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Dear Ones,

Some of those experiencing inner and outer shifts believe they are being punished because they are afraid of their transition. Perhaps you have also experienced such fears.

What was is no more, so your memories are colored by joys tinged with sadness because you will never experience the same feelings again.

Such is not to indicate your memories are not valuable, but instead to remind you that your memories - even your joy memories - are tinged with fear and sadness. Nothing - not even 3D memories - can be duplicated. You have the moment or the event, and then it is over. The same will be true with your new being.

Even though many of you attempt to recreate what was - either to move through fear or to produce happiness as it once was - you cannot do so.

Some of you attempted to recreate a painful event, believing you had the power to change the outcome in 3D. Of course, such is not possible. Even if the location or the same people are involved, the seasons, the age of the participants, and the participants' reactions then and now are never the same.

This moment only happens once in this life. It can never be duplicated entirely. So, relish every bit of your being now and forever.

That last statement seems grim. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is merely the reality of your earthly life. Experiences can never be repeated - the crux of this message. Enjoy today, this hour, this minute because it will not return. You are evolving so rapidly that what was joyful or even fearful this morning may not matter by this afternoon.

Relish every moment of every day - even your sleep time, busy mornings, or lazy afternoons.

When you were of 3D, fear could be repeated. Not in the same way with the same beings, but you could produce that fear with someone willing to play the role you required. You were the director of your earth life play. Those who participated in your life play often interacted with you, building a karmic wall that repeated fear after fear.

You are no longer of 3D, so there is no karma, and there are not yet any repeat actors. Everything, including you, is fresh and new. You have not decided who will be an ongoing character in your new life or what joys you wish or need to experience.

Each moment of your life is new. There are no repeats for the first time in your earth lives. You cannot retain subconscious memories of what you wish to experience in future lives, nor can you expect to meet the same beings lifetime after lifetime as you have throughout your 3D earth lessons.

So savor what you are experiencing, knowing there are no repeats or memories to be collected or reviewed as was true for eons of your earthly lives. You are fresh and new, as are your experiences and interactions.

Perhaps that thought is difficult, believing that someone is your earth angel, true love, or nemesis, and you want to spend more earth lives exploring that relationship. Such will not happen because this is your exploration time.

In all likelihood, you will decide that most, if not all, of your experiences, are not notable enough to maintain in another frequency, dimension, or of the earth in future times.

Perhaps you remember that we of the Universes discussed the likelihood of you flitting from adventure to adventure for some time before alighting on what you wish to explore in more detail. You do not yet have enough experience to select your future direction in this lifetime, much less further exploration in other frequencies, dimensions, or the new earth.

Allow yourself to jump from interest to interest - and from person to person, whether in long-term relationships or sporadic interactions. You are similar to an infant placing everything in its mouth to determine if the experience is enjoyable. You are a newborn in a new age. So, allow yourself the freedom to explore without concerns about longevity or future interactions.

You are flitting, as are all those now accepting their beyond-3D selves. Your past capabilities of repeating or recreating an experience in some future interaction are no longer valid - at least for now.

Relish the highlights of your new life and being, for they cannot yet be repeated, nor will those you are now interacting with likely ever be part of your future lives.

This is playtime in the most dramatic form, allowing you to select or accept what experiences you wish to enhance later when you are more seasoned. Enjoy your playtime without expectations. Allow yourself to be exposed to many activities and people so your selection is based on your joy instead of what you should enjoy.

This is a time of freedom to be. Something you have never before experienced while of the earth. Do not squander this joyful time by maintaining a memory to ensure your current joy can be re-experienced at a future date. Such is no longer possible for you are flitting instead of maintaining a position as was most often true in 3D.

Enjoy flitting instead of bemoaning how fleeting a particular activity or joy was. So be it. Amen.

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