All Warriors of the Heart Called Up Posted on January 14, 2019

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Wow, here we are in 2019! This year has opened with a fatigue that flattened me. The energies streaming in have shut down my mind in a new way. We are being recalibrated, upgraded, rejuvenated. I know….it feels like anything but that. Yet my heart holds the knowing in a flame of trust that burns ever bright.

My mind will not process much beyond this moment. If two things, or more, present themselves, my mind turns into a fuzzy screen, like a tv not yet tuned into a channel. All I can do then, is breathe and stay present where I am. Those around me, have to adjust to the fact that I cannot even reach from morning to afternoon, no less plans for the next day!  I trust my higher self to register all and alert me when needed. I have done this for years now and it has worked well for me. She keeps dates and notices for me and pings me with an alert at the right time. Thank goodness!

The other thing that is so prevalent during these end times, is the feeling of being beyond tired of the antics playing out around us. A desire to smote individuals, organizations, governments, structures rises up with a fierceness. I allow that energy to burn through me with its wild destructiveness, and then turn to another flame.  The knowingness is there that recognizes this is the old way of the warriors we have been for eons of time. We have played this out, over and over on this earth. Fighting fire with fire only ends up with everything burnt to the ground.


Seeing the beauty beyond the shadows.

It is now, the time of the warrior of the heart. This requires that breath, dropping deep in my heart’s core. This is where love resides and burns so bright. This is the flame that we reach for in these now times. The flame of love that quenches all in its path. I drink of it and know that I am a pillar of love on this planet. This is the time that I came for. We are here to hold the torch of lovelight so bright that all comes into the harmony and union which is truth.

A friend had a wonderful example of this play out. She was sitting in a healing circle, receiving energy from another. She saw a dark hooded being standing in the center of the circle. She did not feel fear, instead, she tipped her hands up and allowed the healing lovelight to flow to this being. She saw the dark cape crumble from the figure. He stood there in a gown of light. He then turned from her and stepped back until he was sitting on her lap. She allowed this. He then merged with her and shot out through her crown in a blaze of light. She knew that he represented an aspect of herself, coming home into the truth of love. We have all played the dark roles, worn the black hooded cape of separation. It is time to bring it all home.

This is playing out on a global scale. Our energies are working overtime to flow the lovelight to all of humanity and the earth, herself. We are charged with remembering that this is who we are and why we came. We are the warriors of the heart. We have all the tools that we need, in that inner flame. Our humanness may instinctively respond with the raised sword and desire to smote all opposing energies yet our true I AM presence, knows that that time has passed. We are in anchoring in a new age, the Golden Age of Peace, long prophesied. We know the truth of Oneness and walk it, with all that we are.

We come in all guises. Some little beings my grandson and I created.

We come in all guises. Some little beings my grandson and I created.

It takes huge amounts of energy. I see myself like a battery, filled with lovelight that can suddenly be drained when the need arises for an infusion in the field. I honor my body, who so graciously accommodates these surges and gives her all. I support myself with time alone, time resting and drifting as the battery recharges. Nature helps, my three year old grandson’s playfulness helps, connecting to other lovelight pillars helps. It is time to stand fully in our hearts and allow all to return to the truth of love. I love and honor each of you so.