Blowing Blessings into the Divine Heart: Wesak Ascension Messages

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I want to share more about what came in two days ago, through a shared meditation with a friend, adding to what I shared before. Yesterday I spoke of the divine messages sent out as a mass energetic mailing, with codes reminding people of their divine purpose. Let me know if you experienced synchronicity or some sort of internal message about divine purpose! I really hope so and one person has said that it is so for her! 

From Wesak's energies, two days ago, we saw a vision about the ascension flame being lit. In musing today about what the ascension flame is, I am seeing that the ascension flame exists in the micro and also the macro, the body and and the greater bodies, such as human and earth. It is the lighting of the kundalini from the bottom of the spine to travel upwards to the crown of each individual for illumination. The etheric retreats have essention flames, and what we see is a a traveling of the kundalini fire through earth and other systems, which is also symbolic of it traveling from the base of the spine chakra to the crown. 

Lighting the Ascension Flame

We were seeing two runners carrying a torch, like how olympic runners carry a torch until it lights up the bigger torch. The runners were humans on the path, taking turns carrying it.  Lady Liberty held the ascension flame as it was being lit. Then the Ascension Flame was lit in all systems, traveling out, to the greater universe while also traveling to the individuals within this planet who are aligned to receiving this flame of illumination.

"The Ascension Flame is now a fixture on Earth." The flame has such purity. The purity of the Mother Earth/Gaia as a star is now being delivered. Feel the divine heart breaking open and rose petals coming out. See a thousand Quan Yins sitting on their lotus blossoms. 

"They are each carrying it to all the specific people and places in alignment for the ascension flame."

Mother Mary is blowing blessings into the heart, blowing the ascension fame, which is fuel to light the flame.

Love for the divine is the fuel and the divine is blowing back.

Doves are flying all around. 

Divine counterparts are coming together.

Systems are connectiong all systems from different systems. Then we see that the Elohim (angelic beings) are all merging.

Divine unions are merging into individual bodies everywhere. This is because all the freed souls in all the different realms stuck in the astral and other places.This is the first rounding up of all soul groups! We receive a feeling of being a divine being in our wholness, as if we are a giant Buddha and all exists within us. We are becoming more whole by receiving our fragments that have been lost in these different bardo realms. A feeling of fragments and codes shooting through the crown came in. The meaning is that 

Elohistic self (angelic self) is coming into the individuals! The holy spirit is coming into everyone now that they have their elohistic fragments back "holy spirit" is a light body overlay. The light body overlay is our own divinity shining as an individual, and also the collective divinity of planet earth shining too.

This has been a vision, an initiation, a shift. It is one of the several changes that the ascension codes brought in on Wesak, which was the 14th of May, a lunar planetary alignment relating to the Buddha and Christed Consciousness. 

Take this as inspiration, and let it be a like a poem that you take into your heart if you feel resonance to the truth of what you are,

and may it be a reminder of your own divinity.

Blessings, as above so below. As within, so without. 

Shannon Luminance River

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