Finding your Inner Peace and Contentment

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Finding your Inner Peace and Contentment

Are you perhaps feeling anxious, jittery, on edge, unable to settle your mind and find inner peace and contentment? Take a deep breath now and go inside your body. Focus on your center point, your high heart. Breathe into your heart, feel your chest area expanding with Universal Life / Love Force energy and feel your heart chakra opening. Take several more deep breaths into your heart. Now let us say a prayer together:
"Dear God, please help me to feel your love so that I may find my inner peace and contentment. Thank you!"
Continue to breathe and focus within your body whilst you begin to feel your inner peace and contentment returning. Stay in this space for as long as your like and ask your Higher Self to help you ground and anchor the energy.

So often, especially when there is intense energy about like today with the New Moon, it can become challenging to maintain a clear mind, and keep focus on our center point, and so we lose our inner equilibrium. The result is that we feel wobbly and insecure and we begin to feel anxious which then causes physical discomfort in the neck and shoulders and wherever your body tends to hold tension.

The energy now as we come up to the end of 2016 is super intense and if you're not grounding and anchoring this energy you will feel a bit like a live wire! In other words, you will feel on edge and unable to settle and find your find inner calm and contentment that is so necessary now.

The farther we remove ourselves from the 3rd dimension, the more challenging it becomes because we're now realizing just how dense and heavy the energy is down there. For those of us who can clearly feel the difference now , it can be likened to wearing a strait jacket in very deep water!

So please, stay centered in your heart where your higher Self can easily reach you, and ground yourself! Please, grounding and anchoring this energy is imperative.

Happy New Moon everyone! I love you!

~ Deborah Faith


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Deborah Faith ~ Messenger for Archangel Michael

Deborah’s personal experience with Archangel Michael began in 2012 when he began telepathically and intuitively communicating with her as her Twin Soul Essence, Principal Guide, and Guardian Angel. They have a deep energetic bond and personal relationship which in expressed through her writing and teaching.

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