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Featuring Guest Speakers

Zaraya, retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard,formally of Area 51, and of Disclosure-2012, also his father, Zorra, from Hollow Earth will speak through him. Also will be renowned author and channel, Nancy Tate, of The Tree of the Golden Light, through whom Hatonn, Horus and Others will speak.

They, along with Quasar (Billie's Twin-Flame, Jane Stevens) and Bob Towers (Nancy's Life-Partner) will hold special 6 hour events in the following cities through Dec 1, 2012.

Rainer/Yelm WA, Seattle WA, Denver Co, Austin TX, Albuquerque NM, Santa Fe NM, Sedona AZ, San Diego CA, and Shadow Hills CA, with some home-based evening events along the way.

Have you wondered what 2012 is really about?

Is the Earth Hollow?

What is Area 51 about and what information is really being kept from us?

Are we alone in the universe?

Have you heard talk of the new money exchange?

Do you wonder how life will be in the new dimensionality?

What will happen in the next 3 months?

Come and join us in an intimate workshop where these and a lot of your questions will be answered. Group participation will be encouraged. Please check our websites and for exact dates and locations.

This could be the most important, enlightening, life changing, event of your life!!