Earth Energy Report: Solar Eclipse - Crank up the Acceleration

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EARTH ENERGY REPORT - Solar Eclipse - Crank Up the Acceleration

[Author note: About 5 days ago, in the wee hours of the night/morning, I heard the distinctive voice of the Pleaidians as I have come to know well; they nudged me at 2 am my time to tell me to get ready as there was a massive turn of events about to occur. Very general message at that moment, no particular context, however I was given a global picture in it with a separation between the inner and outer arenas. If one were to see a picture of the earth, with one side of it cut or sliced away, you could see an inner core  and the surface all at the same time. In this vision, I could see a lot of activity, life forms that make their home in the Inner Earth, living 'underground' you could say. While this was something I had been aware of for a while, it was the first time, I was shown a visual snippet of what inner Earth looked like. And what was transpiring on the outer Earth was not even remotely close in how it was operating. And that the great battle currently happening on the outer was to eventually process out and balance inner with outer. I believe there was a movie once called Battlefield Earth. And this was the picture and words the I was given. This is truly now that - the outer is the battle field, and the inner is waiting patiently for it to come to a close.]


Greetings Beloved Ones - We bring you this message today on the state of your world affairs and the current energy shifts and flux that is occurring at this time. There is no doubt that your world now is in a deep state of stress, of unrest, of great division. Both the recent lunar eclipses, portal energetic openings and light code that have washed over many of you, has resulted in creating and exposing a much deeper divide than ever before.

Let us explain. Globally speaking, you have your goings on, on your planetary surfaces, on the outer plane. Equally, there is much activity happening on the inner plane as well. As the Mother Gaia and shifted and transcended herself into a higher dimensional frequency, fifth dimension and beyond. On the inner earth plane there are many beings that reside, that currently carry this expanded frequency of consciousness; they have resided there for many millennia, waiting for the time that all once again may be re-connected. That time is now fast approaching Dear Ones, however there is still many hurdles to get through.

The great division that is in front of you now has been created by a two-fold operation. One, the choices that were made by many to step further into a higher way of being, a more conscious way of living and behaving, with equally many who have chosen to remain exactly where they are and have been for a very long time. Two, the choice to step into the higher playing field of consciousness resulted in making the choice to hit the accelerator speed button so to speak, leaving the rest to walk at a "snails pace".  Far too many of you decided that you had remained stagnant and stuck for too long, and that it was time to move forward, and quickly. No longer could you hold on to old thought, old beliefs, old behaviours, old words that tied you down in the past, much of it as a direct result of the suppression of your true origins, identities and knowledge. A great many of you decided internally that this was just no longer viable or acceptable and that it was time to break free of the chains that bound you.

You, Dear Ones, became your own Catalysts for the change that you sought out, whether you were consciously aware of it or not. But you took the leap, and your bravery is applauded greatly. We sit in a place, observing how you choose to play out this great experiment that your Earth has undergone numerous times now. For we once too sat in the position that you are in now. We too experienced wars, stress, division; we too stepped forward and evolved over time. We are now in a position, and have been for a very long time to help guide you through the current division that has occurred, and eventual integration into a higher and more refined frequency of being.

Events on your surface will be moving more quickly now, more swiftly simply because you have requested it.

Make no mistake Dear Ones, there is no third party entity that is 'pulling the strings' in one direction or another regarding your planet's and your race's evolution. It is all of you, the Collective planet that is choosing to be the catalyst in one direction or another, within each of yourselves. In recent times however, many of you as a collective decided that enough was enough, and pushed the inner 'speed button' and stepped it up. And for this, we are very proud of you all. With speed however, comes change at a much faster pace than before. With speed also comes those who are still choosing to hang on and remain where they are, to hold on even tighter, for fear of losing that identity, that way of being they have become used to over many many generations. Eventually, they too will break free of this, albeit much more slowly. In the interim, the struggle, the deeper divisions, the disparity between the 'light' and 'dark' will be more prominent.

As you navigate through these divisive waters in your next few months, we would like to say to you, that it is important to not allow yourselves to be swayed by the chaos and stress. Just like being in the eye of the hurricane, the message is to stay centered as you go about your daily lives. Stay true to your essence, and do not allow the chaotic emotionality that surrounds you now, particularly in the economic and political fronts of your countries, to bring you down. Engage in activities that keep your energy up and high - your trees, your oceans, your creative and artistic channels, these are just of many avenues to keep yourself sustained as the chaos rages all around. Stay on the course. Truly we say, stay on the course. For there really is light at the end of the tunnel. It is already in front of you, as you step into a new way of transformation of highly conscious beings.

So Be It // The Pleiadian Collective



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