Dances of Co-creation--You Can Do It!--Big Island-style!

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At four-thirty this morning when I left my friend's house in Pahoa, I had no sense of how much healing I had achieved with spirit in the last twelve hours, nor a clue how much more opening I had yet to experience on my way back to the opposite end of the island where my class began at eight. This article is about the pleasure of letting Spirit take the lead in the dance of life.

Have you ever ballroom danced? That was our past time during breaks between lectures at medical school. All of us would enjoy to practice, and on week nights we would go out to local clubs and take free salsa lessons, or ballroom, downtown on Sixth Street in San Diego. Ladies, isn't it hard when you are stuck with a man that can not take the lead? Gentlemen, isn't it horrible when a woman won't let you lead her on the dance floor? In dance, there is a proper tension between the couple, in the arms, that permits movement as a unit on the dance floor. It is with subtle clues the man 'guides' his partner for their mutual enjoyment on the dance floor. It is with great pleasure I discovered the following the past day:

'I want to heal, to my deepest level' was the intention I set for this trip. For the Universe, this is like asking the question, "Do you want to dance with me?"

This is what happened when I let the Universe co-create with me of my own free will:

My friend in Pahoa got upset with me for not telling her about my trip. We took Reiki 1 and 2 together before she moved to Big Island. She invited me to come visit.

I deliberated. The drive from Kona to almost Hilo is as long as some flights from Los Angeles to New York! I would pay for gas, and my hotel room, to go couch surf? Why not sit in a chaise lounge and read? After all, this was a business trip.

I used my pendulum, GO.

On the drive, with radio off, I realized this was my 'mommy moon'--the oldest was seven, and clearly more independent. Who am I now, and what do I want in the future besides this healing? Well for now, I wanted a scoop of coconut ice cream...

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