Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/17/13

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Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/17/13


I've mentioned before that Cups are the suit of emotions and feelings -- basically anything that happens in your inner state is represented by this suit. It is associated with the element of water. Court cards also have a specific meaning. Pages are like a playful child - acting with pleasure, spontonaeity and a symbol of adventure and possibilities.

We've been taking an adventure inside of ourselves lately, to clear out any remaining "gunk" - you know, the stuff that no longer serves you. Old belief patterns, relationships, habits or routines, etc. It's time now to love ourselves in spite of all of that. Accept ourselves for what we are and work on improving the items we do not like. You CANNOT do this for anyone except yourself. "Be the change" as Gandhi would say. The Page of Cups could indicate an opening in your life which will call to it. If you're worried you will miss it - you won't be able to ignore it. This opportunity will pull at your heartstrings and your emotions until you act on it. Don't be afraid to, please! It could also indicate that there is a child or young at heart adult whose interactins with you involve emotional needs, moodiness, love, intimacy or spirituality. REgardless, the Page of Cups reminds us that at all times, we are surrounded with great Love. Don't be afraid to express and enjoy yourself!


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