Attention Energy Workers! Who does this energy you are feeling belong to?

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Attention Energy Workers! Who does this energy you are feeling belong to?

Taking care of your energy is one of the daily responsibilities of energy workers ie Light Workers. Everyone is empathetic and some more so than others. Your sense of empathy is linked to your willingness at an unconscious level to take on the burdens of others. Some people are unaware of how much they are dong for others, even to their own detriment. If you are feeling very tired or very heavy ask yourself, “Who does this belong to? Is this my energy?” And most likely the answer will be No. Then all you have to do is call in the Light of your Higher Self and Source energy to fill your energy field and High Heart, and then transmit the Light to whomever this energy belongs to. You may want to say something like, “I bless whomever this energy belongs to and send them unconditional love and blessings in return.”

If you suddenly feel pain in your body, do not be shy to ask your body who it belongs to. The body is very willing to oblige you with an answer right away. Most likely again the answer will be that it is not yours. Again, send the Light of Love into the area that is experiencing pain and ask that the energy be released back to the person it belongs to.

I asked the question of Archangel Michael whether it was acceptable to be sending this energy back to the person it came from, and his answer was that we are only responsible for our own energy. He also said that it is in our power to send the person the negative energy came from our unconditional love and blessing and to ask the Archangels to clear and transmute the energy for them into unconditional love and light.

Most people are unaware of what goes on in their energy field and so it helps to get into the habit of clearing your energy every day, several times a day if necessary.

Christie Marie Sheldon from Love or Above says that children are more intuitive than adults when it comes to their energy. They are very often aware of where their negative energy comes from and they will often take it upon themselves to clear negative energy for their siblings and even for children from their school, and they’re also sometimes using their own bodies to heal physical issues in others. So that is something to be aware of if you’re a parent. She suggests the child ask its body to stop healing others, and the same applies to adults also. She also suggests teaching children how to clear their energy field daily.

If you suddenly find yourself or your child feeling unexplained anger, bouts of depression, sadness, self-blame, self-worth issues, even lack of money issues etc., then this energy is most likely not yours.

Often this is energy that has been passed down from one generation to another and it is being projected onto us unconsciously by a parent, or has been taken on by us at some stage during this lifetime.

So don’t feel you need to be bogged down by other people’s energy. By becoming aware of your own energy and focusing your attention inside your own energy field and body, you will very quickly notice when something doesn’t feel quite right. Clearing your energy field several times a day will help to keep your energy light and bright and therefore help you to manifest and experience a life filled with unconditional love, joy, peace and harmony. It is in your best interest to maintain the highest frequency level at all times so that you can BE a clear vessel for the higher codes of Light being anchored now on Earth.

Always remember that the Archangels are there to help you in every way! There is literally nothing they cannot or will not do for you if you ask. They are enormously powerful Beings!.

Please, please, please, always bless yourself with unconditional love as this powerful energy is sourced from the highest aspect of your Self and as it fills your energy field, it has a reverberating effect on everything and all around you.

Unconditional love is powerful energy and it has the power to perform miracles of transformation in everyone it touches.

We love you and bless You!


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