Brain Waves

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(Written around March 2nd) *The two first paragraphs are for clearings individually you'll notice in time what they were for if your accustomed to my messages.

Brain Waves

Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta

From those concurrent nodes, utilizations of the frequencies in which our brains can work has predispositions towards functions of the higher realms while we create or similarly go into simultaneous processes which interacts within our meditation, a form of contact in utilizations of the different frequencies in which we can be in, have as concurrent nodes adjacent to infinity, concepts which helps alleviate the formations in which our brains activity can correspond from alpha/theta to delta, in meaningful process in which we can go into, and activate inner potentialities of some deeper processes in which the brain can get to from utilizations and corresponding creations utilizing memory, inner visuals, and transcription/creation in attempts to fabricate a trance, by which we can attain, some life altering experiences, for abilities and much more…

In simplified terms, the meaningful adaptations which is needed while these things (Simultaneous Frequencies) enacting within our brains structural activity, components needed in correspondence to higher realms from utilization of our third eye, working inwards to expand in exponential factors, while staying awake for a successive amount of time… If indifferences are enacted from having achieved some states in meditation which allows us to shift the chemicals in our brains, while going into a type of metamorphosis, by actualizations of higher potentialities (thought modules) which excels in forming a gradual space in which the energetic assembly line, interchanges to develop some of the fundamental parts in how we can come about (In exchange) to individualities which are correspondences from your own works (Creations) to assimilate something beyond the normal scope of your daily utilizations, by eventually falling into altered states, which can compose some of the constructs needed for extra sensory perceptions and creations which adapts and brings us to deeper processes.

Now these things can be done on your own accensus, but individually by augmenting in dimensions, what pertains to the structures (Fabrications) which allows us to converse with aspects of other intelligences which may be inactive within us momentarily from simple adjustments being made to allow what we term a balance factor for actualizations to help us determine (what) is conceptually (what)… In meaning… It helps us advance thoroughly in synaptic movements, what can be achieved in meditation.

What corresponds to these channelings, in formations which allows the intellectual bonds (gathering) the information which we are writing while channeling some other dimensional beings. Interceptions are accustomed to the interactive flows which abolishes the intellectual drive for correspondence to other individuals while we are in transcript… More so abundance throughout the universe, interposed within us, can achieve some exponential factors on how or what is/seems impossible… Meaning the intellectual point (realization)/expansion within conscious reasoning, consorts with its users, while we interact, become active in creations which carries on from formations abundant in our “findings” what we have gathered from staying awake and utilizing inner processes, while going on about in daily affaires.

Sub type groups in this, what pertains to matters which are abundant on universal life (Force/systems) in extent to the creational realms abiding within us from interactions made at a genesis… The nexus is composed freely as individuals augment in their predisposed amount of “kaya” is what comes to mind here, but in actuality “prana” may be more suitable, as for in some extents… Factions across this galaxy have been in utilizations of ground technology excelling in some perpetual actions (pacts) into abnormal venues where we are in beyond the concepts forming, to attain individually what is achieved in synapse…

Eventually the formations which allows us to attain greater feats in postulations or actualizations/creations for manifestations which changes the structure, frequency in alignments to galactic core anomalies pertaining to individuals whom are working above in extents to some concepts in utilizations of “ground matter”… What corresponds is intellectual properties enacting from higher grid technologies, interactions with what we have come to know as a universal power (force) “mind” in extents to what can become interactive with our genomes main functionality, sometimes enabling coherency and healing for eventual remaps which we can have from abnormal venues within synaptic modules excelling correspondences within higher thought modulations.

An excess in utilizations which can become accustomed to dimensional/interdimensional beings, interactions for augmentations of our awareness in general, trough expansions from realization or simply intellectual drive which can correspond to the informational constructs which abides deep within our inner processes.

By gathering “kaya” what is known within, sub actualized for advances in our abilities, while searching for greater postulations or interactions from the subliminal parts of our genomes functionality, while in transcript or creation can allow formations to evolve in sub type groups while channeling information.

Undoubtedly the formations evolve in correspondence to the energetic flows which are gathered on Earth momentarily from your “settings” (structures) mappings, how your system works according to beliefs and more so what has been learned or ingrained from sub type groups of channelings or interactions (knowledge in predisposition) towards your inner intellectual gatherings, processes in works with resonance or simply higher flux while attaining greater extensions within postulating feats…

Admirable while contending, which abides from what we know concurrently within moments while we are at this space in time. Our awareness in this moment, is what corresponds to your intellectual drive while gathering postulating, interchanging some fabrications which are ingrained/learned/sensed gathered as an energetic formation which carries on from our energetic assembly line, what composes the interactions which then become active from what we learn and postulate on while achieving higher states or potentialities in that which we are concurrent in understanding or realizing (expanding) on the nodes adjacent to infinity, which abides in the present moment, all that exist contemporary as utilizations evolve in fractals.

From memory we can adapt to something which enables us to carry on advances in the sub type groups of informational flows (Constructs) concepts for liability/understandings which shifts according to your life’s purpose on this Earth.