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In continuing our mission to lend support and guidance to you on your pathway we now share our weekly message with you. These messages come through spiritual channels associated with The Angel News Network that we feel may enrich our audience. 

This is part two of a wonderful message that came to us on March 23 2013 from Archangel Michael channeled by Jeff Fasano. In it Michael ask us, how open are we to receive from another? How open are we to receive when others are giving to us? How open are we to move into we consciousness? 

We Consciousness Workshop: 

May 2013 

This year 2013 is the year where we fully entrain ourselves to We Consciousness. As many of you know on 12/21/12 a gateway opened to a new golden age, the age of We Consciousness. This was a significant point in our evolutionary process on this earthly plain, so we have decided to bring a workshop to you based on a series of conversations we had with Archangel Michael about We Consciousness. 

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Teachings of Archangel Michael 
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano 

Are You Open? 
Part Two 

By asking, how open are you is just another tool for you to use. It is most important to understand that if you are moving to the next level in your soul's life purpose it is important to utilize your heart space to remain open in celebration of others. Another question to ask is, how much do I celebrate me? How much do I celebrate my uniqueness, my talents and gifts and who I am? If you are celebrating you, honoring and valuing you and loving you, that are the basic principles of our teachings, you will then begin to release judgment and shame of this so you can celebrate another whether it resonates or doesn't resonate. 

If you are open to other modalities, be careful when you move into the mental body and judgment and shame appears. The mental body through the old ego defense will begin to ask many questions. You then will remain in the mental body and the cycle of the old habits, patterns and rituals begins. 

You are moving from having to experience everything to resonant causation, what resonates or what doesn't resonate. So when you encounter another who is in their highest good and resonance, giving their talents and gifts to the world, are you open to be in a place of neutrality to receive what they are giving? Then through discernment ask yourself, what resonates and what doesn't? 

Know, it doesn't matter what doesn't resonate because it is about your focus of attention when it comes to resonance and non resonance. Do you focus on what resonates or what doesn't resonate? If you begin to focus on what doesn't resonate you then move into your mental body that conjures up judgment and shame then moves you back on the hamster wheel of your old habits, patterns and rituals. The old ego defense is then in its glory. 

It is about moving in resonant causation to what maintains a higher level of resonance. The old ego defense wants to maintain the lower level of resonance which is the judgment and shame and drama and glamour. 

When you encounter another through discernment of the open heart and remain in your heart space with love for another that is based upon the value you have for you, how much you love you and see your talents and gifts, and honor and value you in the highest resonance, you will then be able to see another in the same light. Then, in the openness of your heart space you can receive what they are giving. And in resonant causation ask, what resonates and what doesn't? In that moment you have a choice. In the openness of your heart ask, do I focus and place my attention on what doesn't resonate? Thus possibly triggering your old defense patterns of drama, glamour, isolation, separation and then utilizing what doesn't resonate to separate yourself from the greatness of another, that separates you from the greatness of you. Or do you choose to focus on what does resonate that perhaps raises your resonance and vibration and gives you an insight into something you may not not know? 

This is the underlying reason why you have chosen to be in community, harmony and equality with another who is giving their talents and gifts. It is in your soul's divine plan that you are attending this seminar or this workshop because your soul says, open, receive. Receive what is necessary for your growth process to move forward and toward in life. You will resonate with aspects of it, if not all of it. You might not resonate with an aspect of it or perhaps all of it. Yet, where is your focus of intention and attention? Is it your intention to focus on what doesn't resonate so you can remain in isolation and separation and focus on what doesn't resonate? Thus triggering the old defense patterns of judgment and shame and keeping the drama and glamour in place. Or can you focus on what does resonate? Thus receiving in the openness of your heart what you needed to receive in that moment that will assist in your growth process, your ascension process. Thus remaining in a high vibrational state that champions the highest good of another and yours as well. 

It is important, if you choose to take the next step in the evolutionary process in your soul's divine plan, that you remain open in your heart space. Then begin to move from the mental body to the heart space and utilize discernment with resonant causation. 

In closing We ask: 
Is your focus on joy? 

Write down your definition of joy. 
When you do this be with your feelings. 
Where does your resonance move? 
Is it a high vibrational resonance or is it a low vibrational resonance? 

When you write down your definition of joy where does your resonance move in your heart space? You will then have a good indication of where you are. 

Joy is a state of being-ness 
Does joy resonate for you? 
Or, does it not resonate for you? 

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