Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/4/13

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Today's card is the 6 of wands, which was also in the monthly reading. The Sun is a reinforcing card for the six of wands, and that was just pulled on Friday. The Sun reminds us that whatever we want to do, we can do it!


The six of wands reminds us that we are already successful at the things we want. Envision yourself succeeding at the venture(s) of your choosing. Picture it in your head, write it out. Whatever you have to  do. Imagine how it makes you feel. Are you proud of what you've created? Does it make you feel like you have a purpose? (I'll give you a hint - you do, and it should.) Are you fulfilled?


Today, imagine how it would feel to achieve all your goals. Really visualize it then get to work on making them come true. Keep working hard, you're almost there.


(Picture from LearnTarot.com. I didn't have time to snap a pic this morning)






There go that 6 again. 

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There go that 6 again.  Thanks sibling.  hehehee


Love NaGeeTa