Everything is the SAME,

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The secound half of the story,, is the same as the first half of the story but backwards and oppisite, the rapture and tribulation time is not for this world weve already been living sinfully in wickedness'' oooohhhhhhh round about forever now'' of which is no secret physical world naturally we are aware of that,,you know what cracked me up ,, When ALL this trippy shit started happening in my life like i said nearly three and a half years now i thought i was going crazy BUT !!!!! LIKE F%£(&K I AM!!! Its not damn me its the fact that it is all true haaaahaaaa so i go to all these churches right becoz the only thing making sense in my life which is everything that to average human being [myself included] ABSOLUTLY crazy and i feel crazy even at that time saying it, But yet it is all of it is written in each part no matter what religion you are their is belief in some devine nature and all have some invisible reality with some devine individuals or individual bringing the true world of basically everything good and devine at some point in all cultures .All to their own, anyway they want to put that shit, its still same shit at end of the day, Anyway so im explaining the invisible world which i only agreed within myself to go see them because all of it is written in that book ,oh by the way its been percieved the wrong way in many ways but nevermind main thing is it is a guide for us to reflect upon for its our HOW and WHY BOOK OF REFERENCE to every wrongful way through which of the realms to enter human beings basically ,,  it also being its invisible qualities when percieved from the right perspective is our BOOK OF reference WHY and HOW we get back on track, The last walk is spiritual only with all of creations living beings and living things all in one with all , its already been done has been for quite a while the only ones lacking in knowing this is humanity ,we are oblivious to how truely special we are in the whole multi cosmoverses .but it is inevitable for all who are willing to live to know anyway their heart beings are being transformed with knowledge of what is truly happening while their yous your body and mind beings walk around out here in physical visible world, and it is true everything is going to happen at the same time all hearts will be raised back to rightful place as everything will be put back to their true purposed rightful places all at the same time ,every nation is exactly the same, how we sit n chat is exactly the same as how they interact and chat but through the conciousness vibration of their kind in ther realm all each have their own realms ours is human physical body without a pure heart , AND IT IS ALL HEARTY SHIT you wont enter this world it is love only in all loves forms and kinds if you dont have that love you will not enter call it paradise because it is really ,that freakn beautiful from the inside out, the spiritual battle has been mine the tribulation the four headed monsters all that invisible but still real in the spiritual realm they still do exist as all stories with their monsters in them do . the femme is the strongest of the family she is the home of her family he is her strenght and he is the physical strongest of the two but it is her who is the strongest she is Spirit,Mind and Heart, He is Heart and Body Her strenght is worn on the inside and as every good wife and husband know ,we lethim be the head, that is part of the true nature of a marraige he knows also without her his true honourable ways of a man would be lost