On Balance in 3D and Higher Dimensions

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Yesterday I went to a graduation. It was for an Online, Returning-student University. Four campuses were represented: L.A., San Diego, Inland Empire and Orange County. The inspirational speaker was a  former Olympic Swimmer, who talked about her experiences in her life. I learned a great deal, especially that depending on what arm you are having 'hit the wall' on a back stroke turn, you turn either right or left, and seconds can count if you are not skilled at making the turn on the left.

Her recommendation to us was that Life is like a table balanced upon four pillars: the physical, the mental, the psychological, and the spirit.

Let us take them together, and make something to add:

The Physical

What Olympic Medalist Says:
It was easy back then, but now in my sixties it is the hardest one to keep in shape. But a well-functioning body affects all the rest, and without health the table will not balance.

What Reiki Doc Says:
"The diet--as the body sees and understands--is as necessary (an) element as any that may be chosen. As the body builds mentally, so may the body build physically by the choice of those foods or valuations from same that sill sustain or maintain--within a developming influence in the physical forces--that proper relationship between a mental, a spiritual, and even physical forces in same."--Edgar Cayce (1909-2). "For nutrients to reac our cells and be fully assimilated, we need to exercise, get adequate rest and sleep, and expose our body to natural sunlight on a regular basis." Simone Gabbay, RNCP, page 17, Venture Inward, July-September 2012

The Mental

What Olympic Medalist Says:
You have to be smart. You have to have the best information. You have to be ahead of the game to beat your competition. Winning isn't 'beating them'. It is being able to look at the mirror every night before you go to sleep knowing you have done your best in every way.

What Reiki Doc Says:
This mindset is Duality-entrenched. I heard of a school in another country, where the smart one figures something out and then immediately shares it with all the rest of the classroom! As a group, they move forward in discovery. Once the dark forces of this world are gone, and that in itself is a battle that is going on in the non-physical fourth dimensional etheric plane, our auras will allow us to sense another's intent, and trust and cooperation will be the norm. It shall replace competition like this.

The Psychological

What Olympic Medalist Says:
I pictured this in color every night for four years, imagining what it would feel like to win it, and living it in my mind. (Hefts up the Gold Medal)

What Reiki Doc Says:
This is very archaic means of manifestation. If you want the latest scoop, read this article by Andrea A. Mathews: 'Revising the Law of Attraction', Venture Inward, July-September 2012, pp. 20-22. (go to www.EdgarCayce.org for a free trial membership). Here is a key point: 'We are attracted to and by all of those people, places, things, events and circumstances, which will ultimately bring us into complete awareness of who we are as Divine beings.' Further, the author states, 'So, what is our part? Surrender. All that is left for us to do is to surrender to the power of that law always operating within and without.'

Love you Life! Love your Life! Your body is your teacher. Your friends and family are your mirrors to show you more clearly who you are. Your circumstances are just the right lessons to guide you on your Path.

The Spiritual

What Olympic Medalist Says:
I believe in God. I pray to him--even during the middle of my winning race, I prayed, 'please let this be my fastest race, God.' I go to church and I am a Christian and I live a Christian Life.

What Reiki Doc Says:
According to Robert Ohotto (Venture Inward, July-September 2012, pp. 14-16)...'Intuition is a GPS of our authenticiy.' and 'there are five various types of intuition:
1) Survival gut-instinct intuition, which is our capacity to sense danger. This is hardwired into all of us, as it is for animals.
2) Creative intuition, which connects us to divine inspiration. Artists know this zone of intuition very well.
3) Diagnostic intuition, which medical intuitives and doctors use. I also use this in my practice of mapping someone's psyche.
4) Problem-solving intuition, which we engage when looking for solutions to a dilemma after our mind's strategies have exhausted themselves. Homicide detectives use this all the time.
5) Then there's something I like to call 'Destiny Intuition', which actually includes all the above four types and connects us to the plan of our Life Purpose: Our Soul Contract.'
Furthermore, quoting from the Navy's Web site: 'Research in human pattern recognition and decision-making suggests that there is a 'sixth sense' through which humans can detect and act on unique patterns without consciously and intentionally analyzing them. Evidence is accumulating that this capability, known as inuition or intuitive decision making, enables the rapid detection of patterns in ambiguous,uncertain, and time restricted information contexts, that it informs the decision making process and, most importantly, that it may not require domain expertise to be effective. These properties make intuition a strong candidate for further exploration as the basis for developing a new set of decision support training technologies.' (actually, Russian and American military has done extensive work on the paranormal, that is hidden to this time, as 'classified'.)
Reiki Doc says that all of these types of 'spirituality' are in reality your Divine Right and your Divine Power, something that is part of your Soul DNA, and you are gently rediscovering at this time. All 'intuition' is likely some form of Divine Guidance, in partnership with your many angels and guides who accompany you on your Life Path, whom you may or may not be able to acknowledge but are still there with you, throughout your entire life walk on earth.

Put it all together, and there you have it, the Physical, the Mental, the Psychological, and the Spiritual, the four legs of a Table that is called Life. Whether your Table is 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D or higher is dependent on your Consciousness, and that is up to you!



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