Divine Discussions: Gathering with Archangel Michael

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A Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


New Endeavors

Transitioning with New Meaning value and Purpose



From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as many of you are undertaking new endeavors and in doing so moving through another aspect in the process of self-discovery. This is a step-by-step process and a transition from the old to the new. As you do this you will begin to realize fulfillment within the process. Many of you are beginning to realize your greatness and powerfulness that will allow you to bring your new endeavors to the world.  Some of you are beginning to embody yourself and thus beginning to be who you are which is important to bringing your new endeavors to the world.

What you are transitioning to in your life is a more direct connection to your soul’s divine plan and purpose. This is formulating with each step as you learn more about yourself and grow into your power and greatness. You may begin to see that you no longer need this confirmed for you because you are moving into the knowingness of it.

This step-by-step process will continue over the next 6-10 weeks as your endeavors begin to manifest. Many of you are now aligning yourself with the energy and frequencies of multi-dimensional realms.  Some of you have separated yourself from these energies yet now beginning to incorporate them within your beingness.

This alignment will come into place in the next 6-10 weeks. Many will begin to align themselves directly to the fifth dimensional realm. Many of you are beginning this process. As you move in an incremental step-by-step process, you will be showing you to yourself. This no longer will be needed to come from outside of you.  Thus, you will begin to realize that you are relevant, your endeavors are relevant and there are those who will align with your endeavors.

Your earthly plain is moving through a specific crucial moment in time. Vortexes are now opening and there will be those who will be called to connect with these vortexes. These vortexes are portals to fifth dimensional energies.  Many of you are moving through a transition in your life that is based upon meaning, value and purpose. It is a transition into greater meaning, value and purpose. When you realize your meaning, value and purpose, you will begin then begin to transition into a deeper connection to your purpose and soul plan.

This is what is transpiring for many as you continue to grow deeply within yourself and beginning to realize who you are.

We have asked you the question, who are you?

In the next 6-10 weeks each and every one of you will move through a period that is crucial, important and powerful to fully discover this. Various multi-dimensional energies will be infiltrating into the third dimensional realm, in many ways calling on each individual to connect. This will become more apparent to those individuals who are beginning to realize their powerfulness and who they are and connecting to their mission and purpose.

This period of time is about moving to transmute, shift and change your life so you can be a conduit and messenger for the messages from multi-dimensional realms wherever that aligns with your talents and gifts.

Many on your earthly plain who have moved deeper within your heart space are asking the question, who am I? And stating, I am ready to be me.

This is where the transformation takes place.

In the next 6-10 weeks each and every one of you will be moving through a transformation. Moving from the wounded little child into the powerful adult that will fully connect through your soul’s divine plan and live your mission and purpose in this lifetime. It is a transition to make the leap to fully transmute the old, release what no longer serves you, the relationships that no longer serve you and fully stand in the beingness of who you are.  This is done step-by-step.  Many now are opening their heart to receive love.  So to each and every one of you We ask, are you opening your heart to receive love so you can give to the world without the attachments outside of you?

For many, you are now moving into your greatness. For many you are moving into your powerfulness. For some you are just getting a glimpse of this and for others you would like to know how to do this.

It is time if you so choose to take this next 6-10 week period to move into self examination and ask the question, Am I ready to be me? Am I ready to bring my greatness to the world? Am I ready to express me to the world and bring my endeavors and modalities to the world?

As We emanate our energy to you, look at the importance of you because each and every one of you is important.

Gathering with Archangel Michael
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