Divine Discussions: Temple of Sun

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Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, Interviewed by Joel D. Anastasi


Greetings beloved earth beings from the Temple of Sun. We’re going to take you on a journey today to the Temple of Sun in concert with the Goddess of Liberty. So take a deep breath. Join with your Christ Consciousness. Join with your I AM presence. Join with Archangel Michael, the legions of the Blue Ray Angels and the Goddess Liberty to join us in the Temple of Sun.


What is the Temple of Sun dear ones? It is a temple that existed in the time of Atlantis. It was the western boundary of Atlantis. With the destruction of Atlantis it was etherically recreated in what you call the island of Manhattan. So, in effect, the island of Manhattan is and was an aspect of the Atlantean islands. And this Temple of Sun, our Temple of Sun, has been recreated in an etheric format over the entire island of Manhattan – what you call Manhattan today.


The central altar of that island is the Statue of Liberty. But this etheric Temple of Sun goes the full length of the island of Manhattan and actually filters over into what you call New Jersey. As you know, the Statue of Liberty, your Statue of Liberty, today is encompassed in both the states of New York and New Jersey. Held in the hand of the Statue of Liberty is a book, a book called the Book of Law. And within the Book of Law are all the master teachers and ascended master teachers to lead your country called America into its final Golden Age, and, in turn, to lead through its resonance of equality, harmony and balance your entire planet.


What has this island of Manhattan containing this Temple of Sun really represented for your world? Bring us your huddled masses yearning to be free. Bring us your wretched, your outcasts yearning to be free. This Temple of Sun has allowed the eastern aspects of America to be the refuge of all, to be the sanctuary of oneness, to be the final Golden Age of your planet. That is the connection to the island of Manhattan and this temple.


Contained within the Temple of Sun are various altars, which represent the suns and solar systems throughout galaxies and throughout the universes, for every planet has a Temple of Sun dear ones, which allows the forecast, it allows the destiny, if you will, of that particular planet.


Your planet is in the process of Ascension, of which many of you are aware. As a result of this there are many activations taking place, but this particular portal, this particular vortex called the Temple of Sun housing the Goddess of Liberty, is fully rebooted at this time to lead this final Golden Age as America is the heart space of the planet to allow this resonance of oneness and We Consciousness to spread out. It is a mighty time. It is a joyous time where many higher frequencies come together within this temple to be refreshed, to be rejuvenated, so that we may guide you.


We support you in this process of Ascension, through the energies radiating out in the Temple of Sun. Many of you have not been aware of the presence of this particular temple as one of the most important vortexes, vortices, portals on planet earth. So now you know. Now you know that this Book of Law held in the arms, in the hands, of the Statue of Liberty guides all those who are seeking freedom, unity and oneness to your shores.


Your country is in the process of reevaluating its immigration laws at this time. We of this temple, the Christ Consciousness, the I AM presence, the Archangelic Realms of Michael, the Goddess of Liberty, are supporting and reminding you of the birth right, of the mission, of the meaning, value and purpose of your country called United States.


This unitedness, this union of states, is a connection to this temple and a connection to the source within and of dear ones. It is the reuniting of yourselves with such temples as the Temple of Sun located in New York City that will allow this great configuration, transformation into unity, into oneness and allowing you to open your hearts, to open your arms, to open your souls to all those north and south and east and west of you to come into this land called America. For each and every one of you who are presently here or yet to come are destined to be an essential part of this final Golden Age of the planet.


So who is humanity to set a law to prevent what is divine in the individual soul plan or to prevent the activation of the individual’s soul plan, dear ones? This is a vital message for you at this time. All of the diversities of humanity through this Temple of Sun are expressed in New York City. Have you ever noticed? The cultural, the economic, the spiritual, all aspects of humanity have come together on a rather tiny piece of real estate to demonstrate the Twelve Star Systems that seeded your planet.


Each of these, whether it is the arts, the sciences, education, all of these are factors in the diversification that represents these various Star Systems, which seeded your planet which interact with the Temple of Sun. For what are these stars? These stars are suns, and they have come to together in oneness to create this miraculous planet called planet Earth.  What a divine endeavor! What a divine mission that has brought so many civilizations and frequencies together to create you, dear ones. So let us now open up to any questions or answers that you may have to further allow your integration of what has been spoken here now dear ones. How may we assist you? 


Joel: Wow! That was such a profound message and a wonderful gift. The Temple of Sun, are you the consciousness of the Temple of Sun?  


Temple of Sun (TOS): It is the Christ Consciousness, dear ones. It is the Christ Consciousness, the awakening of your I AM presence, your divine aspects and your connection to source, dear one. It is nothing less. 


Joel: You indicated that Manhattan is a representation of humanity from the Twelve Star Systems. All you have to do is ride the subways of Manhattan to see the incredible diversity that is always represented there. I think of that a lot and it’s so obvious and powerful that Manhattan represents the diversity of the founding star systems. 


TOS: Yes, dear one, your transportation systems allow you all to connect unlike any city on the planet. There are no modes of transportation to separate you. There are modes of transportation to join you. You see all races, all representations of your planet being human, being one.


Joel: Well it is so evident every time that I go back to Manhattan. We’re of course in South Florida right now and I will be returning to the Manhattan area very shortly. One of the first observations I have when I arrive there is the incredible diversity I see there that I really see nowhere else.


TOS: Look at the channel’s ring as we shall lift his hand. It is pink and gold. The colors of pink and gold that envelop your Manhattan allowed ancient civilizations to come there before Atlantis where this temple originated. Now is in an etheric format. Surround yourselves in this pink and gold, connecting with your I AM presence, connecting with your Christ Consciousness whenever you wish to come to us and join the Goddess of Liberty, the Temple of Sun, the Archangelic Realms and Legions of Blue Ray Angels and all of the Star Systems that bless and make this holy temple possible.


Joel: You said so many powerful things. I’m just going to refer to a few of some of the most important ones. You said, “America represents the ‘heart space’ of consciousness and oneness of the planet.” That’s a very powerful teaching.


TOS: It has to do with--long ago, long long before your recorded history--your sister planet Venus, where you all were in another format--much lighter, much less dense than your present format--in preparation for your colonization of this planet, along with other civilizations, you seeded into the core of Earth unconditional love in what is now the heartland of the United States. That is in the process being activated, that heart energy, that unconditional love energy brought over from Venus. Venus is very actively involved in the Temple of Sun. These activations or rebootings are assisting your country to be a way shower in this new paradigm of Weness dear ones.


Joel: You talked about the mission of the United States is to bring people together. You discussed the role of the Statue of Liberty and said that America is to be a refuge and sanctuary.


TOS: The Book of Law is held in her hands close to her heart and within it are the teachings from the Master Teachers and the Ascended Masters that we speak of at this time.


Joel: You called it our divine mission, and warned us that restrictive immigration laws might interfere with the mission of souls to come together here.


TOS: Indeed. Honor and embrace your destiny. For your shores have been the shores of refuge for all of those who sought sanctuary. Not one of you or your ancestors before you came here on other circumstances. They are the same circumstances of those who wish to enter now.

Open your hearts and understand that all who are lead to be here or are presently here are a part of the Golden Age process. It is their divine right to be here. Do you understand?


Joel: You said the Temple of Sun encompasses the whole of Manhattan and spills over into New Jersey.


TOS: Yes, dear one. And the center altar, the main altar of our temple, is the Statue of Liberty.


Joel: For both residents and visitors to Manhattan, how can we engage consciously with the fact that we 

are essentially residing in the temple?


TOS: We will state again for clarity, connect with your Christ Consciousness energy, your I AM presence. Connect with the Blue Ray Angels. Connect with the Venus, the unconditional Love Being, and simply ask to join and to be with us.


Joel: We’re going to be ending our conversation now. Is there anything additional you would like to tell us?  


TOS: For those, for whom this is new information or a revelation, take these words within your hearts. Open your hearts and know the destiny of these United States, the location of this particular essential portal, the Temple of Sun, housing the Goddess of Liberty and many other beings. Know you are all on a divine mission in this incarnational cycle to create a new paradigm of oneness, to lead the world, to “way show” the world through resonance--not through force or deceit or denial of the deceit but simply through your hearts that you are moving into oneness.


Joel: Thank you.