THE COUNCIL OF 12 ~ Open Your Mind - Expand Your Options

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Open Your Mind - Expand Your Options

 23 November 2010  
Channeler: Selacia

Friday, 5 November, 2010  (posted 23 November, 2010)

Note from Selacia:  "This November message from The Council of 12 came in response to questions and feedback from readers worldwide about this chaotic phase. If there were a chaos monitor, it surely would be up several notches these past several weeks! The Council's message addresses many reader concerns and questions.

Imagine what would happen in the world if millions of people began to focus on what is right instead of what is wrong? You can be one of those millions today. Trust that this makes a difference. Your light and focus does matter. It will change your life, and your world.
To be sure, there is a need to know what needs correcting, but the tendency in recent times is to focus on problems with tunnel vision. You are seeing this tendency playing out in the political arena, in business, and in personal relationships.
Narrow mindedness can be found within people on every continent. In a typical scenario, a person rigidly holds on to his or her opinion, insisting that it is the only answer. There is not room for compromise. There is not room to see that other ideas may also be valid.
Moving Into Expanded Thinking

A narrow point of view will keep your world small and limited. This is the opposite of what you want. Your new-paradigm Earth cannot fully manifest until people learn to move from narrow-minded thinking to expansive thinking. When you are thinking in an expansive way, you have openness to other points of view.

When you have an open mind, you are not threatened by the ideas of others. You welcome them. You have a choice about whether to adopt new ideas, in part or in full. You can consider all points of view with your intuitively guided reason and then make your own choice.

To be most effective in your focusing on ideas, remember balance. When your focus is in balance, you avoid the chaos of trying to wrap your mind around too many ideas at once.
Focusing with Enlightened Consciousness

A Divine Changemaker learns to bring an enlightened consciousness into focusing on issues. As you focus in on your life, realize that you cannot effectively focus on everything at one time. As you awaken, you discover that putting the spotlight on everything at once distorts your ability to discern truth. You could miss details, overreact, and be unable to distinguish fact from fiction.
Making your optimal choice is easier when you are not stressed by over thinking. If you become too stressed, your mind can become clouded, and your emotions can negatively influence what you do next.
Remember that even when you choose nothing and take no action, your choice to do so is still a choice. There is energy in everything you do, feel, or think. Make your choices wisely. Your power comes from being present and aware of your choices, and if necessary, altering them for your highest good. Likewise, you access more potency when you stop worrying about past and future choices. The power to change your life comes from today's choices.
Tips for Balance

The following are some suggestions for staying in balance during these chaotic times. Review this list when you begin to feel on overload, when you realize that you have multiple decisions to make, and when you are either anxious or depressed.
1. Step back from thinking-and-doing mode and tune into your heart. Your heart will help guide you to the next steps. Sometimes that next step is to be still. In the stillness, you can better hear your inner wisdom, and you can be refueled for greater creativity.
2. If you are seeing troubles at every turn, remember that it is the energy of goodness that fuels creation. At a core level, the quality of goodness is within you, and it is within everyone you meet. Focus on wishing others goodness - without agenda or condition - and you generate a positive vibration. It is easier to wish goodness like this for those you love. The path of the Divine Changemaker is to wish goodness for all, including strangers and those who oppose you. Becoming skilled at this is a part of your path. Set your intent to see the goodness in the world, and in other people.
3. When you are facing a problem, consider talking about it less. Give the dilemma less energy by focusing on it less. This means reducing the amount of time you think about it, talk about it, and worry about it. Set your intention to give your energy to positive changes and to noticing things to be grateful for.
4. Even in your darkest moments, you can cultivate a feeling of gratitude. When you do this, you raise your frequency. It is like an energy tonic. When you are feeling expansive from expressing gratitude, your naturally generate positivity. A more positive point of view can open the door to new possibilities and innovative solutions for your life.
5. Some days when life has become complex and stressful, it may be challenging to access your center. It may be difficult to appreciate your circumstances, or to feel a real connection with the world. In those moments, think of something bigger than you that inspires you-something that reminds you of the interconnectedness of all life. Think of something that's more beautiful than what you are seeing in your life. Examples include a double rainbow, a majestic redwood tree, and the sun setting on a sparkling blue ocean.
6. Let go of trying to fit in or have what others have. When you go into nature, the flower or tree that catches your eye is not a carbon copy of others. It stands out because of its uniqueness. There is something different about how it catches the light, its color, or its overall feel. Know that you are like the flower or tree. It's okay to be different. You don't need to look like the others, or be like them either. You shine most brightly when you are genuine and not pretending to be like the crowd.
7. Do you want to have more joy in your life? Consider lightening up as you approach your work, your relationships, and yourself. When you take life too seriously, you become too attached to outcomes and are less able to accept what is. A too-serious approach will kill your joy because you will be trying too hard. Lighten up today, then, and discover the joy that's naturally there.
8. When you want to feel more peace, think of a beautiful nature scene with water or go there if you can. Imagine the calm, life-giving water. Invite into your energy field the element of water. Intend that this opens you to a flow of goodness and love. This energy flow is boundless. You have plenty for yourself, and plenty to give to others. Give some away! You then expand the flow of goodness and love in the world.
As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.
We are The Council of 12.