of experience or frame of reality - that of greater universal unity consciousness. In the ancient past, these times were referred to as "golden ages." How high the planetary experience ascends is again, up to all who reside on Earth. And do not forget, Earth's ascension directly affects all other forms of life/consciousness spiraling out across the Web of Life to all connected systems.

The Alchemical Process

The process and work of spiritual transformation is one that all initiates, light-workers, and way-showers should consistently be engaged in. For if one still resides in a human vehicle, one still has work to do. This work in summary, consists of bridging or integrating worlds within oneself - upper, lower, within and without. It calls for descending into Earthly realms as well as ascending to the starry ones. For one must fully descend before the true ascent can begin. It calls for nurturing relationships and co-creative partnerships along the vertical and horizontal planes of existence. And most importantly, it calls for every individual to take ownership of their divinely endowed skills and capacities and to use them for the highest good of All. 

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Know that inherently the Universe is a loving one, so much so that free-will is granted in terms of choice. So one must choose wisely. All that is needed has been given and continues to be gifted, but no-one else can do the work except oneself. One's experience is a direct reflection of one's level of development - nothing more and nothing less. In this way, one will always know where one stands within their journey of ascension/transformation.

Original source: April's Airings

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