Entering the Dreamtime

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Entering the Dreamtime
Posted on April 12, 2015
The mountain informed me that I would need a week of rest in her to come back from the effort of the eclipse portal. Yesterday I did not stir far from my bed nor change out of my pajamas and robe. I dove deep in the waves moving in dreamtime. Today, I watched the overcast sky open up to allow the clouds to dance freely. I showered and dressed, then needed a rest. I made myself some food, eggs and greens, fast and easy. I got out everything to make a juice but the thought of cleaning up afterwards was too daunting to face. Lemon water will do just fine!

Back to bed to watch the birds soar outside the window. I wanted clean sheets for my now clean body…a load of laundry begun. Sat in the living room with the fire and saw the mountain come out from the curtain of clouds to bask in the glow of the setting sun. She is so beautiful. I curl up in her embrace.

A friend spoke of how this time is full of new ideas and how she is taking action steps into new projects. I was so glad for her, for the excitement and joy. For me, there is no arising passion other than to see each one of us embrace our own beauty and feel the winds of freedom lifting us higher. Nothing concrete in the outer world, no form. Yet I know that this dreamtime, where I exist in the shimmering lands of mist and magic, is a place of immense power. I am dreaming the new into being. I ride the feelings of peace and joy and harmony without form. I sense the joy, the laughter and play. I am not living it in the outer, but in this inner dreamtime, I am carried by it and dance to its tune.

I observe many being pulled into the quiet inner world, desiring solitude, open spaces that allow the dream. I have had a vision of us all entering the new land through the dream. What if everyone were to sleep and awaken, to find a new reality awaiting them? Hearts could burst wide open, no painful memories of what was or confusion as to what is real…rather the joy and ease of their lovepod embracing them. Ah…I have a dream…as Martin Luther King so eloquently expressed his. We  each contribute to the dream with the fire of our hearts.

Evening, still not able to venture out. Clean sheets awaited, it felt like a huge accomplishment to actually make the bed. Bags unpacked, room straightened. Sometimes the density of this reality takes a Herculean effort to move through. I am immensely grateful that I created this opening in my life, to live the dreamtime. I am connected to Australian Aboriginal lifetimes where I knew the dreamtime intimately. Those lives have circled closer this past week, bringing memories, opening doorways.

One of my son’s latest paintings. The blossoms seem to waft their fragrance into my world. gaberobertsart.com

We are remembering so much. Specifics hold little interest for me, rather the feelings and gifts are what I seek. To feel part of it all, the Oneness that underlies this surface life. To know myself in the flame, the scent of the flower, the cloud drifting by, in the eyes of a child, the touch of a hand, the rainbow thrown by a crystal, the smile of a stranger. We were taught separation and distance and lack. How powerful we are that we made it all believeable! Oh, the joy to have come out on the other side, to know once again the truth of how we are loved! To feel the unity and sink into its warmth. I know that the world does not reflect the fullness of this truth as yet. It moves closer as we each surrender to the dream of our hearts.

We have weeded out the dross, planted our desires, fertilized with our love. It is the time of blossoming. We have only to hold the vision of the rose, knowing and trusting that it will bud and unfurl its beautiful bloom. This earth is our home, a jewel in the Creator’s crown. We are each a facet of that shine. Turn on your heartlights so as to dazzle all creation. Know the truth of your hearts which sing a song of love. Let all else melt away. Love, beauty, truth and the dream. Always, the dream.

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