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"Living the Wizarad of OZ" was the title of last week's "Brenda's Blog" – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Dear Ones,

You are in the midst of a wild ride without much comfort. What you wish for is the ability to know when and how you will react at any moment. Such is impossible during this ride because you will grasp a bit of excitement here, fear there, and boredom over there. Nothing is as it was, so even though you will attempt to repeat what was once right for you, it or they will likely feel lifeless.

You are evolving so rapidly that what was appropriate this morning will likely not be by this evening. Amid this inner upheaval, you will find new interests seemingly popping up from nowhere to help you explore more areas than you thought possible.

You will also be easily bored, so you will jump from one activity and person to another—perhaps with some inner shame or even fear. The person you were in 3D was more cautious. New you sometimes seems like an erratic child—"I want this, no this, and this." A child in a candy store with the freedom to select what they wish when they want 

Will you become ill with all the choices available, as is often true of children in a candy store? Perhaps, but it is more likely that you will be bored before becoming ill. The multiple options now available are not necessarily your final choices but, instead, choices enabling you to know that your options are no longer limited to those offered throughout your 3D lives.

Every part of your life is up for exploration and reconfiguration. 

Your explorations will not be as overwhelming as you perhaps now expect, for just as new options have opened for you, so have new skills. Instead of becoming overwhelmed, you will discover an ability to flit between the many options and select those that are most interesting today - but not necessarily tomorrow.

If you return to thoughts of a 3D infant's evolution, you will remember how a rattle was extremely interesting one day and learning to walk the next. So it will be for you. Multiple areas of interest and expertise will evolve as you evolve emotionally and physically.

The phase you are now entering is a sort of welcome, allowing you to review your options over and over again as you mature into your new being. The next few days are not a punishment but, instead, a broadening of your knowledge, allowing you to select what is right for you at that moment and discarding that which no longer serves you.

In a sense, you are shedding your old skin and adapting to skin with new options, a skin that will also be shed as you mature further into new you. 

Even though that last thought sounds ominous, it is little different from what was true for 3D you as you matured from infant to adult and then to senior—shedding your skin and interests with each passing day. You could not evolve from a 3D infant to a senior without many stages in between.

So, allow yourself to evolve at the pace that is right for you, as well as explore the interests and activities that help you along the way.

This is a new world, and you are a new being with phases and interests that have little to do with who you were in 3D—just as an infant has little in common with its senior being. So be it. Amen.

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