Conduction Points for Assimilations

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The conduction points for assimilations are grounded deep beneath the surface of the Earth in some form of crystals acting out in our solar system, resonances which have been liable to sustain higher links to realities which exists concurrently in hidden realms, which are simply uncovered by the formulations which we are running on within these instances, what portrays at the exact moment of uncovering the hidden realms is TIMELESSNESS… It becomes a greater part of the totality of how we come to know if we are augmenting in our frequencies… If you notice time going by as “hours experienced in minutes” then we can comply on what we are beginning to transfer to, from the enactments of formulations that are beginning to align for higher connections to our innate abilities which may be discovered on the other side of the veil. As we cross into and over another dimension we come to understand the probable formulations that are being uncovered for techniques to greater forms of contact in existences. While implying on constructs which are changed by individuals whom have affected immediately the timelines, we are in a singularity which is exposed throughout our many lifetimes on this planet… The causes of the greater links to higher dimensions can be known as many attributions which are held under compression for analysis within our awareness (Decoding Reality) to formulate at better expenses what has always been there but simply gone unseen.

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