Decoding Reality

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This message will transpose the initial effects of its title (Decoding Reality)… The processes which I am embarking in, has reality “In Chains”, which means… Firstly to decode matter we need to speed it up as to find out its contact initiative role, which can be transcribed by the effects of our capabilities, which can be known as being psychic with intuition which has been tremendously worked upon, within my entire life, as to give reason to allow the formations of my initial role, with my developments, to govern some applicant forms of our reality. Our reality (has been come to known) from the existences we have in this body, with attributions of many years of assimilations and processes of evolution… What concludes reality, is potentially linked in events which are interplayed silently (Unseen) from what we attend to find out and uncover as (Hidden Forces)… It has been come known as a picture which constantly shifts in and out of existence about twenty five thousand million or trillion times in mere seconds.

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